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10 habits worth learning from successful people

Updated on May 18, 2016

1. Talk to yourself

According to Business Insider, the athletes in professional sports are available they are often gifted "endowed". However, to reap success, they have to spend more time honing by train.

Unlike sports, according to the study, those who succeed in other fields often train themselves by looking into the mirror and talk to yourself. This way you can practice skills to talk to people face in a similar situation, even if it is stressful experiences. Instead of address, "I - you", you can call your own name in that conversation.

2. Write a diary

A study indicates that the recorded thoughts and emotions of the day took place to help people cope with and resolve these tensions better. This is the way forward to help you succeed in life, at least know how to balance between emotion and work.

3. Meditation

Meditation is one of the top habits of successful people. Explaining this, the researchers say meditation brings many benefits to the health and soul, while improving memory is to strengthen the body's immune system.

4. Always emotional control

Amy Morin psychologists share on Business Insider that people with strong spirit always acutely aware of the influence of emotion on thinking and behavior of ourselves. Therefore, successful people who know to monitor and manage their emotions in a smart way to bring efficiency in the work.

5. bookworm

The world's most successful people including Bill Gates is the "believers" of books. Meanwhile, the legendary investor Warren Buffett spends about 80% of the time in their day to read books while billionaire Elon Musk said the technology he learned how to make rockets through reading.

Advice from successful people is "Just read what interests you and start a few pages a day."

6. Good communication

Lifehack page writes that successful people are good diplomat and consciously work. You can improve your ability to communicate by self-training skills including the use of body language combined rhythmic voice. How to speak directly and frankly also the key to your success.

7. Being strict with yourself

One of the habits that successful people always live by their rules to understand the importance of discipline and control. Even simply controlling himself before a tasty dish is also the stepping stone to success.

8. Maintain routines

Successful people usually keep themselves a certain habit. Specifically, there are people who have the habit to spend 5 minutes a day quiet reflection, whereas people often read books before bed every night. Despite the different habits but which shows they respect his every action.

9. Do not be afraid alone

According to Morin, the psychologist said people with strong spirit are not afraid of loneliness, because it's about time for them to supplement energy and "inspired" to himself. They respect the period alone to think about what has been happening. The main thing that helps them grow and be successful.

10. Living responsibility and dedication

These types of people are usually very conscientious success in work and life. That means that they live responsible, hardworking and can control any situation. Besides, they live with special objectives and positions are always ready to face any obstacles.


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