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101 + Blog-Post Ideas That Will Make Your Small Business Blog BIG and Awesome

Updated on November 30, 2015

#1: Technology

New technology is discovered and invented every day. Write a post of some cool and Insanely amazing technologies that will blow the reader’s mind.

#2: Gadgets

Gadgets (new or old) have some great utility, use this to your advantage and write a post explaining the use of a certain gadget(s).

#3: Apps and Usage

Millions of apps are introduced every day, write a post explain some of the trending apps, let it be a game, utility app, etc., and their usage. It’s a smart phone era, you guys! People love this stuff.

#4: Reviews

Reviews about products, Movies, TV shows, Books, website etc, will give the audience an idea about what that “stuff” is about and what it is going to bring.

#5: Relationships

This is a favorite of every writer\reader who wants to give in some personal perspective to the actual post. Use this to your advantage.

#6: Fashion and Style

What is that new skirt that runway model is rocking? Or what is that new hair-style that dude is flashing? Write. It. Down.

#7: Science and Inventions

New Inventions, Space events take place almost every day. Write about it to give the audience an idea of what is it(invention\event) about.

#8: Culture and Religions

There are so many countries in this world and each country has its own unique culture, norms and what not! I can go on days about this one.

#9: Dating

How this game works? Are there any special tricks to flatter that cute guy\girl? Put it all down in this post.

#9: Health and Living

Tips and ways to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment will give you more readers on this topic.

#10: Architecture

I always wanted to know how Rome is so beautiful… Write a post about Architecture and how it is varied from year to year and country to country.

Blog Post Ideas #11 - 20

#11: Traveling: People who love traveling are always on the look for new destinations and places to have fun. Write a post about travel, safety-tips, must-haves, etc.

#12: Movies: A new movie is about to hit the screens next week. What do you think that movie is about and why the audience should watch it? Write it all down and ask readers to comment on the movie after checking it out.

#13: Books: A book does not just bring a story, it also brings life with it. Write about the significance of a particular novel, memoir, etc,.

#14: TV Shows: There are variety of TV shows out there that people are a big fan of. Write and recommend a good show to the readers and ask them to give their opinion on it.

#15: Quizzes: NO! it’s not a math quiz! I hate math too. A quiz that will be fun to take and the answers will be funny and make the readers LOL! You already know where I’m going with this one!

#16: News: Local\National news that will bring awareness among the readers is a good idea to write about.

#17: Trending: Trend! That’s what the world is about today! We need to keep up with the trend or create our own trend. Whatever it is about, just write it down.

#18: Hot in the news: Controversial news, news that makes your blood boil, news that makes the audience go awe will absolutely work in your favor if you use the right words.

#19: Celebrity Gossip: Need I say more?

#20: Psychology: A good dose of psychology and the professional advice will help the readers and the writer in certain areas.

Blog Post Ideas #21 - 30

#21: Astrology: Some of us believe in it and some of us do but all of us want to know what the week\day is going to bring us!

#22: Literature and Art: Does anyone remember Calligraphy anymore? Give a throw back and let the readers know more about the significance of a perfect blend of art and literature for our life.

#22: Work :Tips to simplify work or a post about motivation or how to work non-stop without distraction, will just do.

#23: Skills: Life skills, such as communication skills, writing skills, listening skills and techniques are important for our fast-on-the-run every day lives!

#24: Contest: Write a post asking your readers to participate in a certain contest for a cause or to bring awareness or just for fun.

#25: Buzz:News that buzzes everyone’s head and leaves them asking for more. Yeah, use this to your advantage and write a post.

#26: Music: Compare music of different generations and decades. Explain how it has changed. Songs that are nostalgic songs that everyone loves, songs that annoy everyone, just MUSIC!

#27: World Top 5 trending: News that is making rounds around the world and is getting maximum media’s attention will keep your post and blog interesting and trending.

#28: Social Experiments Reviewing: there are many social experiments that are uploaded to YouTube and Reacts to these videos are followed up too. Write a post about this.

#29: Product reviews: Write a post about a product ,keep it simple and interesting. Mostly informative. Let’s not forget the ground rules here.

#30: Health and Care: Tips and home remedies for certain illness or infections are something that viewers also want to know about. So, write about it.

Blog Post Ideas #31 - 40

#31: Videos: YouTube is the next best thing in today’s Internet world. Explain the significance or importance or fun facts about a video.

#32: Beauty: Make-up Range, New cosmetics, or “THAT” eye-shadow style that is rocking the trend. We need them all.

#33: Economics: When you’re trying to make a blog that is business oriented or a blog that also includes business and Economics, you can always use a little ”Surplus and Demand” for your finance and business related posts.

34: Cars :A post explaining how HOT the New Bugatti Veyron series is , will just do the work for you! You get the idea right?

#35: Luxury: Who doesn’t want a dose of paradise every now and then? Post some picture of stylish pools, houses and “RICH” stuff that will awake the “I want that” in your reader.

#36: History: a post about “Once upon a time” or “Centuries ago…” will not only give a throw-back but also let your readers know how things used to be and how they are at present.

#37: Society and Social norms: The double standards of a society, feminism, Equal rights, Liberty, and all that good stuff will make an interesting yet awesome post for your blog.

#38: Short stories: Have a story that you cannot seem to get it out of your head? Write it down!

#38: DIYs (Do it yourself tutorials): These can be fun and interesting. Keep it simple and these will leave the readers asking for more.

#39: Family: “Reasons to love your family” or” support from family” (just as an example) posts will grab a lot of readers.

#40: Out of the box ideas: Sometimes there are certain ideas that were never thought before, and you are the first person to think of it. Let your intelligence rule you here.

Blog Post Ideas #41 - 50

#41: Interviews: Bring a celeb or personality and interview them and give the audience that little “SCOOP”.

#42: YouTube trending: Most watched videos of the week or month or of the year. Or you can even interview a YouTube personality or review a YouTuber.

#43: Humor: We all love a dose of humor from our daily hectic life. So make a post about it.

#44: Climate and Weather reports: A little bit of weather fore-cast or a note of climate changes or natural calamities will just do the work.

#45: Scenic beauties: We all love “that one” photograph that makes us day dream, that scenic beauty, landscape photo or any picture that is natural and beautiful. You describe why you like this particular picture and ask your readers to recommend some other pictures too.

#46: Things to do : I’m not talking about a clip-board of “things to do”, but I’m taking about a bucket list, that will have creative ideas to do and to experience. Write a post about it and it will grab readers who have wander-lust!

#47: Life: Bring the writer out of you and explain how beautiful life is and motivate others to cherish the small things that everyone would miss later in life. A “live in the moment” post will just do that.

#48: Stress and Depression: So many people deal with these issues and many people try to find a solution through so many articles\post on so many websites. Be the one to provide your word of knowledge regarding it and try to give a solution in your post.

#49: Fiction vs Facts: Do ghosts exist? I don’t know… Write a post about such debatable topics that need to be clarified and let the readers add their own response\opinions to it.

#50: Sexual Health: Know some foods or tricks that will boost the sexual health of a person? Write a post about it and have a Q&A session with your readers.

Blog Post Ideas #51 - 60

#51: Tips: everyone needs simple tips to simplify their daily-life chores and avoid the chaos. So, write a post explaining some tips and how they actually work.

#52: Hacks: Hacks that will make life easy. Let it be about beauty, makeup, clothing, etc., just write about it and readers will be asking for more of such hacks from you.

#53: GIFs: Make a story out of GIFs and write a little description below each GIF. This is new world. Create new and fresh stuff!

#54: Trailer release and review: There are many movies that people are looking forward to watch. So, make it easier for them to judge the movie by writing some reviews about that trailer release and the performance of those actors in the movie.

#55: Quote of the day: Take a good quote and write a whole post explaining the importance of that quote and how it can affect someone’s life.

#56: Song of the week\day: Write a post about most viewed and most played song on i tunes or YouTube and describe the hype of that song and explain how fantastic that song is and perhaps use those lyrics to your advantage and quote them…

#57: Photography:Everyone loves a good shot. So, write a post explaining a perfect shot or about photography or something like that.

#58: Animation: Who doesn’t love Animation? It’s such a creative task and everyone wants to know about it. So,write a post about it.

#59: Cartoons: Speaking of animation, cartoons were everyone’s childhood best times. So, write about some insanely cool cartoons that are a great show but also give a great message.

#60: Comics: Ah! Those good old days, where we used to wait for the next edition of our favorite comic…does anyone remember those times? Make a post explaining what comics are and what value do they hold and how can they be used to express certain emotions or humor. :p

Blog Post Ideas #61 - 70

#61: Spirituality: “Living at peace with yourself is a way of being spiritual”. This is a quote I have always believed. Make sure your points are not biased when writing a post about spirituality.

#62: Home and Décor: A luxurious apartment or a house is everyone’s dream. So, how to make such a dream even more beautiful? BOOM! Décor and interiors. Write a post about it.

#63: Q&A post: An interactive post between you and your loyal readers will help your blog gain more attention. Ask your readers to take certain polls,or contest in some questions or some quizzes and ask for their responses\opinions.

#64: What’s hot this week? \ What did you miss this week on the news: News that your readers might have missed in the past week or just flashback of what has happened in the past week. Write a post about it and ask your readers to share it on their social media accounts.

#65: College life vs School life: Compare these two lives and shout out on a debate and you can make a million posts about each idea you’d have.

#66: Daily life struggles: post on struggles that turn your day from “Oh, how beautiful!” to “WTF?” in a snap, with a little humor to it will just grab so many readers.

#67: What’s hot on Instagram this week?: most liked and commented pictures on Instagram of the week can make a great post.

#68: What’s hot on Twitter this week? : Most controversial, Most retweeted and Tweets that need to brought in light will be highlighted in this post and will make an amazing post.

#69: Food and recipes: Know some special recipes? Make a post and give easy steps to follow through.

#70: Top 5 must try:things that everyone needs to try before <so and so event> will make an awesome post.

Blog Post Ideas #71 - 80

#71: Yoga and peace: Some special yoga positions and their significance on a healthy life will make a good post and through yoga how peace can be achieved.

#72: This week on <your website>: A high-light of some awesome things that happened on your website can make a throw-back post.

#73: Online Dating: What are its pros, cons, precautions to be taken, etc., need to be brought into light through an intelligent post.

#74: 5 important people to follow on twitter. and why: Some famous personalities tweet some awesome stuff and if followed, we can gain some knowledge or can enlighten ourselves with their point of views. This will make a great post.

#75: Types of….: types of people, friends, Co-workers, guys, girls, parents, etc., a little touch of humor and this will make your blog BIG. Why? Because everyone wants “that” #relatable content.

#76: Education: It’s pace, awareness and why it is so important. Education in the ancient times and now, how technology is making education easier and I can go on forever about this one.

#77: Charity: A social cause is a chance for our little service to humanity. So, write a post about spreading awareness about certain social causes.

#78: Social responsibility: Speaking of social causes, We all want “that” one chance to change the world. Use this topic to write as much as you want to change the society for better and write about some recent activities that were unfair and need to be brought into light.

#79: Debates: X vs y: Debates and responses to these debates will make a great posts. A debate of x(point of view) vs y(point of view) will make your post famous on social media.

#80: Tips for writer-blocks: Sometimes, writers just cannot seem to write about anything. So, make a list of things that a writer needs to do to un-block and write again with an innovative approach.

Blog Post Ideas #81 - 90

#81: List of movies to watch: there are so many genres out there that it is hard to pick the best one out of so many movies. So, make a post about “list of movies of certain genre that people need to watch right now”

#82: Clothing Hacks: Write a post about Hacks that will prevent us from “that awkward moment” and save us from the ever cringe worthy memories.

#83: Fitness and health: Fitness is health. Period. Write a post about why being fit is important and why “image issues” shouldn’t matter.

#84: Funny rants: Got a burning topic? Rant about it and add a little humor to it. Make sure you ask for viewers\readers discretion.

#85: Poll: Call-out for a poll for why such a topic is right or wrong. See, how fast that escalates!

#86: Holidays and trips: Know a place that is not so famous but is exotic? Write about it. Holidays must-haves, things to do, etc., will keep your readers on their toes.

#87: Places to visit: We all know what I’m talking about! Places that are ~~Awesome~~.Write a post about it.

#88: People to meet before you say bye to this world: Let it be famous personalities or certain special people in our lives that we were not so grateful for in the past. Make a post about it and explain why it is important.

#89: Guess what happened today? : Got a little special or extra going on for today? Write about it.

#90: Throw-back Thursday: a little something from the down-the-memory-lane and post something nostalgic about your past or a good experience from the past and ask your readers to share their special moments too.

Blog Post Ideas #91 - 100

91: Boring Mondays made awesome: Make awesome posts on Monday that will make boring Mondays your readers best days of the week. Be creative.

92: How to –do so and so: Write a post explaining how-to do <something> and what are other ways to do it.

93: Top 5 trending songs of the week: You know what to do here.

94: Invite a celeb\personality and have a Q & A fest: A little extra special for your readers . An interview from their most asked celeb.

95: Nostalgia: A nostalgia moment that everyone has. Write about it. Make this interactive.

96: Throw back at 90s or 80s or 70s or: Compare how trend was back then and now. About beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc,.

#97: Foods to try: Everyone LOVES food. Write a post with a Gif of that food. Ask the readers to share their recipes and share their recipe as “<insert quote>”.

#98: Expectations vs Reality : These are #relatable and add a little humor and sarcasm to it. These posts will be the most asked posts of your blog.

#99: Funny quotes and stories: Share a story with your readers and ask them to give their opinions on it.

#100: Clothing and Accessories: Accessories that will add extra style to your look and stuff like that will make a great post for your blog.

#101: Hashtag (#) of the week

Write a post about a certain hashtag(#) that is making rounds on the internet for the past week. The what, why, who, where and how of this hashtag(#) will make a great post.

#102: Business Ideas

A post about some innovative and fresh ideas that are useful for re-branding and keep a certain business on FIRE(in a good way) will not only grab the readers views but also a million-dollar business deal for you too(just saying).

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    • Plough the web profile imageAUTHOR

      Kalyan Anupindi 

      3 years ago from Worldwide

      Many Thanks Kelsey. Glad you liked it..

    • Kelsey Farrell profile image

      Kelsey Elise Farrell 

      3 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Nice blog with a lot of very interesting ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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