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10 Valuable Tips for the Beginner Remote Contractor

Updated on September 12, 2018
renatabarton profile image

Renata, a native New Yorker, is an avid writer and loves sharing her perspective on various topics.


Have you ever viewed a blog or a freelancer site and wondered how you could work to stand-out among those who are established? Do you want to want to make a positive impression from the beginning?

Check out the numbered list below to get a clear understanding of how building a repertoire/clientele correlates with demeanor and presentation.

1. Refrain from Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

To take on more projects than you can handle would not only be a disservice unto a client, but also unto yourself as a contractor. You have to be perceptive to measure exactly how much may be too much to avoid finding yourself overwhelmed and swamped.

Reliability and timing are crucial in this aspect and you'll be expected to deliver a completed project by an allotted range of time.

2. Apply Effective Advertising

You don't have to be a graphic designer (nor a rocket scientist) to create eye-catching content. The goal is to spur enough interest to go beyond simply receiving views (or favorites) of a particular service (or in some cases multiple services) which you're offering. Honestly, you want to be hired! An opportunity alone should be the motivation needed to pour your sweat into garnering a mass amount of attention.

3. Maintain Professionalism

Working independently online doesn't mean that your conduct should be different compared to working in a brick-and-mortar corporate setting. An ornery disposition could reflect negatively on you, and you could also earn the reputation of being difficult.

Also, be careful in terms of your first impression and realize how powerful such could shape the perspective in the eyes of another about you.

4. Quality Over Quantity

Quality speaks volumes, and the more you deliver projects which receive acceptance than rejection the more you'll be noticed. If you focus on how much experience you could compile within such a short period of time, yet your project is lackluster or even sloppy, then quantity won't matter anyhow.

How well you can deliver quality projects definitely overrides how much work you can complete. If you remain consistent, you could possibly be referred by clients to their associates. As a result, your chances of being hired could increase.

5. Stick to Your Area(s) of Expertise

Delving into an area in which you barely harbor knowledge, you would be defeating yourself. Most likely, your dishonesty will circulate and your credibility could go down the drain. Should you receive a request from a potential client to send samples of completed projects, and such doesn't match your proclaimed proficiency, then you might as well reject the client. You would definitely save yourself the embarrassment.

To be a "jack-of-all-trades" isn't mandatory; so having knowledge in only one area is nothing feel shame over. If anything, use such to your advantage all while gaining knowledge in other areas in time.

6. Be Realistic About Pricing

To set such a significant price for your service(s) when you have yet to prove yourself isn't only sketchy, but also risky in terms of repelling clients. If you joined a freelancing site only one week ago yet you charge an x-amount, you're basically placing yourself in the categories of suspicion and shadiness.

7. Show Off Your Portfolio

Self-promotion is the key. Uploading pieces are essential and will give potential employers an idea of your creativity. Pieces = examples of your work. Dedicate some of your time to create several pieces if you lack examples on-hand. Also, some clients may prefer to see you performing your specialized skill(s) in motion rather than solely reading a lengthy summary.

8. Include a Proposal with Every Job Application...Despite No Request

This is your chance to introduce yourself and describe your character as a professional. Highlight your abilities and what sets you apart from others who are vying for the same job. What makes you stand out? Be as specific and detailed as possible. Also, try not to be cutesy as such would be unprofessional. A proposal doesn't have to be the length of a novel, but should be thorough in detail to grab the attention of a client.

9. Utilize Remote Contractor Forums

Three words: Network, network, network. Building a positive rapport could make a world of difference in terms of progression and connections. You may stumble upon resourceful information which could help you along your journey. Now isn't the time to have too much pride to ask for advice. Besides, you never know who may be lurking a forum nor how far you may go professionally as well as financially.

10. Avoid Losing Yourself

Everyone needs some recreation and a hobby(s). To focus solely on work without a break, even if short in length, to relax or regroup could be a bearer of stress as well as the burden of being overworked. Although some individuals are workaholics by nature, rebuilding mental energy and restoring concentration could be essential.


Of course, success as a remote contractor rarely happens overnight; even individuals who are popular on various sites didn't start at a renowned status. Patience, determination, and perseverance are crucial in any career field. There are pros and cons but possessing the resilience to maintain a thick-skin, while also maintaining dignity, is also a reality.

© 2018 Renata Barton


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