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10 common mistakes done by Civil Service Aspirants

Updated on April 10, 2013

Common Mistakes done by Civil Service Aspirants

Many people would say discussing failures is not worthy but discussing our mistakes really helps and leads to success in our work.Yes,after the failure results of the either work or examination ,we should examine the reason in terms of causes and consequences of our failure which intends to get the success and better echelon in the respective examination or work.

As much as Civil Service Exam is concerned,we know that it is the toughest exam made to recruit persons to appoint in administration sector in India.Such persons those who clear civil service exams with three stages of examination will be appointed as IAS and IPS officers etc.,But during preparation for examination many aspirants make some common mistakes like believing the coaching centers for their preparations and only on books etc., This might damage their victory over the examination.Such mistakes done by them are listed below,

1.Assigning more importance to General Knowledge part in prelims rather allocating less importance to other area of study like General Science etc.,

2.Lacking to update current affairs for the exam

3.Some aspirants doesn't know what has to be studied intensively and what should be studied extensively.

4.Aspirants follow only the prescribed books either by coaching centers or other persons.We should cover all.

5.Not preparing for Main exam until the result of prelims arrives.

6.Not giving equal importance to all papers in main exam

7.During preparation, time management is very important.Many aspirants fail to manage their time for various subject preparation.

8.Few might select wrong optional in the main exam while opting optional.This may slowdown the studies and preparation.

9.During the preparation,some aspirants might bend because of psychological problems like stress and anxiety.

10.Lack of self-confidence and motivation affects the preparation towards interview for the job.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” - Albert Einstein.So, every time when you are making mistakes you remember that you are trying new one and gaining experience through the mistakes and faults.Mistakes are common for human being.But how we overcome these mistakes and enjoy the fruit of success is important.Overcome the barriers and get the victory in your Civil Service Exam.


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