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10 Reasons Why You Aced That Interview but Still Won't Get That Job

Updated on May 12, 2019

You had the right papers you were punctual, you dressed the part and you were there on time or even before the required time. The interview process went on well and to you really nailed that interview but the phone call is not coming through or you got a rejection call. At times it could be personal reasons but in most cases, it not personal. This the company will not admit. Sometimes this will leave you feeling low but here are some of the reasons that the company will fail to hire you.

  1. At times the company’s policies require the company to post all positions publicly. Most of the times the company will make this post even though they may have the intention to hire internally. In such a case the company will go ahead and hold the interviews but despite you attending and icing the interview you will not get the employment phone call most likely you will get a call saying how sorry they are and that you did not get the position.
  2. At times the company will post for a position way before the budget for that position is approved. In turn, the budget for such a position may fail to get approved and thus they will fail to hire. In such a case no employer will explain this to you, they will just pass on their regrets for failing to hire.
  3. In a hast to fill the vacant position, a company may overlook some policies and go ahead and post for a position and conduct the interviews. Only for the decision to be challenged lending to cancellation of the entire process. In such a case you may be called to retake the interview.
  4. Change in employment policies from either the government or from the company. Between the time you sit for the interview and the time you get employed many policies might change especially from the government. A company may review such policies and decide to cancel the hiring process. This may occur especially to companies that hire candidates from foreign countries and aren’t familiar with the country’s hiring policies.
  5. For some companies, they are entrusted to hire staff for other companies or to provide certain labor for other companies. Such companies may hire in advance in anticipation for a new contract which may fail to go through. In such a case despite the company having conducted the interviews they will fail to hire though no one will inform you.
  6. A company may undergo restructuring for various reasons. In the process, certain positions may be eliminated in the process. This may be a top reason why despite having conducted the interviews the company will fail to hire. At the time it maybe is due to unseen financial constraints and the positions will have to be eliminated.
  7. References. Who are your references and what will say about you when called by a potential employer? In most cases, you will give references of previous employers or people you really trust but is that what they feel about you? If called will they give positive feedback? Sometimes the reason for not receiving that call may be as simple as not having the right references. At times you should test the waters. Call them or have someone call them and make sure they aren’t the reason why you aren’t getting that job.
  8. At times the co-workers will be given an opportunity to say what they think about the potential hires. Especially in places that are less casual. Some will just disapprove you from a distance. That could simply be the case
  9. Overqualification or being underqualified. Sometimes you will not meet the level of qualification that the employer is seeking. In such a case you will dress the part and do everything right but still won’t get the position. Overqualification is a common occurrence. In a bid to get employed some people will take any position even the once they are overqualified for. The employer may, in turn, shy away from giving their chance. They may fear that they will not meet your expectations and thus opt to hire someone with lower qualifications.
  10. Unreasonable salary expectations. Before you appear for an interview, you should conduct a research about the company’s offered salary. This question will often pop up in an interview. Don’t be caught unaware. Be reasonable in your ask. Sometimes you may be overqualified but don’t go asking for too high salary amounts. This will definitely cause the employer to withdraw

Those are just some basic reasons why you are not getting that phone call about the interview that you attended. Just sit down evaluate and re-evaluate yourself and go ahead. Good luck in nailing that interview.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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