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10 Ideas To Promote Your Business Blog

Updated on January 9, 2014

Starting & Promoting A Business Blog

Starting a business blog can be a big commitment. As well as posting to your site regularly, you will need to have a marketing strategy in place so that your blog is promoted consistently in order to attract new and repeat traffic. A business blog if marketed successfully can provide your business with new customers, new interest and new sales.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Ten Top Tips To Promote Your Business Blog

Some people consider it an achievement that they've finally got their blog up and running at all.

They are delighted when they manage to schedule a 20 minute slot in their diary once a week to pen a new blog post.

Some even go to the trouble of researching websites which offer stock images at a very reasonable rate . . . except . . . they are just not getting the numbers of visitors they anticipated. And there's only so many guises relatives or friends can adopt to make a blog look 'busy'.

Maintaining a blog for your business is a very different prospect from starting a blog for fun or personal use. If this is 'business', then it should be treated as such.

'Who is going to read my blog posts?'

It's a reasonable question.

And 'how can I get more people to leave a comment?'

The answer in both cases is 'promotion' - a steady, consistent stream of it.

Without an active promotion strategy in place, your blog is unlikely to receive anywhere near the amount of traffic it deserves relative to the amount of effort you put in. You may wish to employ the services of a marketing consultant to help you get more recognition (and a better response) quickly.

One of the best outlets for promoting your blog is via social media.

So you've written your latest blog post - what next?

Here are 10 ideas to consider:

1. Post to Twitter using a platform like Buffer or HootSuite (you can schedule your Tweet for later in the day if that suits your audience better).

2. Are there any key influencers in your industry who would benefit from your post? (of course there are). So drop them an email introducing yourself and ask if they will kindly re-tweet to their followers, offering to reciprocate at a later date naturally.

3. Post to your Facebook business page. Some people choose to post to their personal Facebook account also, but it's a matter of choice.

4. LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers: these can all be valid places to send your latest blog post, though it's important to be selective with the content you use - you don't want to be accused of spamming.

5. Recently acquired by Twitter, Posterous allows you to readily share your content across multiple platforms. Definitely worth looking into.

6. Do you follow or participate in any industry forums? When you begin a discussion or leave a comment, many forums allow you to place a signature or byline which you can link to your website URL or a relevant blog post.

7. What about other blogs in your industry or similar non-competing organisations? Might they be interested in what you have to say?

8. Your email list. Fair enough, if visitors have the option of subscribing to your blog feed, you won't want to bombard them with individual posts. However, it's a good idea to pick out say the best 6 posts from the last few months and include the links in a special email along the lines of: 'Recent Blog Posts You Won't Want To Miss'. If you don't yet have an email list, make plans to start one.

9. Use multimedia such as video, podcasts and webinars to promote your blog.

10. Offline media. Don't forget to promote your blog as often and in as many ways as you can: think press articles, news releases, business cards, direct mail . . .

Whether you decide to it yourself, or employ experienced marketing consultants to kickstart your success, show that your blog means business.

And give your mum and your friends a well-earned break!

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