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10 Ways to Make Money from Writing Online

Updated on March 27, 2011

Freelance Writing - Online Options

Ideas for Online Freelance Writing

I've been writing online pretty much since my career began, though things were much different back then. I had my work published in a few "online magazines" but writing content on the internet is a very different thing nowadays. In other words, 2002 may as well have been internet ancient times.

Now, it's easier than ever for people to begin their freelance writing careers. To celebrate that, I thought I'd share with you ten ways you can make money.

10 Websites that Pay Writers

I've had experience with all of these sites. I am giving you the full name of the site. If you would like to find it online, just do a search. Hubpages prevents me from linking excessively so your best bet is to use Google to find the URL's.

1. Associated Content

If you live in the United States, this is where I would began. Sign up, start writing, and work on getting your first ten pieces of content published. You can use this profile to sign up for some of the other sites.

2. Hub Pages

If you are here reading this, then you likely already know about it. Hub pages is a great website to make money with your writing and over time, you can really build up your income. 

3. Squidoo

Even though Squidoo and Hub Pages look similar - they aren't. They are completely different. I like to use Squidoo when I need to link to various things because they are a lot more forgiving of that than hub pages is. Just make sure that you provide a lot of quality content.

4. Constant Content

I personally haven't had a lot of luck with them but a lot of writers swear by them, so I included it. I find that they are quite picky and often reject articles. Then, they're explanation of why it was rejected doesn't always make sense so I can't fix it. What's good about it is that they are obsessed with quality so when you do get an article published, clients know that it is top notch. You set you're article rates here.

5. The Content Authority

Of all the content sites, I find that this one is the easiest to use. However, they aren't the highest paying. (Textbroker's rates are higher - I'll get to that). They are always looking for writers though and if you can quickly write good articles centered around some keywords, this is a good gig. You take work as you need it - no strings attached.

6. Textbroker

I like the site - especially since the article rate is a little higher than it is on The Content Authority. However, I find that it is a little more difficult to navigate so the extra $.50 per article isn't worth it to me. I've written a good amount of articles on this site, though, and they always pay on time.

7. Take on Clients

I did this a lot a few years ago but I have since phased it out. Use your Associated Content profile when clients ask for samples. This is what I did and I've won several gigs this way. I primarily used, which used to be called Rentacoder.

8. Demand Studios

I used to write for Demand back when eHow still had its Expert Program. That program is no longer in existence so I finally caved and signed up at Demand Studios to be a writer. The articles that I saw in the queue were all priced at $15 but from what I understand, rates vary. I haven't written my first one yet.

9. Bright Hub

I've been a part of this site forever but I have only written a few articles. They were fine- they paid promptly and everything. For some reason, the layout of the site and I never really mixed. I found their processes to be confusing and sometimes a bit of a hassle. They pay $10 an article but each article would take me over an hour to write and submit. However, a lot of writers like them so I am leaving it up.

10. Infobarrel

I use Infobarrel to promote other things, such as my Hubs or Squidoo lenses. The nice thing about this site is that not only can you promote your websites, etc but you can also make residual income from ad revenue.

I know there are others but these are the ten sites I've had the most experience with and that I've liked (overall).

The main sites that I pay attention to right now are Squidoo, Hub Pages, The Content Authority, and Associated Content. Over time you'll develop your favorites as well - and you'll learn about sites that I didn't mention or may not even know about!


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