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10 Ways to Be Happy at Work

Updated on May 9, 2014
Work Place
Work Place | Source

As a human being, we are armed with many responsibilities. The very first is to take care of self (body and soul) above everything else. We would be in better position to deals with the challenges of life doing this. Then only we could support those who somehow cannot take care of themselves. This starts with learning about our talents and hone our skills to gain a sustainable livelihood. It ensures that we continue to live happily and satisfied. But, as we all know, we do not always a situation of bliss. So, many unwanted reasons affect our work. Out of following, there can be one or many reason that hampers our happiness at work:

  • Constant negative criticism by senior or head without any apparent reason
  • Not being able to concentrate on work due to family issues
  • You are not “the one” for the job you are assigned
  • Not being able to meet targets
  • Not satisfied by the environment or people of the work place
  • No recognition/credit for the work done nicely (in terms of salary, promotion or acknowledgement
  • Not being able to attract the desired attention and kind of “lost in crowd”
  • Your work/life philosophy doesn’t match with the peers
  • You do not look or feel good enough to be taken positively at your work place

The list may differ for different person but that covers more or less the reason people lack in their performance and hence do not feel happy at their work place. For these people following 10 tips can come handy for making temporary or permanent adjustment depending upon his skill set:

  • Talk to your senior about the places you need a push. If you still think that he is just demoralizing you for his self-interest, you can take internal help.
  • Try to leave family issues at home. Take time out to talk to your family member to help you out to deal the situation you got into due to family issues.
  • Do not get involved in office-gossips. This is no add-on in your performance.
  • Taking personality test would also help you more to know about yourself
  • Doing something you are not good enough is waste of life. Do what you are born to do. Then targets, salary, promotion or even acknowledgement won’t be an issue.
  • Keep all the proofs of your good work with you and make your seniors and HR aware about them before it is too late.
  • Live by the thoughts you chose to live, as making others understand you, is pointless.
  • Groom yourself by getting involved into hobbies and interests

Last but not the least, if you do not like a work or place or people, either change them as per you or adjust/change as per them. This is what nature tells us to do!


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