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1920 - 1930 NAME the PLANES

Updated on December 12, 2011


I came across pictures of my grandmothers of air ports planes and people in the early aviation industry. I would like to know where the pictures were taken and of whom and what planes they are but I need help. To label this piece of history correct I need the information. If you have any knowledge of these planes or people or events or locations please offer it in comments and together we can build an informative Hub about the early aviators and the start of the largest airports today.


Bernie Arnold (in white)
Bernie Arnold (in white)


Some of these pictures are self explained as to the location, but others I am not able to put under a catagory without knowing which airfield they were taken at. There are pictures of the Watson Airport in Des Moines, now the Blue Ash, the Fort Worth Meacham Air Field, and the Burbank Airport.

Sam Coffman owned and managed the Municipal airport in Bowie Texas and often had visitors and put on air shows so this could be the location of some of the pictures also.

Since the airports are much different now than in the 1920's, I have had a hard time comparing the pictures to known places. It would take someone that was familiar with the background, suroundings, events, people or other markings on the planes to be able to place these photos in the correct catogories. I want to do this because I feel that they are a part of history and it's possible they could add to the aviation community a new set of photos that no one has seen for 90 years. I have contacted several places to offer these photos for use in their museums or online pages for display, but I am not sure which photos go where. Please help with any information as to the planes, the people, the airports and the locations of the place and times captured and kept by Mrs. Bernie Arnold.


Sorry if I post a picture twice, I am new at this. I accept all comments, I hope that you will offer information to help me build an informative Hub for the Aviation people out there. Please comment, inform or offer your ideas on the subjects, they are all open and welcome to any additions. I have many more pictures and will continue to post them as long as someone wants to see them.


This is in referance to Pat's comment. Thanks

Ross Arnold
Ross Arnold
Ross Arnold
Ross Arnold
The Yellow Cab Airways
The Yellow Cab Airways
Yellow Cab sign says trips in the greater Des Moines
Yellow Cab sign says trips in the greater Des Moines
This is my favorite picture, Ross Arnold is on the left
This is my favorite picture, Ross Arnold is on the left


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    • profile image

      msjdy3 6 years ago from Texas

      Pat Smith

      Thank you. The photos that say Yellow Cab Airways also says Des Moines, not sure what airport that is. My friends Grandmothers husband,Ross Arnold, was killed in a training accident for a air refuelling test. His plane was named "The Greater Des Moines", and thats where he crashed. Newspaper clippings say that the other pilot was ejected, but he stayed with the plane to the ground trying to correct it. His body was found next to the plane. Anyway, so there is a possibility that some of the pictures include that location. I will post the pictures that apply to what I just told you about at the end of the Hub page for you to see. Thanks for your reply.

    • profile image

      Pat Smith 6 years ago

      I loved the photos, wish I did know who the people and planes were. Do you by any chance have a photo fo the old Fisher Field near Des Moines? We are looking for a description of that field for a book we are writing. Just thought I'd ask, thanks, Pat



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