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10 Ways To Make Money With PLR Content

Updated on November 24, 2009

1. Create Autoresponders using PLR Content

Autoresponders can be provided using PLR content to save time and remove the stress of trying to figure out what to write next. Not only does it build a relationship with your readers, but PLR content makes it easy to do. Load up some content and send it out. The bet thing about PLR content is that it can be used for something else as well, depending on how much you change it up.

One idea that I got while researching PLR content was putting your business on autopilot. You could load one article per week, 52 articles per year. This will keep your readers happy.

2. Add Affiliate Links To Articles and Submit Them

We all know, as internet marketers, article marketing is a great way to generate traffic and build a strong customer base. Submitting affiliate links within articles is a great way to earn some money with your affiliate programs. Places like Clickbank and Amazon are great because they cover nearly everything that you could possibly want to write about.

There is software out there that will make it so much easier to submit your PLR content to article directories. PLR content has been proven to help build sales campaign success for anyone who can use the product properly.

3. Website Flipping

Depending on how much content you purchase, you can build websites and sell them for a much higher price than you paid for the PLR content. People who sell websites usually make 100's of times more than what they invested into the website.

This is the business of millionaires. Website selling has been a great way to become rich on the internet for years, and with the release of PLR content, its that easier for you to get your cut of this billion dollar industry known as the internet.

How would you sell your website? Use your PLR content to build a content-rich website based around a particular niche. After that, you may monetize your site by adding affiliate programs such as Google Adsense or Azoogleads, affiliate links, etc. Then the promotion process begins. Begin promoting your website so that you may get traffic. The more traffic you get, the more money you will earn from your affiliate programs, and the more your website will be worth to the buyer.

You could sell your site for a flat rate or auction it to the highest bidder.

4. Foreign Traffic?

If you are on this website, most likely you speak and/or read English. The English language covers many of the land in our world, but what about the people who can't speak or read English? How large can that group of people be?

If you are interested in using PLR content to attract the attention of people who cannot speak English, you may translate a well written PLR article with Free-Translation

5. Run A Membership Website

Running a membership site is guaranteed to bring in good profits, because of the residual income involved. Those who sign up for membership websites must pay an occurring fee of a certain amount. Starting a membership site with PLR content is great because it gives you enough time to come up with original content, in the scenario that you run out of PLR content to supply your members.

Caution when starting a membership program using PLR content. You may want to switch up things a little bit, so that you may be unique from every other membership website on the internet, and keep your customers happy.

6. Combine PLR Content To Create Ebook

Some PLR packages come jam-packed with so much information that you could create an ebook using the product. You can use these articles to create a brand new product on the internet to sell. Everyone knows how important new products are. People will be rushing to promote your new ebook. This will ultimately earn you thousands of dollars, all because of a simple PLR package.

Selling your ebook isn't the only option that you have. You could give it away free to people for promotional reasons. You could sell the Private Label Rights to others who decide to sell, or you could turn it into a torrent and submit it to torrent sites to get yourself noticed. The possibilities are extremely high...

7. Turn your digital content into physical products to sell

I don't know what to say. Physical products seem to bring so much more insurance into a product. The customer may think that the creator of the product is so sure of themselves that they have created a physical product, which we all know costs money.

Whether you turn an ebook into an actual published book in the bookstores, or selling video tutorials as DVD products, this brings extreme demand to you and your product. You are not only limited to books and videos, but you may also sell PLR audio and software. You could place audio clips in MP3 devices or burn software to CD-R discs and distribute them for free or for a fee, its your choice.

There are so many possibilities. You could turn an ebook into an entire video and/or audio series. Its pays off and is extremely exciting to do.

8. Turn PLR Ebooks into Viral Products

Its a well known fact in the world of online marketing that people will pay more for a Re-brand report than the ordinary ebook. This allows them to create an advertising campaign with a hot product, while being able to sell it for profits. This is the perfect reason to sell those PLR ebooks for a high price.

You may also use it as your own viral product. Distribute it around the internet for free to get traffic building easily. Submit it to forums, torrent sites, blogs, etc.

9. Use PLR Content For Seminars

Whether holding it in the real world or the internet, seminars can bring in a great amount of money. You could charge people a fee. Once they pay the fee, you can have the link and password to view the webpage sent to them.

As a gift for those who paid to see your seminar/webinar, offer free PLR content. Or you can use PLR content to create multiple-day workshops, power point slides, etc.

Rebrand PLR Software and submit it to free software directories

Simply put, this is a great way to get not only your software, but you business seen. "Free" is the most searched keyword on the internet today. There are billions of searches for free stuff per year. This gives you the chance to expose your company to billions of people.

Many of these directories ask users to rate the software. You could ask friends, family, email list, blog visitors, newsletter readers, forum members, social network friends, etc. to give your product a good rating. The better your ratings, the more downloads you will receive. And ultimately, the more downloads you receive, the more visitors you will get for your business.


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    • theboxmeister profile image

      theboxmeister 7 years ago

      Lets not forget that we can customize the PLR products that we get our hands on ! Customize the product to reflect the time and niche that you are aiming to and it will do the job of getting you backlinks, income and so on.

      I'll be watching for more hubs form you. Great job with this one.

    • profile image

      scheng1 8 years ago

      The best about PLR articles is that many articles are evergreen.

    • terrowhite profile image

      terrowhite 8 years ago

      3. Website Flipping .. I guess this one could be the best.. nice and inetersting hub.. looking forward to read more from you :)

    • successfulblogger profile image

      successfulblogger 8 years ago from Los Angeles,Ca

      Nice hub. I will spend some more timr reading it again.