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Time Saving Ideas at Workplace

Updated on July 26, 2011

Planning your day carefully save a lot of time. The best way is to draw up a list of things you must do each day. Similarly, you can manage your time at work place by following some tips. By following this you can avoid unnecessary tensions and can make your time more productive.

1. Most people start work on the hour, but if possible start at least half an hour earlier.

2. Make use of your bus or car journey to read through work files or general articles in a newspaper or magazine.

3. When you arrive at office, turn on your computer before you take off your jacket or coat. And while entering your password or other security code, listen to the message on your voice mail.

4. When it comes to work, focus on doing one thing at a time and doing it well. Avoid multi-tasking.

5. Check your mail at set times. Constantly checking incoming mail interrupts your work flow. Close your email application and schedule times for opening it to check messages.

6. When you are asked to do something, take few seconds to think so that you can decide if you are in a position to handle the work yourself, accept the work and delegate it to one of your colleagues or simply say ‘No’.

7. Allow for unexpected tasks to crop up in your timetable, just as you would allow for variation in budget.

8. Your most productive work output occurs in morning, so try to tackle the most important and urgent tasks in morning. They’ll take less time to complete than at other times of the day.

9. In the early afternoon you will slow down while digesting lunch. Don’t struggle to keep working. Use the time to relax, talk with colleagues and do routine work.

10. In the middle or end of the afternoon you’ll find you are able to work at high efficiency, which is the time to start doing important work again.

11. Working for too long can result in a loss of concentration, which increases the risk of making mistakes without realizing it. Take a brief break from your desk to relax your muscles.

12. When you’re called to a meeting, first make sure the meeting really is one concerns you. If it is, then prepare thoroughly to avoid wasting time and stay focused on the reason for the meeting.

13. Do a quick tidy-up of your office every day so you don’t waste time looking for the super urgent document you require.

14. Concentrate on your own work. The more you take care on other people’s work tasks, the more you will spread yourself and the more time you’ll loose.

15. Avoid dealing with private matters in office, or regularly taking work home, it will cost you valuable time. Draw up limits and stick to them.


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