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list of the most common lies people tell

Updated on February 5, 2013

here's a list of lies people tell

Here are 52 lies people tell other people

1 Don't listen to them, they're jealous

2 Let me know if I can help

3 This won't hurt

4 I never got that email

5 my phone must have died

6 You will look back at this and laugh

7 It'll work itself out

8 If you love me, you'll...

9 I didn't tell anyone else but you

10The check is in the mail

11You must have misheard me

12I'm your friend here, not the enemy

13I'm doing this for you

14This is an investment in your future

15Of course that;s my car!

16I have my own place

17Of course I'm single

18I'm not like most guys/girls

19I would never lie to you

20You have changed me

21My Porsche is in the shop

22I'll call you

23No hard feelings

24It was like that when I got here

25I value your opinion

26We're just friends

27I forgot

28My phone was off

29I hope we can still be friends

30we need to get together some time

31your kids are sooo cute

32I love your hair

33that was the best meal I ever ate

34you look like you've lost weight

35I'm so happy for you

36I can't wait to hear about your trip

37I'm always here for you

38I don't care what anyone else thinks

39I don't pay attention to outer beauty

40I'm a Prince from Nigeria

41I don't care about your past

42you deserve this

43Facebook must have deleted my account

44I don't care about the money

45you haven't changed a bit

46I'd never do that

47I always have time for you

48It's up to you

49I never thought about it that way

50I only did it once

51I must have lost your number

52call me later and we'll talk about it


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    • flipu4it profile image

      flipu4it 7 years ago from Washington

      You got that right!