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12 Profitable Qualities of a Person.

Updated on May 10, 2016

1.Being Good at Making Things Work to Their Benefit.

There is a certain type of person in the world that take a bad thing and are able to essentially re-configure that thing in order to make it work for them and not against them. It is this type of person that finds themselves consistently motivated on account of seeking to find these ways and implementing them well that allows them to traverse the monetary economy at a greater advantage than most. These are not the people who easily give up on account of conventionally insurmountable odds because they are good at finding the pathway that allows them to keep moving forwards, even if that pathway is difficult to see by others or not conventionally implanted.

2.An Accurate Perception of what is Valuable.

Value to the individual is determined by many factors – not just the simple group consensus value of that thing. Things that allow the function to complete certain tasks to a higher quality or more efficiently than before have value, things that hold sentiment to that specific person have value. Things that allow that person enhanced capabilities or perceptions have value, things which fulfill that individuals needs have value. Those people who can accurately judge what they themselves find valuable and what other people as individuals find valuable will be in an advantageous position when negotiation trade and cutting business deals because they will have an enhanced ability to play both sides of the table.

3.Discipline to Refrain from Gambling.

There is a big difference between gambling and calculated risk taking. In gambling the odds are always against that person without any skill needed to be involved, meaning that the person gambling cannot influence the outcome by any great extent and is therefore trusting their (often hard earned) resources to a completely external force – luck. They are effectively surrendering their resources before they have even begun. If the mathematics did not point to the fact that the player is far more likely to lose than win then casinos and gambling institutions would not take the risk of setting up what are effectively legal extortion rackets around the act. Unlike business - where a person can make considerable profit relative to the buy in with the dependent factors for the outcome being much further in that persons control - gambling relies completely on uncontrollable factors and keeps the mouths of gamblers salivating with false promises of big money, as such is a foolish enterprise for any person looking to make considerable profit in the long term.

4.Keeping Good Company

Those people who are good at keeping good company will find themselves consistently motivated and supported during their endeavors. Forming support networks, helping friends to achieve, figuring out ways to benefit others, these are all things which leave a person with stability, creativity and additional minds to bounce ideas off of. A quick analysis of the contrast between that and someone who keeps bad company reveals that bad company by comparison will leave that person consistently lacking in motivation, having to exhaust themselves trying to find support and lacking in mentors and learning.

5.Thinking for Themselves.

Those people who constantly look to others to think for them will have no motivation to improve themselves mentally or do adequate research in order to know what they are doing thoroughly. As such they become heavily dependent on others and begin on a trajectory of power loss. These are the kinds of people that will find themselves at the bottom of the rung no matter how much effort they exert (without the input of extraordinary luck) and will often be very open to manipulation and have decreased power of will. Conversely those people who think for themselves naturally get into self improvement cycles, find ways to empower themselves and increase the quality of their life and career. They also become very difficult to manipulate and have incredible willpower – particularly if they have goodwill and beneficial intentions.

6.The Ability to Accurately Predict the Future.

The people in the world who are able to see the factors at play that signify what is going to happen in the future will always be one step ahead of the game and as such will be able to circumnavigate future problems effectively due to preemptive action and preparation. The more they can deduce the variables of the situation the more accurately they can predict what will happen – just like how an engineer can predict how a machine will perform if he knows the variables and can visualize the workings of the mechanism. This quality enables a person to traverse all kinds of complex problems and stops them from stepping on their own feet as they do so, as such the person will be able to move through life effortlessly and productively, making everything they need happen for themselves.

7.Willingness to Invest in Themselves.

Those people who invest in themselves constantly will be in a constant cycle of self improvement and as such will be constantly enhancing their abilities, intelligence and perceptions among other important aspects of themselves. These people have a high tendency to figure out ways to get the resources they need because they know how to best utilize themselves in order to get it. Such people develop an incredible knowledge of self and find themselves with good, positive energy available to them to do the things they want to do. The constant self improvement opens them to the admiration of others and creates a perpetual positive energy in their lives where they are consistently seeing good results of their endeavors.

8.The Valuing of Self Education.

Those people who actively self educate are consistently gaining knowledge which of itself creates further opportunity, and at very least allows that person to use the world in a way that is beneficial. All types of knowledge are ultimately beneficial, but specific subjects can allow a person greater advantage when it comes to the specific goal of profit. It stands to reason that those people who have knowledge of money, monetary loss, debt, poverty, wealth, resource management, resources themselves, economic potentialities of a thing, marketing, public relations, accounting and sales strategies are the people who are likely going to make far more profit (exceptional circumstances not included) than those who do not have such knowledge. It would follow that a person who wants to make profit would be working in their interests to become knowledgeable such.

9.Financial astuteness.

Financial astuteness is what enables a person to avoid becoming prey to buying things that do not benefit them and will do them no good. It is the quality that allows people to avoid debts, find discrepancies in finance and work out what caused them. As well as being able to accurately weigh up the cot of something with the benefit that the thing brings. Financial astuteness is what allows people to make good judgement calls with regards to finance and retain the ability to keep making money during times where luck is not so much in their favor.

10.Recognition that the conventionally 'safe' option is not always the best option.

People generally talk about playing it 'safe'; however playing it 'safe' can cause just as much misery on account of unaccomplished dreams and unfulfilled potential as taking foolish risks which land a person in financial loss and debt burdens. How a person plays it is not a choice of these two - the aim is not to play it safe or play it dangerous, the aim is to play it well. It is those people who can take calculated, skilfully selected risks that are far more likely to make profit over those people who play it either safe or who take foolish risks due to ignorance. It must be noted that there are also risks to not doing things which must be taken into consideration otherwise a person can end up steeped in regret.

11.Understanding of work ethic.

The work ethic will always be a determinate factor on how far a person will get. Those people who are constantly improving their work ethic will be working more proficiently, and increasing the proficiency of what they are doing all of the time, which sends their work ethic improvement on a trajectory of exponential growth. This means that they will be achieving better results with less effort and getting more work done in a shorter amount of time. This kind of improvement is too likely to reap financial gain for it to be considered an unprofitable undertaking. Those people who do this well are also the ones that take the factors of their work into consideration; they recognize that the quality of their rest affects the quality of their work, that the quality of their exercise affects the quality of their rest, that the quality of their food affects the quality of their exercise and so on. They recognize to that most people exert more effort trying to get out of effort than they would have exerted if they just made the effort in the first place.

12.Ability to Self motivate.

It is not secret that motivation and profit are connected, those people who are highly motivated will increase their likelihood of profit tremendously and this is why people with lots of spare money are willing to pay considerable sums for a personal motivational coach. They recognize the link. It follows that if a person is actively doing something that makes them motivated to keep doing that thing, and they are making money from that thing then they will make considerable profit due to the amount of energy they have for that thing. Similarly if a person is constantly feeling bad about what they are doing on account of immorality (even if they are making money) then they can self sabotage or turn to escapism (drugs, alcohol, etc) to cope.


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