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10 ways to improve your technical skills

Updated on September 12, 2012

Technical skills are important if you are looking to make a promising career as a programmer or a computer engineer. But even if you are not looking to make a career in those fields, technical skills can actually help you get better at creative problem solving.

Whether you are a budding geek or just a common man on the street, here are some ways you can improve your technical skills:

  1. Read a lot of technical books- Reading always helps, be it nay field. Read a lot of technical books out there. Just search for good authors and order books on different topics. Read them carefully and it will improve your technical knowledge greatly.
  2. Watch tutorials online- If you are weak in a particular technical section, you can always find relevant tutorials online. There are many tutorials on almost every technical subject on Youtube. Find some good ones and start learning.
  3. Spend time with the geeks- Remember the time when your mother used to tell you not to hang out with the bad guys because they would turn you bad too? Well, apply that logic in the reverse. Hang out the geeks of your colony or college, and soon, you will learn a lot from them.
  4. Subscribe to a good technical magazine- Sure, print media isn’t really booming. But a good technical magazine can add vast amount of knowledge to your knowledge base. Often, these good technical magazines cannot be found online. It is always better to subscribe to a respected technical journal out there. It is always worth the money.
  5. Join classes- Right, so you are reading stuff, watching online tutorials and reading good magazines as well. But nobody can replace an actual teacher. If you are finding it difficult to grasp the concepts of a topic, join some good classes.
  6. Practice experiential learning- You learn more from doing than reading. Try experiential learning. A good way to do that is to build your own website and make constant improvements to it. As you solve one problem after the next, you will improve your technical skills.
  7. Try and build your own PC- This one will not only improve your hardware skills, but also save you some bucks as well. Build your own computer from scratch and you will learn the internal working of a computer. You will also learn how companies mark up exorbitant profits on machines.
  8. Try your hand at different software- Try and use a variety of different software, both for online tasks and offline. Different software help you navigate different interfaces and improve your problem solving skills.
  9. Mess up your computer and fix it too- Every time your computer is messed up, try and fix it on your own rather than taking it to the technician. You will learn a lot about your computer, its hardware and software that way.
  10. Learn programming skills- Programming is the ultimate test for anyone trying to make a bright career in the technical field. Learn programming skills. The best way to do is to learn a language and make short programs to start with. After a while, try making a program for almost every task you have, even for a simple data entry task if you can.


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