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15 great ways to make money online

Updated on May 28, 2010

There any many many ways to make online money. Some needs more work than others but with some work everyone can get some dollars from internet.

This is a list with the best 15 ways to make online money:

1 - Contextual Ads.

We all know Adsense and there are many others like it. It's very easy to use and adapt to our website. After we put the code in our website we don't have to do any more work. Normally we get paid to click, but sometimes adsense paid to impressions.

2 - Direct sales of advertising.

This is one of the methods that may become one of the most profitable on a website. Sell advertising directly can be quite lucrative depending the number of visitors and the authority of the blog. We control the price and who can announce and this can be seen as a big advantage.

3 - Subscription / Membership pays.

There are forums, with some types of members that requires a monthly fee or some groups where we have to pay to access to information that is there. This can work very well with known forums and with many members.

4 - Working as a freelancer to create content.

There are plenty webmaster having a large number of sites and rather than create they own content they pay to someone to do that for themselves. Of course we can win more if we create the content ourselves because if someone pays for this is because it will make more than what he paid.

5 - Web Design.

You can earn big money with web design. Of course, for that you must have some talent for it. We may not be the best but we must have some talent. It's a world where a little misfit, median web designers charge much money and excellent web designers charge much less that they deserve and have less work. But if we offer good prices and good work, we should have always clients. And after some works we could build a relation with clients and then became regular clients

6 - Electronic Stores.

Create e-shops can be a bit tricky but it can also give good results. If goes well it may be very well but if it goes wrong it can go very badly and not making a single sale. There are some niches that with the proper exploration can make good money.

7 – Paid Reviews.

It is one of the forms often used today to monetize blogs. If you stick to a low number of reviews on the standard content is a good solution. Too many reviews can make your visits go away.

8 - Donations.

This method may seem a bit desperate but used with intelligence can get some gains. For example if we make a wordpress plugin and put a donation button a few visitors who use and like the plugin can make some donations as way to thank you.

9 - EBay.

Who does not like eBay? Whether to sell our products or create stores and promote the products of others is always a good option.

10 - Direct sales of digital content.

We can sell ebooks, videos, scripts, themes and so on. There are a large number of things we can sell and without much work.

11 - Affiliate Program.

There are countless affiliate programs that we can promote. Normally with this type of program we earn a percentage of the gains that person who was referred by us win or earn and sometimes a bonus for each record we get.

12 - Pay Per Click ROI / Arbitrage

For those who do not know what it means in general this is buying cheap publicity and try to win with the clicks or lead visitors may do. If we bought visits at five cents each and then we could get 20 cents with each click visitants make and could get some big money. In this example we need that at least 26% of users make a click to win some money. We have to do some math’s to don't lose money. With some experience and some tests you can get good yields.

13 - Directories.

If we create directories for each subscription we charge an small amount. To do this an get paid subscriptions we need to have a directory with quality and good promotion. But without work nobody reaches the targets.

14 - Domain Parking.

In overall this is simply buying domains solely for the purpose of placing advertising there and earn from clicks of visitors. For example buy the domain like the but with less a letter (e.g. and expect those who surf the internet make a mistake and forget one letter and stop by our website and click in one of the links.

15 - Sale of blogs.

Buy a domain and hosting, install wordpress, put some content, do some promotion and sell it with profit. Don't forget to give to blog some good content and a great design. Those things can raise the price of the selling.


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