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13 Ideas to Sell More at your Market Stall

Updated on October 22, 2013

Sell more at your market stall by following a few simple ideas.

So many people dream of opening their own weekend market stall, and as such we would like to help support your business with new ideas, tips and techniques on how to get the best from your market stall experience. You can learn a few ideas to help you make a difference each day. Find more ideas at Gazebos Australia

Rethink Gazebo Marquee Layout

A good quality gazebo can make a great impression at an art show, market or convention. However, lining the walls with standard tables can feel dull and even unwelcoming. Rethink gazebo tent layout by brainstorming a set-up that would make passersby feel the most inclined to stop in.

Two artisans are sharing this gazebo. They each have a table on opposite walls. The tables are easy to see for people walking by and split the space efficiently. You can rethink marquee layouts in other ways.

Perhaps the reason you have a booth is so you can make connections with people instead of selling them a product. Consider setting up tall, bar-height tables that people will feel comfortable grouping around. A tall table is the perfect setting for friendly, professional conversations.

If you want to give yourself more space, set up your portable table in the middle of the marquee, halving the space while still leaving space for shoppers to step in.

Russian doll stall stand at a local market
Russian doll stall stand at a local market


How-to get the best results

The pesky dim lighting of an indoor market or convention center can cast a shadow on you and your products. To be fair, the other vendors will be in the same situation and everyone’s wares could look equally terrible in the poor light. Take a cue from this market stall. Using the infrastructure of the tent, install tent-friendly lighting that will spotlight your goods and products.

Good light naturally attracts people. Experiment with different light temperatures to find the shade that that makes your market stall shine. A quick trip to Bunnings for cheap lighting will yield immense results if it makes your stall look more inviting.

Unlike this particular display, see if you can conceal the lighting so that your presentation is cohesive and seamless. Consider using lamps or spotlights that you can shine from different angles.


Think about your own buying habits. Whether you are at the mall or the market, how often do you find yourself exploring new items that you have to squat down to see and touch? Most people feel uncomfortable reaching too far below and above shoulder level. The more natural inclination is to look at and reach out for items at eye level.

This successful stall owner has adjusted her display to create different levels of interest. The logo sign behind her falls at just the right level to complete the effect—my eye travels from the calm, blue tablecloth upward to the three levels of colourful soaps, up to the friendly, poised seller and then meets the bright yellow sign at the top.

People walking past rows and rows of stalls will only stop where they feel comfortable. They need more to look at than a low table of goods and your face. Displays set at different heights ease the transition between their interaction with your products and with you. Levels also give your wares their own place to shine. The soaps in this display are not crowded and you do not need to move them around to get a good look at everything.


Use colours to display your market stall goods
Use colours to display your market stall goods

Dynamic colours are your market stall's best friends. I know. You thought you were its best friend. While you do run a close second, your market stall is truly at the top of its game when filled with a finely executed colour scheme. Think of your pop-up tent as the frame for a piece of art. Inside its borders you can fuse colours that create instant desire in passersby.

Bright whites as a backdrop for anything are hot right now all over the world. White reflects light and catches attention. Break up a eye-popping white background with dark or colourful displayed objects. Choose backdrops that will contrast or complement the other elements of your display. Everything within the tent is an important part of the picture you are trying to create.

This jewellery display has most likely been set up at a craft or handmade fair. It looks both professional and fun. colourful bangles and dangling earrings sing for attention, framed elegantly and set in a staggered arrangement. The seller has wisely marked the price in a way that blends into the display. Some might ask why she used two different table sizes, but I think the different levels create interest and invite people to come in and explore the selection.

Stay Current

Who wants to be old news? Do all in your power to keep your display from looking dated. People visit markets and trade shows to see something new, different and even beautiful. Keep up with design and let popular taste help style your market tent.

This display could easily translate into a market stall. DIY style fused with antiques is fresh and youthful. Hip, young people will be drawn to a style they could see in their own homes. Use twine to create zig-zag lines to hang photographs, postcards, product samples, crafts or jewelry. Dress up your display with frames and flowers.

Knowing the image you want to project will help you eliminate some display styles. Using popular decorating motifs will draw in crowds who identify with that aesthetic. It communicates that you have something relevant to show them that they need now.


Look like you belong there. Whether you are an artist, the owner of a champion Airedale Terrier, or the spokesperson for a solar start-up, it is vital that you look the part. People will want to meet you, shake your hand and hear what you have to say. You do not want them to walk into your booth and be unsure who the owner is.

The woman behind the table in this picture is easy to identify as the stall owner. Her simple black dress complements the red and white colour scheme. She is wearing a piece of her jewelry line—showing how great it looks and how easy it is to wear.

This seller also has good, friendly posture. She looks pleased that someone has stepped into her world. And yes, she is standing up. Long days at the market can be tiring and strenuous. You cannot be expected to stand for ten hours straight. However, make it your goal to be standing as much as possible. Instead of sinking into a low chair, opt for a tall stool that still gives you height and visibility.

Set the Stage

Walking into your market stall should be like walking into an idea. Pinpoint the feelings your product evokes and paint that mood from floor to ceiling in your display area. Sell the idea and the product will sell itself.

What I adore about this display at a bridal show is its cohesion and honesty. You immediately get a sense of vintage charm and intimacy. Brides will walk by this booth and immediately connect with the dusk-coloured chairs, the simple bench, and the sharp digital photography that showcases a beautiful woman on her big day.

She sees romance in the poster-size photograph. She envisions the twinkle lights hanging over the dance floor as she dances for the first time with her husband. Those shoes on the floor are her shoes.

How will you set the stage for your idea? Picture how your product or service will be used. Will it be hung up on a wall to evoke tranquility? Will it be your client’s new go-to tool in the kitchen? Imagine where it will go and then cast that mood under your tent at the next big show, market or convention.

Product Visibility

Wow! How could you walk by this market display without stopping? This smiling seller stands clustered in a vivid display of her handmade baby bibs and onesies. Several themes emerge-- strawberries and polka dots, wide stripes and vibrant colours. Every piece is visible and has its own place to shine.

This seller uses several techniques to make her baby clothes stand out. She uses four spotlights to draw the eye to the corners of her booth. Her black sweater stands out against the various colours of her products. She makes sure she does not get lost in the display. She utilises every inch of her space and has products displayed at every level from the waist up.

Even her backdrops add to the overall idea. Prints and stripes behind the loud children’s clothing increase the overwhelming feeling of fun and liveliness.


Attention to detail will score major points in your market stall. Details speak volumes. They contribute to your overall idea and communicate the care you put into your display. A quality display reveals a quality product.

This glamorous bridal show booth feels warm and sensual. This effect is pulled off with deep bronze easels displaying elegantly framed wedding photography. There are four levels to this display, but the eye gravitates to the rich velvet tablecloth. The draping of the black and gold cloth speaks of decadence. Imagine what these photobooks and pictures would look like if they were laying on a bare table. Would you even stop to look? I wouldn’t.

When you show potential clients that details are important to you they feel they can trust you to remember the little things for them. That is a huge step toward forging a professional relationship or making a sale.

Pull the Outside In

If you are using your pop-up tent to display products at a market or show, find ways to draw outsiders in by setting some products just outside the tent. Placing expensive items in such a prominent position might scare away some shoppers. Be strategic—set out popular items that are priced within reach of most people.

Be sure to limit the amount of items you set outside. This market stall has a small table on each side of the opening. A small selection like this gives the crowd just a taste of all the goodness they will find if they step inside the tent.


While there are some redeeming qualities in this display, the chaotic attempt at organisation makes my head spin. It is difficult to grasp the overall idea of what is being sold. Is it really hodge-podge or is there a theme under there?

An old suitcase like this one is a great way to convey a sense of coziness and charm. However, I’m confused by the blue box inside that is filled with more stuffed animals. Why are these animals separated? A quick improvement would be to flip the blue box upside down in the suitcase and create levels of stuffed animals.

There are a lot of items here! If the seller didn’t have the option to expand onto a second table, she could have cleaned up the space by hanging her quilts up high behind the display table. That would open up the table for evenly spaced stacks of her paper goods. It would also create a visual triangle, a shape that is naturally comforting and appealing to the eye.

Don't Blend In

Snag the attention of wandering market folk by standing out from other market stalls. Use unexpected props and furniture to display your products or set the stage for your service pitch.

This cluttered but captivating display employs old cement birdbaths and wooden shelving. The effect is interesting and draws in treasure-seekers. If it fits with your overall theme skip the standard table and display your goods on vintage coat racks, fruit crates, wheelbarrows-- whatever you can find. You will stand above the competition and showcase your creative powers.

Create a Miniature Storefront

Your booth at the farmer’s market, craft fair or bridal show should operate like a miniature storefront. Use a combination of visual effects to impress and intrigue. Just like any storefront, be sure that your logo or company name is big and easy to read. Be the kind of salesman that you enjoy meeting when you shop—kind, courteous and not overbearing.

There are so many great things going on with this farmer’s market display. The fat yellow and white stripes are friendly. Vertical lines lead straight up to the yummy baked goods organised in smart wooden baskets. Two levels of baskets make the goodies in the back easy to see and reach.

I like the matching bags that almost act like ribbons on the front of the display. A string of lights weaves through the tent’s infrastructure. The light creates a sense of warmth and cleanliness. Prices are clearly marked. The man in the booth certainly looks like he belongs there!

I love everything about this booth. It feels kind of like a celebration! A baked goods party? I’m there!

A gazebo can be easily set up in 2 minutes

When you run a portable business in a market stall you need a portable shelter. A gazebo from Gazebos Australia is a great way to get shelter. This video shows you how quickly a gazebo can be erected.


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