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13 Sites That Pay You To Write Reviews

Updated on February 8, 2011

Why Would Anyone Pay For This?

 There may be some that don't believe that earning money is possible by writing reviews. I mean, you are just giving your opinion of the product or service. But see that's the beauty of it. Sure on TV, it's nothing but endorsements by big names but on the internet, it's just ordinary joe's and jane's telling it like it is. So what makes it so pay worthy - honesty. You write your honest opinion of a product or service offering your reasons for why you liked or disliked a product, people will listen and companies are all for making changes to their products to cash in on more bucks. So here are some sites that will pay for what you've got to say.  

1. ReVud

Revud is a community review site where you can read, comment and vote on reviews of a wide range of products and services; or you can also write your own reviews or submit links to reviews on other sites to make money from our google revenue share scheme (add your publisher id from your profile page) or through adding affiliate links to your submissions.

2. Shared Reviews

Shared Reviews is a Social Network and Publishing Platform for both aspiring and professional writers alike. Find published content on everything from Product Reviews to How-To Articles shared by thousands of people just like you!

3. Carrot Reviews

Getting paid for a review

When you submit a review, we recommend that you register to become a member of CarrotReviews, this means you can choose different payment options including payment to your bank account (if you have an Australian bank account).

If you prefer not to become a member of CarrotReviews, you can still submit a review, you need to complete the PayPal email field on the submit form so that we can pay you when your review is approved by our moderation team. PayPal payouts are also subject to the minimum payout amount, currently A$10.00. Provided you use the same PayPal email address on subsequent reviews we will be able to ensure you are paid for all of your reviews when you earn more than the minimum.

When your review is approved by our moderation team you will receive credit at the appropriate rate, currently A$3.00 for the first review and A$1.00 for subsequent reviews. Additionally if your review score exceeds the qulaity review threshold, currently +50, you will also receive an additional credit of A$10.00.

4. Review Stream

Review Stream is one of the only places on the Internet you can earn some cash just for writing the reviews! You could review anything around you including: any products, hi-end technics, companies, hotels, politics, cities, stores on your street, or even your neighbors pets! We'll pay you for all of the reviews. Did you visit a barbershop today? Review it and get paid! What about your shopping today? Review the shops you visited and get some money back in your pocket! Did you return from a vacation? Review the hotel and its staff, the car you rented, cities you visited, restaurants (including McDonald's), fashion stores and street markets ... everything!
Everything can be reviewed and every review can be paid! Take just a few minutes and put some of your hard earned money back in your pocket!

5. Software Judge

Get paid for your reviews

If you have strong opinions about software, whether positive or negative, and want to get paid for your reviews, you are in the right place. We pay up to 50 dollars for tell-it-like-it-is, no marketing BS, straight talking software reviews.

HOWEVER, it can't be just ANY review for ANY software. We only accept HONEST reviews for software LISTED at list isn't huge, but you can pick what you like).

Obviously, your review has to be damn good for us to pay you fifty bucks and not every reviewer is going to get that much for a single review. However, you get paid at least a buck for any review published here. Ten reviews – ten bucks. Twenty reviews – twenty bucks. You do the math. The better your work, the more money you get for writing fewer reviews.

6. Review Party

You can now write DVD reviews, as well!

Welcome to ReviewParty! Our doors are open and you're free to begin writing reviews! Right now, you can only write book, music and DVD (movies and television) reviews, but more options are being added.

Join the only review website that allows you to make money indefinitely by simply writing reviews. Here's how it works:

  • Sign up for an account at Bloggerparty as your username is good for Reviewparty too. If you already have an account with one of our network sites, such as Bloggerparty,  your username will work here, as well, and its not necessary to signup again.
  • Sign up for an Amazon Associate account. An Amazon product box is displayed on the page of all your product reviews and you earn a commission anytime somebody makes a purchase through you!
  • Next signup for a Google Adsense account here.
    Once approved, you can put in your Publisher ID in your profile settings. Or if you already have an account, you can use it here.

Rather than writing reviews for free, allowing big companies to capitalize on your hard work, make some money doing it. Instead of working hard to make content rich pages with your own Amazon links pasted on it, join the only website that gives you your Amazon affiliate links 100% of the time for every review you write.

7. User Testing

How User Testing Works

  1. Website owners will pay to watch a real person use their site so they can discover where their site is confusing. has a panel of "user testers" to do this. If you become one of our user testers, then whenever your demographic profile is requested, you'll have an opportunity to earn money using a website.
  2. You use our online screen recorder to record a video of what's happening on your screen - mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes - and your spoken comments while you use the website you're testing. (Videos are typically 15 minutes long.)
  3. You answer four questions in writing about your experience.
  4. You'll earn $10 (paid with PayPal).


8. ClickBank HotShots

There are literally thousands of digital products offered by ClickBank Merchants. Virtually all of them claim to be "best in class". But this certainly cannot be true. In fact, in would be safe to say that the majority of these products are far from best in class.

Until now it has been very difficult to determine the accuracy of a given merchant's claims. On most sites offering reviews of ClickBank products the reviews themselves are written by affiliates of the products. Therefore the reviews can hardly be considered unbiased. ClickBank Hotshots differs significantly in that we do not write the reviews.

Instead, we accept reviews from anyone willing to attach their true identity to the reviews they supply, regardless of whether their verdict of the reviewed product is favorable or not. This means that when you find a product on our site that has been reviewed 30 times and has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, then the chances of the product living up to your expectations of it are very good. Likewise, if the rating had instead been 2.5 out of 5.0 there is a very high likelihood that you too will find the product lacking.

9. Once Written

We only accept book recommendations (no negative reviews, new authors have a hard enough time getting noticed), however we don't expect our reviewers to write about books they didn't like.

Also, please note that we are not looking for one-paragraph reviews that sound like a cover blurb. We expect our reviewers to take their time and give us specific details about the story and what they did and din't like about the book. We are not looking for reviews under 350 words.

We pay $5 per review.

Send your query to the email address listed on our site with an introductory paragraph, a brief bio, and what kind of books you'd like to review. Prior experience is not required, and we welcome inquiries from new freelance writers as well.

10. ELDR

We're looking for talented movie buffs who'd like to review films—both new ones and classics—for We'll even send you free movie tickets, or a DVD! And don't worry, we will never share your contact info with anyone.

11. Rate It All

Want to earn some cash?

Great news! With the RateItAll Economy program, making money is really easy to do! Here's how it works: when you contribute to the RateItAll community by writing a review, creating a list, adding items to existing lists or creating a user profile, we share the advertising revenue those contributions generate with the help of Google Adsense.

Google AdSense™

We use the Google AdSense network to displaying targeted advertisements to our visitors. Google shares advertising revenue generated by RateItAll for displaying these ads. This is generally a closed transaction for websites that you use every day, but with the RateItAll Economy program, we're taking Google AdSense one step further. We want to reward every RateItAll member for making our community great by helping you set up your very own Google AdSense account and sharing revenue with you for the content you create. Pretty cool, right?


12. Star Reviews

StarReviews is looking for talented writers to earn money while contributing to our growing online community. Becoming a StarWriter is a great way to make some extra cash while having your voice heard.

We need experts to write blog posts/articles related to any of the major channels StarReviews covers on our site.

13. Expert SEO Forum

Become an Expert and Get Paid To Answer SEO Questions!

Do you find that people often come to you to ask SEO questions? Do you spend time giving SEO advice to others on discussion forums or chat rooms? Wouldn’t be nice if you can continue to help others and get paid at the same time? Well, you can!

Expert SEO Forum has created a unique and effective SEO question and answer community that allows members to post SEO questions with a monetary incentive. By becoming an Expert, you can answer questions on the Expert SEO Forum site and earn cash!

How It Works

When Inquirers post questions, they include a monetary incentive with their question in the form of tokens. Tokens are basically our community’s currency. If you answer a question with an incentive and your answer is accepted by the inquirer, you are awarded the question’s tokens.

At the end of the month, if you have earned enough tokens, your tokens will be converted into cash and you will receive a payout.


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      Thanks for this great post.

      I curated more posts of sites that pay people to write reviews just to provide more options for those that need it and I thought I should share it with this community.

      Here you go

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      Thanks, just took a quick peak at some of the sites but as always I tend to do some research and see what people are saying about the sites in question before I dive in. Cheers...

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      Write your reviews here and earn as much a you want. Today I posted an article which paid me $2.25 .

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      this is bullshit

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      I am going to pick one and do this thanks so much! I hope to get paid too.