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100 High Paying Keywords

Updated on January 3, 2009

100 Keywords Pre-Generated

Okay, I was sitting on the coach one day, bored, no school or work, and thought to myself, what would be a good way to pass time? Then I started thinking about keywords, and I said, I will generate a list of keywords for Adsense in my favorite subjects so I don't have to keep wasting my time searching for high paying keywords. But then I said to myself, why not post it on the internet? I will be getting paid to do so and I will be helping a lot of people in the process.(Before we continue, my main purpose is to help people, notice there are no highlighted keywords here lol). So without further distractions from my daily past times, lets get to those keywords to earn you all more money(In my favorite subjects that is). If there isn't anything that shows relevance to what you like to write about, just request me the topic and I will see what I can do(no promises) 

No Prices Or Biddings?

I couldn't place the actual bid next to the words because it would completely take my life away from me lol, and I am a very busy teenager who is constantly on the move. But what I can tell you is that these keywords range from 20 dollars to a little over 80 dollars 

United States Marine Corp.

If you are not from America, don't think that you can't use these keywords because you can and I suggest that everyone takes advantage of this hub. Marine corp. does a lot of promoting to get people to join the Marines, meaning that they are willing to pay good money to advertisers per click to promote Marine corp to the public

  1. Marine corps table of organization
  2. Marine corps body fat composition
  3. Mims marine
  4. kydds marine
  5. marine cryptologic support batallion
  6. yank marine
  7. skipper buds marine
  8. marine fitness reports
  9. marine corps lav
  10. marine initial strength test
  11. marine hra
  12. marine corps uav
  13. 7th marine division
  14. marine major brian dennis
  15. marine expeditionary vehicle 

List On Real Estate

There isn't many high paying keywords in this subject. Most range from $10 to about $30 per click. Here are those words

  1. real estate fund placement agent
  2. diversified real estate funds
  3. online mba real estate
  4. real estate answering service
  5. real estate tax lawyer
  6. savannah real estate fund
  7. real estate document management
  8. latin america real estate fund
  9. real estate investment management company
  10. telephone service real estate office
  11. cgm real estate fund
  12. commercial real estate contact management software
  13. real estate salesperson application


Money is a growing epidemic when it comes to searches on the internet. Keywords aren't as high as they used to be. Before I continue, I would like everyone to know that this generated list was generated on January 3, 2009, so its pretty fresh and trustworthy.

  1. get money for structured settlement
  2. settlement money
  3. no money down car insurance
  4. no money down auto insurance
  5. money multiplier account
  6. taxes on settlement money
  7. donate your car for money
  8. annuity money 

Los Angeles

It's something about Los Angeles that gets my attention, including the fact that most of the ways people use the words Los Angeles could equal up to high paying keywords on the internet.

  1. carecen los angeles
  2. angeles attorney criminal law los
  3. mesothelioma los angeles
  4. los angeles drunk driving lawyer
  5. car insurance rates los angeles
  6. drug crimes attorney los angeles
  7. los angeles criminal defense firm 


Now who doesn't like to hear something about a ghost every now and then? Sure, you may not believe in it, but you can make a good amount of money per click with it.

  1. true image vs ghost
  2. real deal slots ghost town
  3. ghost horse winery
  4. ghost data recovery
  5. ghost block vineyard
  6. ghost solution 2

Okay so what? Some of this stuff has nothing to do with ghosts or paranormal activity lol, but it can get your some good money. 


God is good in every way, including earning you some good money on the internet(no offense to anyone).

  1. one god and one mediator
  2. hypnos god
  3. calculating god
  4. pictures of egyptian god isiris
  5. god card abilities

Okay some of these keywords has something to do with the cartoon called YUGIOH. 


Alright, security has always been a subject that everyone pays close attention to. It's for your own good, safety wise. Now its for your own good, Adsense wise. These following keywords pay a good amount of money, seeing the state that the United States are in right now(Sorry to everyone not in America, not trying to leave you out of the equation)

  1. old age security pension application
  2. social security lump sum
  3. network multifamily security
  4. 0192 system security
  5. web application security guidelines
  6. loan security valuations 


Who doesn't think about school sometimes? When you gotta take your children to school, or studying for that major(such as myself)or going to a special school to get that promotion at the job. Well school pays off with Adsense as well, with these high paying keywords

  1. online school psychology degree
  2. school house rock conjunction
  3. dui school san diego
  4. school accident claims
  5. richard gilder graduate school
  6. wakeboard school orlando
  7. university of denver medical school
  8. summit high school frisco
  9. medical school performance evaluation
  10. medco school
  11. online grad school programs
  12. online school psychologist degree
  13. ucsb school
  14. usf school psychology
  15. pencey preparatory school
  16. school counselor skills
  17. muhlenberg regional medical center school of nursing
  18. madison veterinary school
  19. hahnemann university school 


Everyone likes music. Might be of different genres but its safe to say that everyone loves some sort of music. Now the love for music can pay off with these high paying keywords.

  1. harmonix music
  2. let the music do the talking
  3. krump kings music
  4. negs urban sports music
  5. fadel shaker music
  6. lover boy music 


The company lead by the second richest man in the world Bill Gates. It's wasn't that hard to tell that microsoft would have high paying keywords and here is a list of them.

  1. microsoft exchange hosting
  2. microsoft exchange hosted filtering
  3. microsoft exchange email hosting
  4. microsoft email archiving
  5. spam filter for microsoft exchange server
  6. microsoft cluster best practices
  7. microsoft exchange email archiving
  8. report spam to microsoft
  9. microsoft software shadow copy
  10. import email to microsoft outlook
  11. microsoft exchange shared hosting
  12. microsoft dynamics programming
  13. outsourcing services
  14. microsoft exchange hosting provider
  15. microsoft exchange server features 

Okay There Is 100 keywords, What's Next?

What's next? Me showing you how to find your own high paying keywords, that's what's next. If you aren't already tired by now from reading through this long hub then you will get yet another payoff from this hub because I will show you how to generate your own high paying keywords 


One way to find Top Keywords is to use the SEO BOOk KEYWORDS. Once you click on this link, you will be leaded to a page that says SEO Tools. At the bottom of the page it says " try the coolest keyword research tool today." Place your keyword(s) in the column below and it will generate a list of words related to your word.

  • Next step-It's a section that says Google Traffic Estimator. Once you choose which keyword you prefer, click on Google Traffic Estimator to see it's search volume and how much you could get per click. Using this will get you high paying keywords

Pretty Sure

There are more ways to find High Paying Keywords but I can't seem to find them at this moment, but I will post another hub about it if I find out something new. But for now, use these keywords and Keyword generator tips to get your cash, and I hope you enjoy 


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You rock!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      nice one..

    • amithak50 profile image


      6 years ago from India

      Looks great .. I will try that Thanks for tht

    • hemant1857 profile image

      Hemant Jain 

      7 years ago from Pune

      more high paying keywords

    • tehgyb profile image

      Don Colfax 

      7 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

      Amazing hub, thank you!

    • tonymead60 profile image

      Tony Mead 

      7 years ago from Yorkshire


      wow you have really put some thought and effort into this hub.

      well done it is really interesting and useful



    • profile image

      Lease A SEO 

      8 years ago

      KOol! Great Efforts & Nice Share.. Really Impressive Post.. You made easy for me how to choose High Paying Google Adsense Keywords/Niches. thanks

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      good post.will give it a try

    • Wallet profile image


      8 years ago from United States

      You are D Man. Thanks for this list. I am going to use it this weekend.

    • searchbrat profile image


      9 years ago from Dublin

      Nice bit of research there, not a big fan of adsense though ...

    • johnruizborja profile image


      9 years ago from Philippines

      you really rock! very nice hub here!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Really Impressive

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      good work dude..

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      hahaha... Here is some more stuff about <a href="">seo services</a>

    • Express profile image


      9 years ago from India

      Oh....great post and not a single comment of applause yet! Really thanks for your research ........


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