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15 Real Ways You Can Earn Money Online Fast

Updated on July 23, 2017

There are many ways you can earn money online. But what are the real ways? and mostly what are the fastest ways you can earn some.

Earning money can be both hard and easy. It depends on the knowledge you have, the more you learn the more chances of you earning. So make sure to keep learning as you grow.

Ways you can earn money online fast and most of all real.

1. Online surveys

Online surveys are like the classic earn money online. It is popular to the new people in the online business world. Because all you have to do is fill up a survey and earn money.

A few good ones are : Swagbucks, Toluna, vivatic, Crowdology, MySurvey, ValuedOpinions, IPSOS, Global Test Market, OnePoll, Hiving, Opinion Outpost, Mind Mover

2. Review Websites

If you are good at giving a critical review, then this is for you. Each review pays as little as $20 for twenty minutes of review. So if you have extra time, you can earn just by reviewing a website.

A good one:

3. Get Paid for searching the web

This one is the easiest method of making money online. You don't have to put too much effort in what you do. Why not make money to what you already do?

A good one:

4. Be a delivery guy

Got a spare time, a car or a bicycle? You can be an Uber driver or register to deliver food with Uber eats. You can have a time freedom because this type of jobs doesn't require you to work in a certain time. You can basically work when you want.

A good one:

5. A part time job

So this not basically an easy way, but this way is the surest and the realest. There are many online jobs you can take out there, working from your home or dorm as a student is the best way to earn money online. So if you have a spare time and a little bit of skill you can earn a few bucks.

A good one: Freelancer, Elance

6. Fiverr fever

Fiverr is the largest market out there for people who offer service. The service they offer is known as "Gigs". What you can offer is almost about anything. Anything you can basically do. The default price is $5 but you can offer more to earn more.

But wait, there's more. Offering gigs is not just the way you can earn money in Fiverr. You can also resell "Gigs". For example, you find a service offered in Fiverr for five dollars, you can resell this to a freelancer website for a much higher price. Talking about buying low and selling high.

A good one:

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7. Youtube videos

Making youtube videos is not that fast, its farely fast but i am sure that it is the surest way to earn money online. Making youtube video is a passive way you can earn. Because you put a work upfront and then later you can just sit all day and still make money from all the videos you put out. Make sure that the videos you make is evergreen, meaning that the topic is search over and over again not just a one time trend. For example "How to tie a tie", the people will search this continuously because somewhere out there there are new young people don't know how to tie a tie and searching for a way to learn. Some example for a one time trend is "The park is closed today". It is a one time event that you are not going to search over and over again.

A good one: Youtube

8. Sell clothes and stuffs to Ebay

If you have an old clothes that you dont use, you can sell them at Ebay. Selling stuff that you dont need can make you some money. Selling unused stuff is not repeatable, because if you ran out of things to sell you cant sell anymore. But it is sure and fast. Also, you can buy stuff and you can flip them by selling them on Ebay.

A good one: Ebay

9. Dog walk and baby sitting

You can earn money just by literally walking out a dog for one hour. Also, by baby sitting too. Either way is the easy way and fast. People don't have time to walk their dog because of the busy schedule, or just because they're lazy. So this is the best way if you have some free time.

A good one: Tailster,, or just put up some ads or give fliers in your neighborhood.

A Quick Table of How People Earn Online

How many people
How they earn
Selling things online
Uber, Lyft or airbnb
"Gigs", Freelance

10. Become a bank

If you have extra money sitting around, you can do peer to peer lending. It means that if someone needed some money, you offer them with an interest.

There are also some lending site out there if you cant find a friend who needs money. As to a bank, there are also some risk attached to peer to peer lending, so make sure to only lend people that has a capability to pay back.

A good one:

11. Sell stock photo

If you are good at photography, or it is just your hobby, then you can definitely do this. You can sell photos on some websites. People buy them for different reasons and purposes, for a blog post, for a powerpoint presentation, and many other more. It is not also the fastest way because you have to wait until someone buy to your photos. But this way is also the realest.

A good one: Shuttershock, istockphoto

12. Educate and earn

Tutoring is one of the best ways to earn money. You can earn money to what you already know and the only thing missing is a client. Before you have to have a face to face session when you do tutoring. But now there's a way you can do it online, which is better because everything online is fast. There are some websites out there that offer one-time tutoring and a course website.

One time tutoring is when you do an online video call and then teach someone. Course websites are websites that enable you to create a course and then people can buy that course so you can earn money online passively.

A good one: Udemy for courses, Superprof, SchoolsTrader for one-time tutoring

13. Buy and sell domains

When you are knowledgeable when it comes to website kinds of stuff, you can buy domains and sell them for a higher price. A domain name is a website online address, and people around the globe are searching for a perfect one in order to fit their website.

A good one: GoDaddy

14. Selling second hand books

If you love reading and have a ton of book sitting in the bookshelves, you can sell them to earn some extra cash. Just like selling your stuff through Ebay, once you ran out of things to sell, you can basically buy books and resell them online. Buy them for a cheap price and sell them high.

A good one:

15. Review music

You can earn money by reviewing music online. Musicians pay people to test their music, to see if it is worth publishing. S if you love music and love to listen to them, then you can definitely do this. It takes a while to build a reputation on this music review sites but you can earn a fairly good amount of money once you're established.

A good one: Slicethepie

There are many ways you can earn money online, with the right kinds of stuff and knowledge, you can earn a good amount every month. If you know some more real, sure, fairly fast way to earn money online, please leave a comment below.


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