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12 Free Applications Every Project Manager Should Use

Updated on March 11, 2017

In case you are about to start working on your next business project, then you should definitely take a good project management app into account.

Technology is everywhere around us and modern project managers are trying to get the most from it.

There are many benefits that the use of project management apps brings. For instance, managers won’t have to think about the communication between team members. Apps developed for project managers will also save them some time.

Finally, there are many free applications, which mean that you don’t have to spend a dime to check the efficiency of these apps.

The following is a list of 12 free applications every project manager should use.

Seavus Project Viewer

Seavus Project Viewer is a project management app created by a well-established company.

Project managers that need to view Microsoft Project plans (*.mpp files) probably won’t find a better option than this. It is good to point out that the online version of this app is completely free and the downloadable, stand-alone version comes in a trial version.

Even the paid version is much cheaper compared to the cost of Microsoft Project. With the help of Seavus Project Viewer, users can open, view and print mpp files created with MS Project 2003, 2007, 2010 and even 2016. Team members can use Seavus project Viewer to report their progress on every task to project managers.

On the other hand, project managers have an opportunity to accept or reject these reports.

Time tracking, task tracking, task scheduling, recurring tasks, progress tracking, Gantt charts – these are just some of the features that make Seavus Project Viewer (Online version) one of the best free apps for project managers.


Meister Task

Meister Task is a task and project management app used by hundreds of professionals around the globe.

It allows users to create a project of any size and add as many participants as they want. Project managers use it to assign tasks and track the progress of every team member.

One of the best things about this app is the fact that it provides a high level of flexibility and that all the buttons and functions are quite intuitive. The user-friendly dashboard is the place where users can check what has been going on while they were not around. The app also provides a summarization of open tasks and helps them make a decision about future activities.

Meister Task is available to Windows, Mac OS, iPad and iPhone users.



Those looking for powerful project management tools can’t go wrong with Wrike.

This modern app is especially useful for project managers that are afraid that they will miss some tasks or miss their project deadlines.

So, whenever they are making and assigning tasks, Wrike sends these changes to all team members that are affected by these changes. Team members that use Wrike can check the overall progress of the project and the progress of their coworkers.

Project managers can also comment on tasks in order to get additional information. This interesting app can also help users synchronize with other popular software solutions like MS Project.

It is very easy to import a .mpp file (MS Project) to Wrike. In addition, you can export files created in Wrike to Excel, RSS, and iCal.



Trello is a very popular collaboration and project management tool. It relies on sets of boards, cards, and lists and allows users to organize teams and work, create and run tasks, assign team members, monitor progress and prioritize things.

There is no doubt that this is one of the easiest apps to use. Trello has a user-friendly interface and simple, yet effective drag and drop feature. This is a very flexible and simple app that’s used by project managers and business persons as well as by families and schools.

When it comes to the project monitoring and task management feature of this application, it’s worth mentioning that in this case, Trello relies on cards that include tasks. Project managers are free to include an unlimited number of team members on one shared board.

As they reach a certain milestone they can move the card to the next list. In addition to the free plan, there is a business class and enterprise plan.



Freedcamp is a completely free project management app for managing an unlimited number of project tasks at once. In other words, project managers will be able to manage everything related to their project.

Freedcamp allows people to monitor the time each employee spends on their tasks, set and monitor deadlines, make to-do lists, prioritize and easily share information and documents. The best part about Freedcamp is that every team member can communicate with others in real time.

They can even use mobile devices to stay in touch with other team members. Freedcamp has a few features and brings many benefits.

Namely, it offers top-notch security, a solid notification system, permission system, communication system and project templates. As we already said, this is a completely free project management app.



Producteev is one of the oldest project and task management apps. Ever since it was introduced in 2008, Producteev was able to increase the number of its loyal users.

One of the strengths of this project management app is that it contains organizational tools. The so-called Workspace is actually the dashboard of the app and this is where project managers can make tasks and invite people. In case your project has some relatively big tasks, you can also create subtasks and monitor the subtasks too.

Another great thing about Producteev is that people can use different operating systems and devices to access app – Mac iOS, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows etc.

The features in this app can be customized according to user’s needs and the interface is simple and easy to use. In addition to the free version, there is a so-called team workspace paid version.


Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most successful Google Apps. It can be used in many different ways, but it seems that many project managers find this app to be quite useful. Google Drive includes all the typical features found in modern project management apps.

The best part is that almost every person has a Google account, so you don’t have to explain how and where to register – project managers can send an invitation and their workers will become part of the project right away.

Google Drive allows sharing of documents, calendars, spreadsheets, and maps. Google Drive may not be the easiest app in terms of use, but it is completely free.



Bitrix24 is a popular project management app available online. It represents a mixture of a wide range of business functions and features like document sharing, CRM, task management, progress monitoring and time tracking. Users love the simple, intuitive interface that this app has.

It reminds them of the interfaces found on popular social media platforms, but Bitrix24 is definitely more secure and more professional. Bitrix24 is used for sharing of documents, sending instant messages and getting updates related to the project.

Obviously, project managers are interested in the work and time reports and project tracking and monitoring abilities of this app. The good news is that Bitrix24 allows project managers to centralize all the tasks related to the project in one place, but what’s even better is that they can easily assign individuals or groups that will have the right to access specific project documents.

In addition to these features, Bitrix24 also allows users to work together through desktop, web browser and mobile apps.



Podio is an excellent project management app known for its flexibility. This interesting app is featuring one centralized place where team members can organize their work, communicate and complete their tasks.

The workplace is the centerpiece of this app and this is exactly where participants can handle projects and use effective collaboration tools. Podio helps users with unread emails, uncategorized documents, and many other things.

Team members can communicate in real time. They can also share, store and attach files too. The most important thing about project managers is that they can easily generate and assign tasks. These tasks can be placed in the workflow of the company.

Chat, meetings, comments, document categorization, sharing of files, integration with other software solutions – these are just some of the features and benefits of using this application.


Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a flexible project and task management app for enhanced communication, accurate estimates, and increased efficiency. The basic goal of this app is to improve visibility and gather all the workers together in the virtual space where they can join their forces and finish specific tasks in a short period of time.

Pivotal Tracker comes with excellent sync that guarantees that every member of the team will be updated about the latest changes instantly. This means that the project manager will be spared from miscommunication. It also has some great charts and summarization of the progress made by specific team members.

Of course, just like other project management tools, Pivotal Tracker also allows real-time collaboration between team members. It can be used with the help of an iOS-based device. Finally, Pivotal Tracker provides estimates for future tasks and projects based on past performance. In addition to the free version, it has 5 more paid versions.



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Zoho Projects

Now here’s another great example of an effective online project management app. Zoho is a well-known brand and those who have used some of their products know that they rely on modularity. This means that it is very simple to add, extend or even scale functions and features.

There is no doubt that growing businesses will find this feature useful. It is worth mentioning that Zoho Projects is a cloud-based app that makes project monitoring, planning and collaboration simple.

Thanks to Zoho Projects, users can set tasks, task lists, milestones, deadlines, and subtasks. It also features Gantt charts that are easy to create and modify. In addition to the direct communication, Zoho Projects comes with chat rooms where a few team members can communicate at once in real time.

Finally, we should mention that team members can instantly share their presentations, spreadsheets, documents and other files.

The free version of this project management application is for one project at a time. This version has 10 MB storage and limited options and features.



Hansoft is a very flexible project management tool that helps project managers and other professionals to use their team’s talent to the maximum.

Thanks to Hansoft, project managers can achieve excellent collaboration, real-time communication, and transparency. This app is already used in many different industries like telecommunication, software development, aerospace, electronics etc. As we said before, Hansoft is very flexible and has a great visual appearance.

It allows users to get the most from Gantt charts, Kanban boards, spreadsheets etc. Hansoft project management app is suitable for projects that include both small and high number of workers.

This is possible because Hansoft can be adjusted quickly to the size of the project. Business intelligence, application development lifecycle management, social collaboration, product portfolio management – these are just some of the great features of Hansoft.


Choose apps that bring benefits to you

Without any doubt, project management apps are useful apps that can bring many benefits to any project manager.

This is one of the reasons why the market is full of apps like this. Some of them are brand new, while others were introduced a long time ago but updated on a regular basis.

From the list we’ve presented here, project managers can figure out that almost every project management app has a free, trial and paid version.

This is a good thing because they can try these apps for free before deciding whether they need to unlock some additional features.

Generally speaking, a good project management app should allow tracking tasks, tracking progress and provide an overview of the project.


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    • dondarko profile imageAUTHOR

      Darko Atanasov 

      13 months ago from Skopje

      Let me try the software and then edit the article. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Tess Hickman 

      13 months ago

      You forgot to include Hitask in the list. It benefits us in most ways that you've written in your article. Thanks.

    • profile image


      19 months ago

      Good list of tools! Using most of them.


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