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11 Things to understand about Motivation

Updated on April 3, 2014
by Nona Fora
by Nona Fora

This is for all the people who are self-employed, work for an idiot, are stuck in a rut, don’t know what they were thinking when they chose their line of work or are simply lazy.

1. Understand that nobody else can motivate you

Nobody. They can probably ignite a thought, a fire, and a desire, share an anecdote or a personal war story that inspires you or gives you an idea, but no one can motivate you.

2. Understand that motivation is not a onetime thing

Its an ongoing, day-in and day-out, incessant, activity! You have to keep doing it, over and over again until it works. And then start again when it stops working.

by photosteve101
by photosteve101

3. Understand that Motivation is not an immediate thing

I wish it was, really, it would be so much easier to accomplish and so many more people could do it. It just isn't. It grows, a little a first, then some more, and then a little more until you can feel it as living thing.

by hectorir
by hectorir

4. Understand that Motivation is not jumping up and down and screaming ‘LETS DO THIS!’

It seems a lot of people like the whole WALMART approach to motivation. That is wake-up call, not motivation!

Don't be fooled by an exercise the team coach gives before a game. Physical activity can put you in the mind/mood to accomplish more and go after your goal, but simple screaming out letters seldom helps.

5. Understand that Motivation is personal

What may work for you, may not work for me.

I know some people who are motivated by the thought of accomplishing something and others by the thought of sharing their accomplishment with their loved ones.

What ever motivates you that is what matters. find that and you have your north-star!

6. Understand that Motivation can be very basic

It could be as simple as a clean bed to sleep, a square meal or just a smile from someone acknowledging the act.

It could even be anonymity. It can be as simple as needed, rather it should be as simple as needed.

7. Understand that motivation can be tricked

Not feeling motivated? listen to a piece of music that in the past you were listening to, when you were happy or having fun.

You can eat a particular type of food, wear a certain color or dress!

Motivation can be fooled.

8. Understand that motivation is not a substitute for hard work

Whatever it is that you want, it still needs a goal. A highly motivated individual, with no direction, no measurable outcome isn't going to accomplish much.

9. Understand that motivation cannot guarantee success

Success is the result of a lot of factors, which include external ones as well. Motivation can ensure you achieve the goal you set out to achieve, but success, that is whole different animal.

10. Understand that motivation isn’t madness

A lot of people tell me 'oh you have to motivated like that guy! he did not eat, he did not sleep, he did drink, he didnt even see the sun until he finished his project'

That for me isn't motivation.

11. Understand that motivation is as easy as riding a bycycle

It needs practice, patience and once it is acquired as a skill, you can never unlearn it. Once you know how to ride, all you need to do is saddle up!


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    • prabhjotbedi profile image

      Prabhjot Bedi 3 years ago from chandigarh

      @Sagar so true!

    • profile image

      Sagar 5 years ago

      Motivation is just d booster.. & not the element of Success!!