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How these 10 ways to hustle in NYC can make you money

Updated on October 14, 2010

Make money hustling in New York City

 If you have the guts, the drive, the patience, no fear, adventurous and the will to make a whole lot of money well you are in luck that you have found this article. I do not expect many people to actually follow through with any of these ideas but the ones that do and attempt these ideas will have the possibility of making a lot of cash. This is not a get rich quick scheme nor is it a home business idea or anything among those lines. This is straight up hustling. If you have an item or talent you want to showcase than you can hustle in the busiest city in America and make a lot of cash doing it. Below is a list of ten ways to hustle in NYC and make money doing it.

Ten ways to hustle in NYC

 1. If you have a demo music tape than you can make copies of it and simply stand outside around times square and sell it for $5-$10 to passer-bys.

2. If you have a dvd that you want to sell than you can do the same thing and sell it to passer-bys for around five or ten dollars.

3. If you have your own paintings that you want to sell you can hustle them in NYC as well to passer-bys.

4. If you can paint good and quickly than you can stand in a busy section in NYC and wait until people give you money and than pain something cool and unique real fast and sell it or just wait until people give you money.

5. If you can spray paint fairly well than spray paint something cool in a quick amount of time and sell the painted image or wait for people to give you tips.

6. You could airbrush yourself in paint and stand like a statue and wait for people to give you cash.

7. You can airbrush yourself in paint and once people give you cash you can try to dance.

8. If you can actually dance than find a busy spot where there are a lot of people and start dancing and people will probably give you money if you are good or even decent.

9. If you can play an instrument than play it in the busiest section of NYC that you can find. People will probably give you money if you are good.

10. If you can make your own T-shirts and can come up with clever slogans than sell your shirts, you might need a certain license but look into it because you can probably make a lot of money selling catchy T-shirts. 

Only in NYC

 You may think that the above list looks ridicules but whether you believe it or not peopl,e are making money doing these things in NYC. I have seen people doing weird but legal things down in the city and they were making some money and a lot of it. All it takes is drive and no fear and you too might find yourself hustling in NYC for money!


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      5 years ago

      nice post

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      david spaxx 7 years ago

      these ways of hustlin are totally good!!!! ilove this