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10 reasons Why I prefer Online marketing than Offline Marketing

Updated on August 25, 2010

Why Offline Marketing is not my cup of tea

1. I don't have to travel to meet my clients. Save on my transportation cost.

2. I run a home business so that I can stay at home. I can take care of my loved one at home and spend more time with them. 

3. Meeting clients take a lot of time. Some clients can chat for hours.

4. I may not be comfortable meeting strangers.

5. It requires human contact. I prefer dealing with a PC than a person. I am not comfortable socially. I am not familar with ordering different types of coffee at Starbuck. And they are expensive too. I don't look sexy and my fashion sense is out of the world. Look and appearance is not my asset

6. I don't like to dress up. 

7. I don't want to be at the call of clients. I don't like to receive a call in the middle of the night. I don't like to deal with demanding customers. I prefer that they order online and the digital good is delivered automatically. No hassle. No follow up. An automated online business requires little maintenance or followup.

8. I don't like to do the work after the sale. Follow-up work is a hassle and a distraction. 

9. I like to be able to travel anywhere and run my business anywhere, anytime without having to fix appointments to see my clients. 

10. I like the freedom to do my business anytime, anywhere (inside my secret cave), even when I am old, ugly and naked.   

Sam Choo is a freelance writer at 


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      ankigarg87 7 years ago

      Very good and interesting hub.