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10 tips to become more productive

Updated on July 20, 2015

Everyone wants to succed and fullfil all the plans of the day in time.

If You want to become more productive and get the things done in limited time, You should follow next tips, which help you to accelerate the speed of your working abilities, proceed in Your activity and achieve all your professional goals!

I hope you will find some of these tips helpful for your daily regime.

Do the most important task at first

Take a habit to make the most important task at the beginning of your day. It’s a fact, that in the morning the level of our concentration and productivity is much higher, than in the end of the day.

If you had realized the goal of your major plans, You will be relieved and well motivated throughout the rest of the day.

Make Your "to-do" list

If you made a list with tasks of the day, You will be highly concentrated and focused on the most important things. But don`t make great plans, You can`t keep. You will hardly succeed with 10 things to do in Your list, but will easily manage with 2 or 3 duties of your list.

Multitasking activity may be good, but hardly realizable. You are only human and you are getting tired, so don`t load yourself with heap of work! Just do one single task at a time.

Don`t be hasty

Obviously,It takes time to get things done. Better to make them for a long, but thoroughly with great focus and good result, than to make them in a gif with poor quality.

Don`t be afraid of difficult and huge tasks!

It`s better to break the task on smaller, manageable parts and get things done soon!

Yeah, its the major key of success.

If you have to be online, while working, don`t go for the sites, which could distract You or try using an extension for your browser like StayFoucsd to block your access to the websites, which could make You lose concentration!

It`s a huge support for yourself, if You keep the silence. While working, you should protect yourself from outside nioises, as the important task needs absolute silence to get done.Shut the door, turn off the music, put your cell phone on silent.

Enjoy the silernce and get focused on your job!

Balance work with rest

While working in the office, sitting at the computer, Your eyes get high tension and your head gets filled with ideas. Take a habit to make little breaks during your working day.

Just close Your eyes for a while, take a few deep breaths,relax , have a snack, take a short walk, but don`t call your friend, as it might infringe your further working activity.

If you achieve some goal, take a time to celebrate your small victory and treat yourself with small pleasant gift to encourage yourself for future victories.

It will make you feel good and that feeling will spread to other people in your life .

Don’t punish yourself, if something failed.

Just learn from Your mistakes and never give up. Set yourself on a right positive tune and say to yourself: "Next time I will surely succeed!"

Don`t waste your time on blaming yourself and regretting your mistakes.

Your job should make you happy and satisfied, if no, quit it and find another business, that really interests you. You won`t be never successful in something, that you hate. The thing you do should captivate, excite and interest you. If so, your work will bring You success, whatever it takes.

Everyone shoud have goals to obtain. Don`t make too many plans. Just limit yourself with 5 for a year and better write it down to keep them always in mind.

It will make Your goals real soon!

Visualize Your success

Yeah, it s a sort of psychological mantra, but it works! Just imagine yourself being successful and prosperous with all your goals achieved. Practice that twice a day and be sure, It will motivate you better, than any praise or money reward.

Weekends are weekends!

Devote Saturdays or Sundays to the full rest and harmony. Spend time with people You love, read a good book,or go to party with friends.

For better results of your work, you must set a clear boundary between work and rest, just not get stuck in worries and stress.

Don`t analyze too much and focus on overthinking of unresolved problems. Avoid saying to yourself "What if", as it leads to poor self-esteem.

Better focus on what you can do to move forward and succeed.

Take care of present day! Forget about tomorrows and yesterdays, which could disconnect you from now.

Take enough sleep, eat well and keep your body trained!

Only healthy person is able to manage the stress, keep clearness of his mind, be successful, optimistic and productive!


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