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15 Dead Easy Ways to Make More CPA Affiliate Conversions and Sales in an Over-crowded Market Space.

Updated on May 24, 2011

Know this...

Affiliate marketing most people will say is becoming saturated, as almost every niche has become to a very large extent exhausted; However, as a performance based marketer who deals with mostly Cost Per Action offers, below are 15 sure ways you can beat the stiff competition and successfully sale your CPA Affiliate offers even in a niche or market space that seems over-crowded.

To Get Started...

  1.  Identify a Hungry Market to Sell Your Offers to: Remember the whole
    space is over-crowded, but this is not to say that all kind of offers will sale or
    does it mean that there's no room for you to operate and sale your offers,
    the answer is no,as you can effectively operate and be very relevant in your
    chosen niche. If only you can make good researches, be at the right place,
    with the right people and at the right time. From this, you'll find out that
    there's still so many un tapped niches, hungry and ready to buy: niches like
    debt management- people want to get out of debt especially in a recession
    as we now have; Mortgage and Real Estates: people want to buy and sell
    properties and therefore need professional advice; Stocks and Investment-
    This recession having knowledge of good stocks to buy and sale is very
    essential; Dating, Sex and Relationship-People need to meet new people
    who share the same interests, passion, obsession and desires like them;
    Health and Fitness- of course every one wants to be healthy and if possible
    live for ever; Astrology: so many people believe in zodiac signs to know
    what luck awaits them. These are niches that will never get exhausted
    except mankind goes into extinction which I doubt!
  2.  Avoid Offers That Requires a Credit Card: Most pay per lead offers
    require the prospect to leave credit card details before he can access the
    offer, though CPA Affiliate offers that require credit card details seem to pay
    more. Some pay as high as $32 per lead, but the sad thing here is that
    promoting offers like this means that you'll be competing with the very best
    who have the clout and resources to run expensive ads, so avoid offers like
    this for the mean time, rather promote offers that pay little, but convert
    more. These kind of offers will pay as little as 0.80$ per lead, but if you are
    serious you will definitely make substantial money from this kinda offers.
    Just imagine promoting a debt relief offer that pays say $1, remember as a
    result of the present economic down turn so many people have incurred
    some very bad debt with so many homes on foreclosures and more, so to
    these group of debtors, such an offer will be highly welcomed; picture the
    prospect of promoting and signing up 100 leads, so how much have you
    got? 1.00 X 100=...guess?
  3. Write Good Reviews and Endorsement to Differentiate Your Offers: Of
    course you know you are not the only one who is promoting this offer;
    recently I was promoting an offer I think on Max Bounty a weight lose diet
    that's really making a lot of waves referred to as Acai Noni - The hottest
    new diet of 2009! if you can (that is if you want to look like the couple
    David and Victoria Beckam) then take a look at it, and in the hubbers spirit
    sign up and give me the $28 I deserve or don't I?. Well sorry for digressing
    a little bit, I was talking about writing good product reviews and
    endorsement, so write good reviews, list the benefits of using what you are
    promoting, if possible list the side effects of you offer as this will make your
    prospect see your offer as something decent and trust worthy, sound very
    friendly and personal, avoid blatant and spam like promotion to avoid being
    termed a scam artist, and above all be real and keep your zeal!
  4.  Network with other Affiliates especially in Your Niche: The bench mark
    for success in performance based marketing is networking, and for you to
    get to terms with what is going on around you, especially in a rough and
    over-crowded terrain as such, you need to learn how to network effectively
    with the top guns and mafias in your niche, this will help you know your
    competitors, the top networks, product stats and more. Funny enough with
    web 2.0 apps like twitter, FaceBook, Myspace etc, networking have become
    relatively easy and possible. While making your interactions make sure you
    sound as resourceful as the other person or you'll be viewed as a waste of
    time and even as bad luck...
  5. Use Ezines, and if Possible Start one: Though I am yet to start one, but
    so far I am really making preparations to get one started. The power of
    ezines in niche marketing and performance based marketing cannot be
    over emphasized as it is much easier to make more conversion from your
    current subscribers than some one new (what I term the 80-20 rule). It is a
    known fact that 80% of your business dealings will come from 20% of your
    top clients (which should come from your list of ezine subscribers); just
    imagine starting an Ezine on Golfing, and in one of your publications you
    decide to promote a CPA Affiliate offer that has to do with a good Golfing
    Bat that will send the ball even more further resulting into more Bogeys
    and Pars, tell me won't your ezine subscribers run to sign up for this offer?
    just imagine... This is the power of Ezines, get the clue.

Other things you must know includes;

6) Sell Your Offers while They are Still very Hot: Know this, apart from
recurring Affiliate offers like web hosting, auto responders, membership
sites etc most Affiliate offers, CPA offers inclusive, have a limited time for it
to sell after which it looses its original market value; so make sure you
promote and sell your offers while they are still new, fresh and very hot;
while others are yet to make a conversion, you are one step ahead of the
game promoting the next high converting offer.

7) Use the 4 A-I-D-A to crave the Indulgence of your Prospect: You might
be wondering what I refer to as the 4 A-I-D-A, well it simply means
"A"=Attention "I"=Interest "D"=Desire "A"=Action With this very effective
strategy you first of all grab the Attention of your prospect using good
attention grabbing headlines and phrases, then you stir his Interest, make
him Desire, then call him to Action, try this, don't tell them I told you when
the leads starts pouring in.

8) Network on Niche Based and High Traffic Forums: Believe it or not
Forums especially Niche based forums; remain one of the best ways to get
more sign ups for any CPA Affiliate offer you are promoting. Knowing how
to Network effectively on these forums is one technique that will help you
make the difference positively. To network on forums, make sure you
register with High Traffic Niche Based forums; you can visit
WWW.BIG-BOARDS.COM, for the real stats for any of the forums, any
forum listed on Big-Boards I will assure you is a high traffic forum, after
registering, start making positive and resourceful contributions, be selfless,
sound very friendly and very helpful. Soon other forum members will start
associating with you, many will want to know more based on the
information on your reply to threads, and in so doing will want more
resources, and this is when you'll want to recommend your offer as a
solution or antidote to their problems, desires or obsession. This is exactly
what I did on one of the contributions I made on one of the threads I was
following on a dating and relationship forum, on this forum someone
wanted to know how he'll sexually satisfy his partner for fear of losing her:
I told him what to do, and in the process when he contacted me for further
help and resources, I used this opportunity to present a CPA offer I was
promoting on I think, is it "How to keep your romance alive" (not so sure I
will check my sales stats to be sure), he got the message and immediately
signed up for the offer and gave me my I think $1.80 just like that. This is
power of Networking on Forums, get the clue...

9) Write Good Articles and Submit to Article and Ezine Directories:
Remember you are operating in an overcrowded market, so when you
know how to write Good and Resourceful Articles, this will be one of your
most potent and lethal marketing tool against your competitors. When you
write and submit articles it gives you a guru and Expert Status, and if you
drop powerful and resourceful content, your reader might decide to click
through to your blog. site or sales/landing page to see what you've got, and
who knows he might sign up for your CPA Affiliate offer, you'll never

10) Never Ignore Social Bookmarking/Networking Sites: If you ignore the
social medias on cyber space, you do so at your own peril because take it or
leave it Social media is Hiring (and even Firing), sites like hubpages,
squidoo, facebook, xanga, yahoo 360!, MSN Spaces etc have known to
bring in good conversion for CPA offers especially dating, sex and
relationship kinda offers: so knowing how to effectively manipulate these
sites for profits will get you more sign ups and ultimately more checks
(which is why the heck you are into this!).

11) Advertise Using the Right Platforms: One common mistake of most
Affiliates when running affiliate marketing campaign is under-advertising
and over-advertising. This could be as a result of not knowing the right
platforms to advertise your offers. Another thing about advertising is not
just knowing where, but Who?, How? and When?. Understanding this
concept will make you know Where to advertise, Who to advertise to, How
to advertise and When to advertise. Then of course you can now choose the
right media to advertise your offers, the list could include Forums, Social
Media, Good Classified Ad sites (not mediocre ones), pay-per-click (if you
have the resources), ezines, press releases (that is if you know how)etc.

12) Learn How to use Paid-to-write-Reviews and Answer Sites: These days
many Fortune 500 (or is it 1000) companies and B2B Firms now
understand the power of a good and well written product and service
consumer review. This is what lead to the current trend and proliferation of
third party sites like Ciao, MyLot, Dooyou, Shvoong etc who allow ordinary
publishers like you and I to register and write reviews and get paid for it. In
an ever increasing and demanding market like we currently have, using
these sites will help you make more sign ups for your CPA offers if you
understand the recipe for writing a good review that sales; on the other
hand using Question and Answer sites like Yahoo Answers!, Qunu,
IwantYourAnswers.COM, ExpertBEE.COM Etc, have proven to be another
effective way for marketing your offers, because when you answer
questions, those who come across your answers will see you as the man to
contact to solve their vast problems, and if you can stylishly recommend
one of your offers that you know is relevant and seem right to take care of
their problems, desires, worries and obsessions, then Bingo! you are on
anticipating when your next pay check will be hitting your mail box.

13 Tweet if you can: will continue to be one of the best web 2.0
web apps that we will continue to celebrate for all times; and those of us
who are savvy enough,have manipulated this web app to our very
advantage; knowing how to write good tweets that will increase
followership can and will increase turn your followers to prospects, and if
your tweets are good enough the chances of converting these
followers/prospects to leads increases, as these leads decides to click through
to see what it was you are talking about via the links you left on your
tweets,they might decide to sign up for any of the offer in the offing for you
to make this money. So make sure you get those useful tweets coming.

14) If you must, Understand SEO, and Implement it in your Blog Posts,
Articles, and Write Ups: Search Engines Optimization will continue to be
the most important issue in cyberspace and in Internet Marketing Parlance,
this is so because if you understand it, then you will be getting targeted hits
to your blogs, articles and so on from search engines. Remember 60% of
your traffic will come through search Engines, and understanding the
language of search bots (which is SEO) will mean more prospects, more
leads and more checks. To help you with this use free tools like Google
adwords free keyword suggestion tool, free keyword tool,
free Alexa Ranking tools, Fr free Google Page Rank Tools etc.

15) Write and Compile Free Special Reports in EBOOK Formats: If you
understand the concept of viral marketing, then you will know the
importance of writing free and resourceful special reports. When you
compile this report based on a particular niche, it could be dating, stocks
and investment, Internet Marketing, Home biz Tips, FOREX, Boating,
Gardening etc; make it free then upload it to ebook and file sharing
directories like,, etc. The good thing
about the above sites is that they get crawled by search bots every other
day, so when you upload your report to the prospect of getting your ebook
with links to your blogs, write ups and offers indexed is greatly increased,
which will mean more people downloading and distributing your report,
which will translate into more leads, more sales, more traffic and more pay
checks see how sweet it is being a CPA Affiliate Marketer.

These are 15 ways you can make more not just CPA Affiliate sales, Internet

marketing as a whole or what do you think?...


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Brilliantly written and explained tips, a way of communicating in the modern world.

    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 

      8 years ago from Canada

      this is a great beginning for anyone who wants to build upon their niche sites, but I would also add (I beleive it most important) is that you cannnot do this a bit here and there, you have to do them in a sort of plan, since you can focus on one thing and then lose out on the rest.

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks Willy for stopping by. Like you rightly said, CPA Affiliate marketing will only get bigger. The good thing about performance based marketing is that in most cases your prospect needs not offer anything except only his email ad, and you get paid for such lazy action. Thanks once more I hope you get on the hubpages train if you are yet to.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi Chinemeremz,

      Your hub page is quite informative. I can tell you've done some research, I think CPA is going to be getting bigger and bigger in the future.


    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 

      8 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      I've kept them (turtles and tortoises) as pets in the past, but I won't be getting any until I can afford to buy my own property and give them a great enclosure. I like what you said about the blog, I'm mulling it over!!!

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks Ben, I've been so busy with other stuffs since I joined this wonderful community, that I barely have the time to put to good use all the nice features that this community is known for, and I think this is why you made those observation, which I think is very good of you, as I need wonderful people like you to constructively criticize my hubs, so as to help me improve.

      Of course ebooks are a way to gain some level of notoriety, if I should borrow your word (lol) as it is one powerful marketing tool as I recently observed.

      Thanks for stopping by, and if I must tell you, your hubs are really wonderful and very informative especially the ones on tortoise, so do keep them as pets?

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 

      8 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      This is mostly new to me nicely done chinemeremz.

      So the Ebook Special Report is created mainly to gain notoriety? I think I half understand what this article is about, haha. I do like the angle you took on people learning to go to you as the information person, it's a great and valuable observation.

      I look forward to more. Hey I think some of your hubs need artwork, I know a great artist for hire, LOL.

      Na ' Astrovia!



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