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10 ways to improve public speaking skills

Updated on August 23, 2010

The ability to speak in public is a goal many people aspire to achieve and because they have not achieved it, they view it as a problem. This problem they tend to have makes them avoid been the speech guest at seminars, functions and even a little gathering of people having a meeting and even if they attend they stay quiet even though they have something meaningful to say or contribute.

There are ways of solutions to handling this problem. Some of them are easy while some are difficult and complicated. Whatever way the problem is solved, some can actually speak in public. Here are some ideas that might help make one a better public speaker

·         Confidence

A major problem a person has in speaking in public is fear. He is afraid of standing before a group of people. Even when the speech has been thoroughly rehearsed, he comes on stage and forgets everything he has planned to say because of fear. Well that battle is one the person fights and one he would fight alone. To speak to a multitude, he has to overcome his fears. I know one thing that really helps is humor. When standing before an audience, try making the first five statements made funny and once the audience are amused and laugh, fear will be lifted a bit and giving the speech will be easier.

·         Easy to understand

When giving a speech, there is no need for headlines and too much vocabulary. There is no way it is expected that the audience will understand everything that is said by a speech. What the audience will be interested in is the context of the speech so it is better to make a speech simple to understand and brief giving the main points. In this way the message will be sent and the audience will understand the message sent.

·         Be ready

This is one of the most important factors in giving a good speech. To be ready for a speech, one must make endless time to rehearse his presentation. Practice what is to be said, how it should be said and when to say it. There is a saying here that goes "A baby does not try to walk once and give up. He tries till his leg is strong enough to". When you practice a speech, you’ll not some mistakes and you’ll be able to correct yourself. Keep practicing till the day the speech will be given. Just don’t try to tired yourself.

·         Look good

It is good to look great when giving a speech. The image that is produced will determine the kind of attention that will be gotten. The audience will respect and respond positively if the dressing is good and impressive. They will ignore and might even walk away if the dressing is bad. Image matters so try to look good before an audience.

·         Know the audience

Been the first time is not an excuse not to know the audience before the speech is delivered. Familiarize with the audience before the speech is giving but in a case where provision for familiarization is not available, inquire about the audience. Questions like how any are expected, what kind of people are expected and their area of pleasure. With this knowledge, a person will understand what to say and how to say it in order to capture the audience interest.

·         Use examples

When giving the speech it really helps if experiences are said. Give examples of past events that both happened to the person or to someone else and explain the result of your example to them. Ensure the examples are in relation to your speech. If they are not, the audience will get confused and at the end of the day, may not gain anything

There is a lot of information passed when giving a speech and been the one to give it, the person should filled honor that he is acknowledged to have more knowledge than those that are coming to listen. It is a thing of pride and therefore giving a speech should not be a problem now.


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    • 6hotfingers3 profile image

      6hotfingers3 6 years ago

      Great advice and to the point. You must be a professional speaker. Keep up the good work!

    • profile image

      sholexflex 7 years ago

      Nice advice,i like it.

    • thelifedesigner profile image

      thelifedesigner 7 years ago from Dubai, UAE

      Very cool. Nice one.

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 7 years ago from England

      Great hub, really handy advice. Thanks