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Yucaipa's Historic Places

Updated on January 26, 2015

1909 Redlands-Yucaipa Land Company Office

The Redlands- Yucaipa Land Company constructed an office in 1909 along Yucaipa Blvd. The Redlands Yucaipa Land Company is in business as the Yucaipa Hotel is being built to the east of the office. The photo was used as a postcard that was mailed in March of 1910. It reads, “Dear Mother, I am well and hearty. I have been living in a tent until yesterday. You can see the tent and office where I am staying now in this picture. Wish you were here to see this country. Goodbye,” A.A. Lewis.

The Land Company owned the property until 1917, when it was transferred to J.W. Logie. In 1940, the land was transferred to Anna Mitchell. By 1946, Burl Snow Held title to the land and built a house on the lot. Several businesses have utilized it including an antique store, clothing store and a T.V. repair shop.


Los Angles Harold Headline



Million Dollar Corporation Will Settle Eleven Thousand Acres and Build

Railroad from Redlands to Yucalpa City

REDLANDS, Sept. 23. A meeting was hold last Tuesday ln the directors' room of the First National hank, Redlands, of the directors of the Redlands and Yucaipa Land company, recently incorporated with an authorized capital stock of $1,000,000. The meeting was held in response to the call from J. H. Logic, in whose hands the matter has been for some time, in order to get affairs in shape for action, to the effeot that the incorporation papers had been returned and the corporation could now organize. The meeting was held at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, lasting until 4 o'clock.

All the directors were present at the meeting, and the following officers wero chosen: B. B, Harlan of Redlands, president and general manager; K. S. Graham of Redlands, vice president; J, H, Logic of Redlands, secretary; M. N. Newmark of Los Angeles, treasurer; First National bank of Redlands, depositary. F. A. Leonard of Redlands, who was on the original articles of Incorporation, resigned, and J. M. Neeland of Los Angeles, who was absent at that time, was made a director, it being the understanding at the time that he would take Mr. Leonard's place. The other directors are A. N. Dike and K. C, Wells of Redlands.

Mr. Harlan was given instructions to proceed at once with laying out the tract of land procured, amounting to more than 11,000 acres In the Yucaipa valley, and do such other work in furthering the proposition as naturally falls to the lot of a general manager. It is said the development of the colony proposition will be taken up at once and the plans for building the electric line from Redlands to the site of the proposed Yucaipa City will be pushed. The directors will meet at Yucaipa City Tuesday to Inspect the property and complete plans for opening the townsite and subdividing of lands surrounding. Los Angeles Herald, Volume 36, Number 360, 26 September 1909


REDLANDS, Oct. 19-John Mclntosh has sold a ten-acre orange grove to B. B. Harlan of Los Angeles for $22,500... Mr. Harlan has Invested $75,000 In this vicinity the past six months. Los Angeles Herald, Volume 37, Number 19, 20 October 1909

The Yucaipa Hotel aka Yucaipa Tavern
The Yucaipa Hotel aka Yucaipa Tavern | Source

May 28, 1917

Yucaipa Hotel after first fire in 1916 renovations to the front of hotel can be seen
Yucaipa Hotel after first fire in 1916 renovations to the front of hotel can be seen | Source

1910 Yucaipa Hotel

The Yucaipa Hotel was constructed by B.B. Harlan. Construction began in 1909 and was later finished in 1910. The hotel, located on the corner of today’s Yucaipa Blvd and California St. was built at a cost of $9,000. As Yucaipa’s first 2-story building the first floor included the hotel lobby, dining room, kitchen and seven spacious business rooms for rent. The business rooms were occupied by the post office, the first city newspaper – the Yucaipa Record, the first banking – the First National Bank of Yucaipa City and mercantile stores. Later a barbershop, doctor’s office, dental office and a pool hall joined in.

To some the hotel was also known as the local tavern. The first local apple show was held at the hotel in 1911 and some of the events took place across the street. The top floor included 30 guest rooms. Charles Katzung, an experienced hotel man, was the first manager of the Hotel. J.W. and Clara Lane managed the hotel from 1913-1916.

A fire that started at the rear of the building in April of 1916 caused extensive damage. By May of 1917, however, the hotel had been rebuilt and opened for business. It reopens with lavish furnishings and carpeting. The remodeling of the top floor included 20 guest rooms, 3 apartments and 2 large suits each including a new windows. There were 2 central bathrooms and a utility closet located in the building along the center hallway.

By the 1930s, a balcony was added at the east end and downstairs there was a back porch. The kitchen was well known for its Sunday Fried Chicken Dinner and fruit cobbler. Also, a garage was added as a service to guests. In 1940, the hotel once again struck by fire again damaging the top floor. The fire damage to the structure later caused the dismantling of the top floor. The business rooms at the west end of the building was removed and later built in the 1950s.

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1914 Yucaipa photo used as postcardPost 1950s view of the hotel after removal of second floor. Hotel after first renovation to second floor.Mary Parks Johnson working at the apothecary in 1930.The Yucaipa Hotel in 1910Early addition of canopy for the store front
1914 Yucaipa photo used as postcard
1914 Yucaipa photo used as postcard
Post 1950s view of the hotel after removal of second floor.
Post 1950s view of the hotel after removal of second floor.
Hotel after first renovation to second floor.
Hotel after first renovation to second floor.
Mary Parks Johnson working at the apothecary in 1930.
Mary Parks Johnson working at the apothecary in 1930.
The Yucaipa Hotel in 1910
The Yucaipa Hotel in 1910
Early addition of canopy for the store front
Early addition of canopy for the store front

The fruits of our labor are as big as they will ever be...

— apple growers

1910 Tin Shed

The 1910 tin storage shed was a consolidation of businesses. Developed by the Redlands- Yucaipa Land Co. Owners A.M. Dike and J.H. Logie held the land title in 1912. Shorty and Shorty Yucaipa Garage was established in 1914 by Dike and Logie, which they had planned to locate across the street from the post office. Later that year Shorty and Shorty advertised “we repair anything” and “open day and night” By 1916, Yucaipa Garage was promoting blacksmithing and general machine work. In 1921, a leaky gas tank was replaced. In 1932, George Lyall, who was operating the garage, constructed a new one to the west and moved the business there.

Locate the Mousley Museum Of Yucaipa History

A markerYucaipa Valley Historical Society -
35308 Panorama Drive, Yucaipa, CA 92399, USA
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Mr. Mousley
Mr. Mousley | Source


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