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10 Ways To Make Money Online As a Teenager

Updated on April 22, 2015

A teen's guide to easy money making online

There are so many little expenses in a teen's life; from fashion and jewelry to music and school supplies. And, not all these things are covered by allowance; part time job or gifts from relatives on birthdays. The obvious soltuion is to find a part time income you can make easily from home, in your spare time online. Earning online is super easy and can be accomplished in so many ways.

Why should you work online?

There are many good reasons to work online.

  • Earn money on your own schedule, in between school and social activities
  • You're the boss. Work when you want. Take a break when you want.
  • You can make friends and have fun too while earning money
  • An online job gives you the chance to meet others you might not have
  • The online world is a great equalizer; no experience required
  • Perfect to do while taking college courses; online work won't interfere
  • Develop your leadership skills as your own boss
  • Build a solid portfolio of work experience with online clients
  • You can never get fired
  • Build passive, residual income

There are many legitimate ways to earn money online without spending lots of your free time or investing money.

Check out these ten amazing ways to earn money online.

Selling Photos Online

If you own a high quality camera (16MB or better) and have a talent for taking photographs, you can earn good money selling your photos online.

There are many sites where you can sell your images for instant download. The photos can sell for a few pennies or a few dollars up to $100 or more, depending on the price you set and the exclusivity of the photo you are selling.

These photos will earn money for many years after uploading.

You can sell your photos at sites like ShutterStock, Fotalia and BigStockPhotos

Selling stock photos is not a get rich quick scheme. Most sites have demanding standards. You'll need to be a perfectionist, just to get into the door.

When offering photos online, you'll want to know how to take good stock photographs. Stock photos are very popular with artists, art directors and advertising agencies. These photos are usually every day images or sites. Some may have models included.

The best tips for creating stock images that sell are:

- Photograph common household or office items you might usually see in blog posts or online.

- Avoid digital noise caused by underrexposure, long exposures or over-processing.

- No candid shots. Buyers are looking for professionally polished images;

- No logos; trademark or copyrighted materials

- Get a model release for anyone appearing in your photo.

For this last reason, it's just better to take stock image or animal photos (as an animal won't require a model release).

Write an ebook

Turn your knowledge into money by writing down what you know for others to read.

By writing an ebook (or ten) you can easily generate a solid passive income that pays you back for the small time invested for many years to come.

There are many sites where you can list your ebook, including Amazon (where it can be downloaded on Kindle and other devices).

So, what should you write about? Chances are, you are already an expert at something! You don't need to write a 1000 page technical manuscript, just write what you know in the simplest words possible. Chances are, the book will be a how to or tutorial, so you'll want to keep the language very simple and straight forward. .

Perhaps you love cooking, then assemble a recipe book. Include full details of the recipe as well as a photo of the dish and say why you like it. (Just be sure to get a unique set of recipes, such as low calorie diabetic recipes or something else not already covered on Kindle already).

If you are a Mr. Fixit Wizkid for computers, write a tutorial ebook on how to trouble shoot your own computer. Just take what you know now and write it down in a format that can be shared by others.

Or, maybe you were adopted and found your natural parents; if so, chronicle your adoption story for others to read. Whatever you choose to write about, just be sure to write in your own voice and you will get many good reviews that lead to more sales.

You can find more information on how to submit your ebook to Kindle here.

With Self Publish to Kindle, you can actually publish your ebook in less than five minutes. After that time, you'll want to heavily promote via teen forums, niche blogs and Facebook/Twitter.

You can even create a pdf file (using OpenOffice free word processor) and then offer for sale as an instant download on SEOClerks or other ebook site. Just be sure the topic of your ebook is unique and not something common such as 'get rich quick'. These ebook tutorials are a good way to earn money as they are easy and fast to write and if the topic is unique enough, should sell fast. You can sell the pdf guide multiple times. This could be good residual income for times when you don't have other gigs going.

Paid forum poster

Forum posting is a really fun job. And, it can actually pay good money if you are good at it. If you have a natural talent for talking with others online at forums or Facebook, you'll likely be a very well paid forum poster.

The job of forum poster is so much in demand because there are many new forums starting every day. And, the problem is, the forum owner can't always get as many forum discussions as they want.

For this reason, you'll likely be employed on many forum posting jobs easily.

The key to getting long term gigs is to post quality every time. Post a combination of high quality forum threads and responses. If you start a forum discussion, come back and update it regularly, even when you're not being paid. That will remind the forum owner that you offer high quality forum posting services. This is a good way to get repeat customers.

Securing a forum posting job is as simple as signing up on any of the Fiverr style websites, even SEOClerks, where you can post advertisements for forum posting jobs.

Don't bother competing on price as you will get too many difficult jobs. Be specific on what type of forums you want to post on and which niches you won't do. And, don't be afraid to refuse forum posting gigs. If you have to spend two weeks researching a niche you know nothing about, it won't be worth any amount of money you are paid.

Typically a forum poster earns $0.10 to $0.20 per post. This is only average and you are welcome to charge what you think your potential clients will pay.

Over time, you'll want to develop a resume of forum posting jobs that you've done and then approach forum owners on your own (outside the Fiverr gig sites).

Affiliate Marketing Earns Good Residual Income

Many online products will allow you to affiliate with them and promote on your own blog. Affiliate marketing takes a little extra work than a micro-job or SEOClerks gig, but it could be well worth the time you invest. Affiliate marketing pays you long after you've done the initial work.

To make affiliate marketing work, you'll want to find a hot product or niche to promote and then put up an affiliate blog along with credible sounding product reviews. Include as many details (pro's and cons) of the product as possible along with product comparisons. For a comparison/review blog, you can actually affiliate with every product you are comparing; so not matter which product your reader chooses, you'll earn money.

Some popular affiliate products include vitamins and health care; beauty and web hosting.

One of the best affiliate programs online is Clickbank which specializes in e-products; ebooks and software. You can easily earn up to 75% of the money generated by a sale. Most times, you are provided with pre-written reviews; shiny graphics and banners for promotion and full sales training. Don't neglect this site for the possibility of earning money.

Another technique is to create trend/seasonal sites to earn money that focus around a tight niche such as a specific game, film, band or toy. These sites are well monetized with either Adsense or an affiliate review page.

Earn money from advertising

If you already have a nice flow of traffic to your blog or forum and a high paying niche keyword, Adsense might be the easy choice for making money.

Another way of using ads to monetize is by selling ad space on your site.

You'll earn more money from a high traffic niche blog than a starter blog. So, work on getting your traffic up before you try this method of earning. Make regular posts and promote heavily to get readers. This will be appealing to any advertiser.

Depending on the niche of your blog or forum, you can find advertisers through SEOClerks or BuySellAds. You'll be able to set your own price for the ads; determine ad length and type of sponsor you will accept for your site.

If you can find your own advertiser/sponsor without the help of these sites, you'll actually earn more money.

Most admin or promotion forums will let you advertise ad space for sale.

Just be sure to require a potential advertiser to pay you up front via Paypal.

The good thing about monetizing your site, is that if you ever decide to sell your blog or forum, you can factor in the money making potential into the sale price.

Create graphics or logos

Follow these simple steps to earn money on a micro jobs or gig site.

Creating graphics or logos for site owners is a good way to put your artistic talent to work. It helps to have a few tools of the trade such as photo editing software (Photoshop or Gimp) and a good stock portfolio of designs you have already completed.

You can advertise your graphics design work in many ways including:

  • Advertise on admin and webmaster forums
  • Advertise your services on SEOClerks
  • Approach a site owner directly about creating a better logo

Don't sell your talent short with graphic design by charging too cheap of a price. Most likely, a site owner is barely getting by with the poorly designed graphics on their site.

Some logos sell for $25 to $100, but you should charge what you feel you can earn and what your time and talent are worth.

Refer friends, earn money

Many sites offer the chance to refer your friends and earn money when they do. For instance, with sites such as Hubpages and Triond, you earn money when your friend's article gets viewed by others or when ads are clicked on.

A very good site for sub-affiliate program is SEO Clerks which lets you earn when a referral buys services or products from other members on site.

Just remember to do sample activities on the site first and try to make at least one payout first before telling your friends about it.

Then start by posting a link in an email to a friend or telling them in person. Try to be truthful about your experience with any site; meaning don't exaggerate earnings you haven't made.

If the site is slow to pay, don't even bother recommending as this will only cheat your friends out of potential earnings, not to mention the time they invested into the site.

Over time, you can build a nice part time income just off the efforts of your friends; so always look for a sub-affiliate (refer your friends) link on any program you sign up for. This is good residual income that keeps coming in, even when you stop being online.

Write Articles for Pay

If you have extensive knowledge about a particular subject, such as gaming or SEO or even making money, you can easily earn money by writing about it.

There's no reason to keep all that great info to yourself. Put it down and share it with your friends online.

The easiest way is to sign up at a site like Hubpages or Triond.

Then put up a few really good hubs about evergreen subjects (in your favorite niche). These hubs should contain a very good title, with keywords; extensive text boxes, images and videos.

Be as detailed as possible. Adhere to quality guidelines. Once you've published your article, don't keep it a secret. Get out onto Facebook and other social networking sites and promote heavily.

You'll earn money with Adsense and ad space sold on your articles. The amount you earn will vary depending on numerous factors including your traffic.

To stand out as a freelance writer on an article site or blog, you'll want to develop your own unique voice.

Other ways to earn is with freelance writing gigs. Most times, you can get an article writing gig by posting an ad on a webmaster forum or SEOClerks. Be sure to get your money up front before turning over your article.

You'll also have the option to sell exclusive rights to a pre-written article on SEOClerks. Just go to the site and choose Articles from the top tab. Typically a pre-written article sells for $3.00 to $10.00. If you are well versed with your subject matter, you could easily write several articles a day, in between other activities.

More tips on how to write a killer article for pay

Earn money as a gamer

There are several ways to earn as a gamer. You can submit how to guides to Killer Guides or create Hubpages/Squidoo lenses or Triond articles about your favorite games. Or, create "Let's play" videos for Youtube. If you get enough views and subscribers for these videos, you will be able to monetize via Adsense.

When making a "Let's Play" game video, you'll want to be playing the game at the same time you create the commentary. This will give your game play video a sense of immediacy that won't be there if you simply play the game and voice over later.

You'll need a very good web cam (perhaps one that allows for picture in picture, so you can be seen in split screen with the game play) as well as a good microphone that doesn't cause feedback.

Practice your video personality technique until you feel comfortable playing in front of the camera.

Once you are ready to create your game video, just focus on playing the game and having fun. Anyone watching will appreciate your candid comments and surprised reactions, more than a polished and dull performance.

Earn money on micro job sites

Earning money on a micro-job site like Fiverr or SEO Clerks is easy because you are simply offering what you do best for money.

SEOClerks and Fiverr are great for earning money when you have a little spare time and want cash in pocket. They pay via Paypal. This type of micro job can fit into anyone high school or college student's schedule.

The micro-job site pairs your services with a willing buyer and acts as intermediary, taking a commission (usually 20% of the money charged). You are not charged money up front to list your services. And, the fee only comes out of money earned. That means you can literally start on a micro job site, with no money and then get a few clients and only pay at cash out. Of course, this fee reduces the amount you earn. But, you can easily compensate by adding extras to each gig.

Some Fiverr style gig sites give you the chance to advance up the ranks; offering more benefits as you go such as early cash out, ability to offer gigs for less than $5.00, etc.

What should you sell on Fiverr?

There are many types of jobs or services you can offer on Fiverr or SEOClerks:

  • Graphics/Logos
  • Forum posts
  • Signature links (on your own forum or others)
  • Computer troubleshooting (may require use of Teamviewer)
  • Write Squidoo Lenses
  • Graphics design (such as photo manipulation)
  • Create banners/buttons
  • Record your voice
  • Sing a song
  • Video testimonials
  • Wordpress theme installation
  • Webmaster services
  • Backlinks
  • Website reviews
  • Creating presentations
  • Homework help
  • Creating Twitter/YouTube Backgrounds
  • Writing scripts/press releases
  • Create video or text tutorials
  • Write detailed PDF guides (offer for instant download)
  • Social Media Management (Facebook/Twitter)
  • Article writing or blog posts

Let's assume you've already signed up on Fiverr or SEOClerks or other micro job site. The next step is to look over what is being offered already. If there are many types of a service, chances are that is very popular. You could offer a similar service. Though the down side would be intense competition and being forced to short cut your own prices and work for less. Another disadvantage to offering the exact same service as others is how you might not earn, being so new to the site. If possible, evaluate your skill set to see if you can offer a job or service that is unique from what is already for sale.

If you decide to offer a similar service to what others are offering, try out these tips to earn more.

How to earn more money at a micro-gig site

  • The key to breaking into the crowded Fiverr/SEOClerks market is to simply offer a little bit more for the price you charge. So for instance, if your competition offers 30 forum posts for $10, then you would offre 40 forum posts for that same money. Don't under cut your prices, just offer a little more for the money. Buyers love value.
  • Build a reputation as a high quality worker who over delivers on results. Take the time to handle any and all complaints. Always ask each buyer for specifics on each micro job gig so that you know exactly what they want. This is also useful for later if they complain as you can point out how you followed instructions. Ask for clarifications if needed.
  • Encourage each buyer to leave feedback as this will build your ranking on the site. This feedback tells future buyers you are worth the investment.
  • Ask every person who buys services from you to consider ordering in the future (over 50% of my income from SEOClerks comes from repeat business).
  • Become a regular on the micro job site forum. Sometimes buyers will lurk the forum looking for quality workers and even use it as a 'testing ground' to see which worker seems right for the job.

To find new customers, you'll want to drive traffic to your micro-gig pages. This is easy enough once you have a good reputation on the site. But to start with, include a link to your profile in your signature link on every post you make on a forum. Network with other webmasters on internet marketing websites, occasionally mentioning the type of services you offer.
Most times people will check out your signature link or profile if they know you offer some type of affordable gig services. Be a champion for your services; act excited about what you have to offer and others will want to buy.

For sites like SEOClerks, don't forget about their affiliate program as it offers you a risk free way to earn money from the efforts of others. Another way to earn is by checking out the 'want to buy' section of the site as there will often be hundreds of micro-job listings where buyers let you bid on a job. This will mean you don't have to wait to get a gig.


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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      6 months ago

      Thank you very much.

    • moneymakingmom profile imageAUTHOR

      Beverly Johnson 

      6 months ago

      For sure, Hubpages is my pick. Though I know others who prefer Triond. It's just whatever works best for you! There's just a lot of things that I enjoy about Hubpages these days.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      6 months ago

      I didn't realize there were so many online money making options. Do you think Triond or Hubpages is the better income maker?

    • jashmiw profile image


      5 years ago from Mumbai

      Great Hub! You have shared practical tips from your own experience. Surely will be of great help to teenagers.

    • ansonabey profile image


      5 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Nice hub.

      Good one for beginners.


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