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10 Ways to boost your income from home

Updated on March 6, 2016
working from home
working from home

Is there such a thing as a "job for life"?

Things have changed in the working world, not least of all in the global economy. Earning an honest crust can be difficult these days.

There are lot of people (myself included) who are turning to home based businesses.

The independence it offers can be incentive enough.

The years I spent sat behind a desk working 9 to 5 brought me to the decision to start working from home and do something I'm passionate about. Writing!

If you're currently thinking about a change of career stop and think about what you would enjoy doing. Even if its a current hobby.

I've been writing on the internet for over 5 years now. My journey to this point has been a long one. I've been consistently blogging for that time and determined to reach each goal I set myself. Consistency and determination go a long way when your building a business.

It doesn't matter what age you are or what your circumstances are you could be making a living from home.

Even if you have no ambition for running a business you may need a supplemental income which would come in handy for any extra luxuries or bills you need to pay.

You can find a number of business ideas you can run from home in the list below:

1. Freelance Writing

In recent years the freelance writing market has expanded with a surge in need for content writers. You can go on websites such as:

2. Blogging

More and more people are interested in blogging as a way of earning a living. There is money to be made but its a lot of hard work, patience, creativity and oodles of mental stamina and energy.

3. Sell your knowledge

If you're into crafting or keeping fit you could start by hiring a room somewhere locally. Or if you have the space use a large room at home. People are always on the lookout and are willing to learn something new and different, anything from gardening to cookery.

Make your classes unforgettable and irresistible to those wanting to try. You'll have people queueing to sign up.

4. Ebay Business

I've sold many things on eBay to make money and to see what people like purchasing. Ebay is busy these days but there's always room for one more seller.

5. Create websites for businesses

If you're into IT or enjoy customising your own blog, why not try starting your own website creation business.

6. Virtual Assistant

This is a business idea I tried myself a few years ago. I'm a typist so it seemed the right fit for me. I would recommend starting small and find your clients locally to begin with before setting up your website on the internet.

7. Create your product and sell it online

You can create or invent your own products including food and drinks and sell them online through a website.

8. Call centre operator

It may surprise you but you can actually do this for a living from home. Here are a few companies to look into:

9. Clothing alterations and sewing

Do you have sewing skills? If so your options are endless, you can do custom made clothing or even wedding attire.

You can create bags, upholster cushions and custom bedding. You're in demand, you just need to find your niche.

10. Teach a language from home

With websites such as starting up its clear that language teachers are needed all around the world. The website provides an online classroom for those wanting to teach languages. You can even set your own rate and anyone can take lessons.


Start thinking outside the box. Working doesn't have to be 9 to 5 in an office or factory.

Set up a working schedule that suits your own demands. These are just some ideas people are already dong. So go on take the plunge, change your life. Work from home!

© 2015 Helen Bolam


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    • Helen Bolam profile image

      Helen Bolam 19 months ago from South Shields

      I agree, these days you need to be flexible in a world full of uncertainties when it comes to an uncertain economic climate.

    • thiruselvamk profile image

      K Thiruselvam 19 months ago from MALAYSIA

      Going by today's economic climate and uncertainties, nothing beats the idea of initiating a HOME INCOME. Both husband and wife may be in employ or just one of them. Should any word about lay offs come by, the thoughts can be frightening, stunning and even numbing. Inflation never enables ends to meet. It is good to begin a home income programme and build it from as early in life. Use the discretionary hours available and it can be anything from kitchen baked for sale or being a representative of your favourite party plan business. We all have a learning curve; we all need to market; we all need to build a dependable core of regulars to continue patronising us. Keep our hands, hours and capital free of renting retail space, renovations, employees and whatever else for the moment. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. PRACTICE PRACTICALS. Build as you go along without being pressured. As an individual or as a couple, get trained in areas where your passion lies, and having discovered more and the know how, go on to being party planners for promoting with other families.