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16 tips for finding work

Updated on February 7, 2011


* It is very important to have maintained an exemplary profile on Facebook and you didn't ever written anything objectionable that he could see a future employer.

* To discard it, just someone to share information that you may not want to share, to forward a comment you or who abuses their trust him that they have privacy in a closed network, "said a labor advisor to wsj. com.

* It is also essential to have a professional email address (from now, " is only for friends).

* A spokeswoman for LinkedIn told that a job seeker with a profile "100 percent complete" registered in your site has 40 times more likely to "get employment opportunities."

Shop carefully

* "The interviewers recruited based on errors committed by the person who held the position before," he told Fortune Bill Byham, human resources consultant. Find out what it was that employee (are delayed in their duties, or incoherent at meetings?).Then mention that he likes to deliver everything on time.

* Be prepared with arguments to get the job, says Byham, and even with samples of their work. Maybe that will convince the interviewer.

Her voice and body language

* Eye contact, a smile and a handshake are as important in the reception and in the office of director general, said Sharon Seiler, consultant and author of books on body language-to WalletPop, AOL.

* Looking for a service job, "boost" the voice and chin at the end of each sentence, to look nicer.

* If a management position, use a "credible voice tone," which has "a cadence quiet, almost monotonous, and just down the chin."

* Sit up straight, and keep eye contact "frequent but not constant." You do not need to intimidate anyone. It is important to watch where: Stay in the "professional area": the bridge of the nose to the top of the front.

Answers to common questions

* "Tell me about yourself." Come prepared with a good story, writes Penelope Trunk Network CBS Interactive Business: "Tell him what is important to you, [and] tell in a way you can remember and pass on to others."

* If bluffing is fried. In a job interview is useless to invent or embellish the truth, says Byham.

* "Do you want me any questions?" Often, this question ends the conversation, but ask before Trunk advises how it should be the ideal candidate. So you can tailor your answers to this profile. Before leaving, ask the interviewer if you have reservations about you.


* Do not lie, but be quiet. Do not reveal your current salary until needed. Leave blank space in the application, or write: "I'd rather discuss in person," said Jason Levin,, a Money magazine.

* Be the first general to be asked. Lee Miller, author of books on wage bargaining, Money said: "Use the phrase" my total compensation '. " So you can add to their salary increases provided, bonds and other benefits, without exaggeration. Lassiter advised to mention all these things, and then ask what the compensation package the company.

* Be specific when pressed. If the interviewer insists on knowing how much you earn, say so, advises Lassiter. Then ask what salary and benefits plan to give the person occupying the position.


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