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Ways to use free time in the office

Updated on June 26, 2013

Being bored in the office with nothing to do is a very common problem, especially with jobs that hold little or no responsibility. These are the crucial times for you to show your employer what an asset to the company you can be. The attitude of "I'm not getting paid for it so I won't do it", is the complete wrong way to think. That extra work and initiative can pay off in the long run.

See the list below for a number of things you can do instead of twiddling your fingers in the office.

  1. Update your outlook schedule for future events. Set alarms for a day before so you don't get bogged down with work all at once. Free time can be utilized very efficiently if you plan ahead.
  2. Clean up your PC - delete your temp files, uninstall unnecessary programs, re-structure your directories. Over time computer can get extremely heavy due to data left over from installing and uninstalling software. After around a year or so it's a good idea to back up all necessary data and re-install the operating system for a fresh start. A free program called CCcleaner is a good program to help you here.
  3. Using Outlook create a folder which contains templates for frequent letters/messages you need to send to clients. Another good feature of outlook is the rules setting. Emails from specific sender can be filtered to certain folders for quick access.
  4. Create a simple work manual outlining your job. This is useful for new recruits and to prove to your manager that you have some leadership skills. you could even create a PowerPoint presentation, this will use up quite a lot of your time.
  5. Get familiar with office software especially MS Excel - Lookup functions and pivot tables. Impressive charts can be created using advanced functions. There are loads of online tutorials available.
  6. Write down a list trouble shooting problems and solutions you have had with your PC/Network in the past. Very good to share with the office staff. There are always new issues with PCs that crop up. You more you note down, the easier it is to solve problems in the future.
  7. Ask other employees if there is work you can assist them with.
  8. Don't rush assignments in non busy seasons, take you time and make a good job of it while you can.


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    • profile image

      aashima 3 years ago

      want some more n bdw thnx for these ....

    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 5 years ago from Japan

      Thanks for that

    • profile image

      Aky 5 years ago

      Useful tips.

      Hoping for more.