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10 Key Points for a Very Successful Job Interview

Updated on October 10, 2011

10 key points for a very successful job interview

The word we hear all around us today is jobs, jobs and no jobs. With this pending nightmare building a sift competition for the few jobs. You must be well prepared and very creative to land a job. These are few key points for your next successful job interview.

1. Dress for success

Dressing for success does not mean over doing it. For men a dark color suit (blue or black), a very conservative complementing tie, and a well polished black or brown pair of shoes will do just fine. Ladies the same apply but sexy down a little for the interview day. Do not wear anything that will confuse the interviewer. Keep the interviewer focus on your skills and the opportunity at hand.

2. Be on time, do not be late, if you will contact the interviewer immediately.

Being on time for your interview helps you relax and put you in a better firm of mind. Do not be too early 10 to 15 minutes is okay. Be nice to whoever is your first contact when you arrived.

3. Do not lie on the interview

Do not lie on the interview, be careful how you answerer question(s) that will hurt you.

4. Do some research on the company and yourself

Take some time to research the company know what they do. Is there anything in the news about the company? What is the company’s culture do you fit in etc. Make sure your social activities on the internet do not hinder your opportunities for employment.

5. Understand the jobs description and the requirements

Focusing on the job description and the requirements will help you stay on track during the interview. This will help you better sell your skills to the interviewer that is solidyfing that your skills and experience is the best fit for the job.

6. Know your resume in and out ( do not be a stranger to your own resume)

We tend to forget dates and specifics things on our resume, so always read over your resume. Reading over your resume can help you correct error(s) that you missed the first time you prepared one. Your local library usually has resume writing class for free. Or you can ask them to critique your resume. Make sure you have answer for gaps, short term employments, flip flap in career trend etc.

7. Try to relax and focus on your experience and how it relates to the opportunity at hand.

Relax this is your only chance to convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job. Being relax and confidence in the way you present yourself will make the interviewer feel you know what you are talking about.

8. Show the interviewer that you are very much interested in the position.

Show a sincere interest in the company and the job, smile try not to look desperate. Be appreciative for the opportunity to be part of the interview process. It will not be wrong to say thanks for having me over, follow by a thank you letter recapping the interview key points.

9. Do not say anything negative about your past boss ,companies you worked for or on any social sites

Under no circumstances should you say anything negative about your previous boss or the company. Be very diplomatic, think of something good every bad person has something good about them capitalized on that. Social sites are where we sometime vent or speak our mind, but remember you are fully responsible for what you blog, twitter, write or even email you sent out daily. Google your name you may be surprise of what you may find on yourself (Clean up! our social networking activities portray who we are). “Your thoughts are always the basic of your expression”.

10. Your final words on the interview must give the interviewer reason(s) to make you an offer or invite you for another interview.

Make a strong closing statement summering you strength, and showing the interviewer that you are interested in the job. And what immediate contribution you can bring to the company. We say first impression counts, but last impression is what put the icing on the cake.

To sum this up, be yourself while you apply these basic tips. Interviewing is like personal money management you learn from experience, get a good interview book and learn the theory. You will be under a lot of stress but focus on doing your very best on the interview, not failing the interview. Remember you lose nothing on the interview, if you do not land the job you still gain some more experience for your next interview. GOOD LUCK!


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      exforsys 6 years ago from Chandra Vennapoosa , New York, USA

      Kaisa , Please check the slimier hubs I have added. Thanks, Chandra

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      KaisaJordan 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

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    • exforsys profile image

      exforsys 6 years ago from Chandra Vennapoosa , New York, USA

      Very good and excellent tips. Thanks for sharing.