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Possible ways of making extra cash from home.

Updated on March 11, 2015

Salehoo & Drop Shiping

Salehoo's a great place to start if you want to buy wholesale products or maybe even drop ship products to end users. They've got about 6000 companies on their books that you can contact directly for wholesale prices.

What's better I think if you don't have a lot of money to start with is to drop ship. Drop shipping is what its called when you sell a product to a customer say on Ebay and you don't actually own it or have even paid for it but once the customer has paid you, you then go to a wholesale drop ship company, order and pay for the product and they courier it to your customer. Of course, you've advertised the product with a nice profit plus you've added the courier fee into your price that the drop ship company are going to charge, so you would advertise the product with free delivery, but you will have built that cost in.

One company I use all the time are ChinaVasion. In fact I created a website around their products called If you click on that you'll see a lot of the electronic type products that ChinaVasion sell. I've found ChinaVasion incredibly reliable. You have a choice of couriers - EMS (cheaper but slower) or DHL or FedEx - both fast but more expensive. ChinaVasion have never not shipped a product out to a customer more than the very next day I've ordered it. If you nominate DHL or FedEx you can just about guarantee to your customer that they will have the product within five working days.

I'm not sure how many products ChinaVasion have but at least one thousand. The support's great to with a live chat line.

SaleHoo's not of course just limited to ChinaVasion, as I said they have thousands of companies they recommend that wholesale everything from fashion apparel to sunglasses to hunting gear to arts and crafts. Go to Salehoo to have a look. If the other sites don't drop shop they sell products at wholesale prices. Some though will only accept minimum orders of say $200 but some are a lot less than that. You'd just have to sift through different companies on Salehoo until you find some products you like and then get going selling them on Ebay.

Build a list

Building a list is how most well known affiliates on the web make their money. Its probably the hardest though and I've never attempted it. What they call a list is actually as list of people like you and me that they email out latest JVZoo and Clickbank offers. Some have built up lists of 100,000 or more and they use Auto Responder email software like that automatically sends these email offers out to their list.

They only aim for a 2 to 3% return on sales. But 2% sales on 100,000 emails sent at say $30 a sale gives them a return of $60,000. Not bad for say a weeks work.

To build a list takes a lot of time and website building plus building credibility amongst people opting into your list. Send out to many offers or get to clever with your emails and you could quickly lose your customer base.

Google Adsense

In the early days of the net people were making a killing off google Adsense. Some even paying their mortgages each month. Adsense are either image or text advertisements that Google place on your website and when people click on them Google give you quite a generous commission. In fact Google pay 68% of the price that the advertiser pays them.

Google Adwords/Adsense ads will be appearing on the right side of this hubpage.

How it works is like this. I would think Google make 90% of their revenue if not more through their Adsense and Adwords program. An advertiser signs up to do a daily, weekly, monthly campaign with Google and they have to bid on whatever keywords they want to use. A life insurance company wanting to advertise the keywords "over 50 life insurance" would have to pay $96.00 per advertisement. If you had a website devoted to life insurance and it was receiving a lot of daily visits each time someone clicked on that ad on your site you would collect $65.00.

On the other hand if you had a website all about Rayban sunglasses, the keywords, "Rayban glasses" is only worth $1.43, so a click is going to reap you only .97 cents. So if you want to make money with Adsense you're best to go to the Google Keyword Planner tool and by putting in selective keywords you'll be able to instantly see what they're worth.

I'm not going to go into how to make a website, but if you want to build a website by far the easiest platform is Wordpress. Its easy, free and there'll be thousands of Youtube videos on how to do it. But first you'd want to register a domain name. I use Namecheap for this. I find them cheap and the site is uncomplicated. Its always best if you're going to create a website to generally base it around something that interests you or something you have a good knowledge of. If you want to just do life insurance well there's now so much information about it on the net that its easy to make it your own. But a tip here is if you are going to copy some information from another site, always completely rewrite it. Google has tools that capture duplication and they'll actually penalise your site if they know its copied.

For web hosting I only use Hostgator. They're based in Texas but offer 24 hour great support. They're fairly cheap too with plans starting at just $9.00 per month.

Then you're going to have to choose a website software platform. I only ever choose Wordpress for this. Its free and super easy to use and you don't need any coding experience. They have thousands of mostly free themes to choose from. Once you've had a bit of practise you can have a Wordpress site up and running within a few hours.

To set up Wordpress for the first time go on the net. There's thousands of sites and videos showing you how to do it step by step.

Word of warning. The days of paying your mortgage off with Adsense are long gone. That was in the early days of Google and now they're a lot more sophisticated. If Google sense that you're making sites just to make money out of Adsense they'll ban you and that's more than likely a lifetime ban from their Adsense program. Ways to do this are short sites with little quality information. Ah, and never click on your own ads. They'll know that too.


Teespring's a T shirt company that you can start a whole new business without laying down a single dollar.

Here's how you do it combining with your Facebook account.

First go to Teespring and set an account up for yourself. Its one of the easiest registrations on the net but you will need a PayPal account registered with them too, otherwise they can't pay you. So, if you don't have a PayPal account then best to get one first.

The idea behind Teespring is that you design a campaign and you choose how many T shirts you are going to sell over a given period like ten or fourteen days. The campaign can be anything you like such as 'Save the Japanese Bobtail cat" to "Like our Start Up" - it doesn't have to be a charitable type campaign you can just sell your own designed T shirts. There's a range of really easy tools to get you going plus about eight different colored T shirts and the same range in hoodies if you would prefer to offer them instead.

So, the idea is that the more you think you can sell the more profitable the sale. So if you designed a T shirt around say 'The Hunger Games' ( watch out for copyright with something like this, but as long as its your own work you should be right). Then lets say you think you can sell 400 in fourteen days your profit will be $2260. The way this works is that if your T shirt has no more than two colors then 400 will cost $7.35 each. You can sell them for $13.00 which shouldn't be difficult and after the campaign ends Teespring put $2260 into your PayPal account. Some people have had incredibly successful campaigns and sold up to 5000 T shirts in that time.

But, if you think 400's too many then you can choose 50 ($202 profit), 100 ($480 profit), 200 ($960 profit). If you sell less than your nominated amount then they wont be printed and anyone who's ordered one will have their money refunded by Teespring. If though you nominate 400 in fourteen days and you sell 600, that's fine. You'll receive $5.65 x 600 for the sold T shirts.

Now, how to sell them. Facebook's probably the best and fastest way. First set up a Facebook page (upper left side of your Facebook dashboard), then create your design. As soon as its created and you're happy with it, Teespring will publish it to your new T shirt Facebook page.

Now, you can imagine the example The Hunger Games, of how many fan pages have been created just for these films. Most will have thousands of members that you can try to sell to. Some of these fan pages will have administrators. What you can do here is either join the fan page and simply post your T shirt, or, contact one of the administrators and just be upfront. Show them the T Shirt and say you're making $5.65 per T shirt and if they promoted them to their members you will agree to issue them with half the profit.

Otherwise, you can just advertise the T shirt on Facebook. Facebook have extraordinary advertising demographics so you can for example target men in San Francisco between the age of 30 to 35 who talk about The Hunger Games. Like Bing you just choose a daily budget and you're good to go. I would suggest starting it off at something like $5 to $20. It can burn through quite quickly, but if you're making sales then it becomes a minor expense.


Fiverr is exactly what it says. It's a site where there's tens of thousands of freelancers who'll do all sorts of things for you for just $5.00.

There's designers there who'll make you a logo for $5.00, or, do a video voiceover, right down to someone who'll "send You 3 HD Underwater Photos Holding Your Custom Message for $5."

So, if you're creating a website, keep Fiverr in mind for all sorts of cheap handy things like Logos or Headers that these guys can do but how you can make money out of Fiverr is a very easy way.

Laborious I know, but if you start going through every city's Craiglist, you're going to pick up people wanting someone to design them a logo or website header. I've seen people advertising that they'd pay $140 or so for someone to quickly design one for them. So there's easy money to be made here by simply contacting them and then getting someone on Fiverr to do it for them.

Of course, you can also advertise on Craigslist offering to do logo's and Header's for $140 and turning to Fiverr to get them done.

There's actually more than 20,000 people offering logo design on Fiverr but like all freelancer sites you should be careful who you choose. Go for long and excellent feedback but this can have the pitfall where the freelancer is so busy that it can takes weeks to get your logo back. If you sift through long enough though there's still good enough designers that will get one through two to three days maximum. They don't get paid until you're happy, so its an incentive for them to do it fast.


There's a lot of people making a lot of money out of Amazon as Amazon affiliates. They don't pay as much as they used to but for each referral and subsequent purchase to Amazon they will pay you between 4-6% of the value of that product.

I've got a site just devoted to treadmills called that pays me about $150 a month in commission from Amazon. By devoting a bit more time building more links I know I could double that. By creating another 20 sites with Amazon linked products who knows what your monthly income could be.

You don't have to have a website either. These Hubpages are easy enough to write and rank well in Google too and Hubpages encourage Amazon links - and Hubpages are free.

The trick is finding the right products to sell as Amazon list over 200 million in only 35 categories.

I tend to promote higher priced products. Most promote cheaper products and go for turnover but i prefer higher priced items as there's less competition.

If you go onto the Amazon site, first in the top left find Departments on the menu and on the drop down at the bottom click Full Store Directory. This gives you a good general overview of everything that's on Amazon.

But lets take an easy example of how to find a high priced product that's proven to sell. Type in men's watches. Down the left side click on the price filter $200 & above. That actually gives you 39,000 results, so then go back to just below $200 & above and type in $2000. That refines it to 5000 results. Now start looking for a watch with about 100 reviews and with a rating of 4 to 4.5. You want this rating because its good when doing a review on the watch that you're able to make it credible by putting a little negative stuff into the review as well as the positive.

On the very first page eight rows down there's a Men's Rolex Oyster Precision watch selling for $6695.00 with a rating of 4.5 and with 44 reviews. So, if you can sell one of these you will earn a commission of about $270.00. This would be good for a review. To get a good description you can not only glean a lot of information from the manufacturers description but also by just reading through all the positive comments. There's also six four star reviews here giving some good negative points that are almost positive, such as, " the other minus is that its so popular, it will never be worth more than it already is."

I also like to find products with lots of questions and answers to. You wont find questions and answers in this price bracket and probably not in dress watches either but you will find them in places like expensive sports watches.

You should check on Google first to see how much competition you've got. If you type Men's Rolex Oyster Precision Submariner into the search, it comes up with 222,000 results. That might seem a bit daunting but you can define it better as Google's numbers are initially very broad. So if you put speech marks around that like so: "Men's Rolex Oyster Submariner" you'll see it now comes all the way down to 7200 results. That's worth a shot.

If you're going to use Hubpages to write an Amazon review then you'll have to think about one thousand words at a minimum to complete it. You should break it down to: Description, Why you like it, what's wrong with it, what others are saying and then a conclusion with your Amazon Buy Now link.

Ebay and How to buy Wholesale

I use three different Chinese based wholesalers that I buy from to sell products on Ebay for a profit.

Firstly, They offer a full range of products and are especially good at electronics. 95% of their wholesalers offer free postal tracked shipping through Chinapost. This usually works well because they don't get paid until you've signed for it at your end. I've had two problems only with this site so far. The first was when I ordered 10 memory sticks that were reputed to be 128GB for $10 each. When they arrived I put one through a test and killed it at only 6GB. I got hold of them straight away and said I wanted a refund. They said send them back. I couldn't see why I should have spent my money on postage and then waited three weeks for it to get through the postal system so instead I got hold of their dispute department and said I'd been sold fraudulent products. Within 15 minutes I had them pleading to give me a refund as long as I ended the dispute. Presumably the rules are very strict their end. So that was settled quickly.

The second problem I couldn't get to the bottom of. I had ordered from about 50 different wholesalers on their site different products over a week and one small package turned up and when I opened it it contained one packet of 6 cheap hair clips having no value to me at all. There was no reference number on the package so I just let it go. But it was probably for a couple of sample watches or something like that, that I missed out on because once I'd signed it they would have got paid. They all rely on feedback too so guys like this wouldn't last long doing that.

I also use . But not as often as the others. Its a smaller site but still has a vast array of different products. Still worthwhile sifting through their wholesalers for price comparisons.

The one I use most often is This is a smaller offshoot to its big brother Alibaba. Like the other two sites it operates by wholesale sellers selling through it. They're all subject to feedback and its highly competitive.

I mainly import and sell watches on Ebay. There's thousands of them to choose from and you can buy just one if you want to, or for lower prices any quantity you like. Prices can be for as little as a dollar. I tend to buy in the $3 to $4 range and then easily double or triple my money on Ebay. Nobody asks at that price for a warranty, so there isn't one. I just make sure they're fully working before I send them out.

Domain Flipping

Domain flipping has been around since the first days of the net. Its all about making a profit out of a domain name. The most popular were of course one name domains and they were snapped up pretty quickly. So whoever registered for example for just $12.00 would probably get around $150,000 today for that name. Only last week sold for $9000 and .net domain names are not worth anything like .com names. The best current price reference site is

After one name domains were registered then the most valuable became three lettered domains. So, a nonsensical domain name like would be worth perhaps $25,000. But, naturally if you found a company that was actually called GHJ then who knows what they'd pay for it. Even four numbers are worth big money. Recently sold for $15,000.

So, there's money to be made in domain names. How do you make it?

The first thing to think about is who could be the potential buyer? If you were to register (available as I write this) its easy to see that by emailing every doctor in Dallas you could command and sell a name like that very easily. But there's lots of derivatives of this too. Why not, or,

There's lots of name extensions available now like .link and .io but I only ever register .com or reluctantly .net, as these are still the two extensions that Google recognise. However, where the new .link extension could sell well is going back to finding mid size companies initials that weren't lucky enough to buy their initials name in the beginning and are held to ransom by a seller with their .com initials.

For registering names I only ever use Namecheap. Namecheap compared to GoDaddy are just a great no thrills site where you choose a name and its registered in about a minute. GoDaddy on the way to the checkout just loads you up with confusing options every time you click the next stage (and there's deliberately a lot of next stages) so by the time you've checked out if you're not ultra careful you've signed up for a website and email service as well.

One thing to be careful of on your way to the checkout with any domain registry sites is in the 'fine print' they will set your domain to 'auto renew' so if you nominate to purchase it for just one year, when set to auto renew you'll find that even if your domain was a disaster and you weren't able to sell it that in one year's time when you open your emails there will be a receipt for another years purchase.

There's a number of other ways to sell your domain or make money out of it other than directly approaching an end user.

GoDaddy have an excellent auction system that costs $5 to register for one year and then you can list as many names as you like. Of course, if you want to promote them higher up you pay more promotion fees.

Two other sites Afternic and Sedo also offer either fixed price listings or auctions as well. Actually I was just on Afternic and see one listing is asking $750,000. Sedo also offer you what's known as a 'parked domain' this is when you can park your domain with them and its actually made into its own little website full of relevant advertising. Each time someone clicks on an ad you get 50% of the fee in commission. It doesn't slow the sale of the domain up as at the top you can either say that this domain is for sale for x amount, or, this domain maybe for sale, click for details.

Domain flipping is really good fun but watch out because although it sounds cheap at $12 approximately to register you can get carried away and register lots that nobody actually wants. Best to have a look around Afternic, Sedo and GoDaddy where there's thousands of names for sale and see what's selling and what's sold to get an idea of what the market wants.

Making and Selling Websites

This is something that I do even though I never actually build them myself.

First you'll need to buy a relevant domain name like That wont be available but you get the picture.

Once you've thought of a good name then go to Namecheap and see if you can register it or find another similar one. You don't need the .com for this because its not necessary for this site to go to the top of Google as you market to local companies. Once you've got the right name then go and register for web hosting at Hostgator. You just need a baby plan here and that's about $8 per month.

You are going to have to change what's known as the DNS or nameservers from Namecheap to Hostgator. Its not complicated as what it sounds and there's plenty of information on Hostgator on exactly how to do this.

Once you've shifted nameservers across then you can set up an email account for your domain. You can choose anything you like but I tend to go with sales@ - so But you could have your name in front or admin or you can have them all.

Then on your computer you are going to set up an external email service. I go with Mozilla Thunderbird. Its from the same people that run Firefox. Its free to set up and use and super reliable. Plus for this way of making money it comes with Mail Merge which is just great because that means you just write the body of the email plus the subject and if you've got a collection of email addresses in an excel file it will automatically feed them out at the rate of about eight seconds each while you go off and have lunch.

You might think every business has a website but they don't. The rate is still around 30% so there's a lot of businesses that you can target to get their own website.

Just take one niche, say, auto repair shops and just collate as many email contact addresses that you can for them. So, that could be citywide or statewide its up to you. Remember that's one niche, if you go through the alphabetical listings for businesses at the front of the Yellow Pages you'll see that you've got lots to go for after that. It could be plumbers, electricians or glass repair. I stick to trades instead of professional businesses for this though.

On your way in collecting the email addresses make sure they don't have a website or if they do and its an old looking one put them on your list.

Then you'll want to send out the emails. Basically the body of the email's got to be fairly short saying something like this:

Hi there,

I was just going through Google trying to find an Auto Body Repairer and noticed that most of your competitors have got a website but I couldn't find yours. Did you know that these days If you haven't got a website you could be losing 50% of your business to your competitors.

We can design and build one for you that will actually give you an advantage over most of your competition because our site is able to be viewed on smart phones and tablets and that according to Google is where 45% of websites are now viewed and appointments booked.

In the subject line you could have something like: Websites on Special. One week only.

What's really important is at the bottom of the email you must have: Unsubscribe me. If you have that then they can't report it as spam. I find I probably only get one unsubscribe back for every thousand sent. Actually even with those I reply saying - No problem at all Kate (or whatever their name is) you're unsubscribed. If you reply with a personal message they generally even reply to that with a Thanks.

Anyway, by now you'll be thinking how on earth am I going to design and make a website. Well the answer is you're not. The place to go for this is a site called ODesk hire freelancers who'll build up the site from start to finish. They are mostly based in India and will charge about $200 for a complete site. You put the requirements down in a free job listing and the freelancers interested in it will come back with either an hourly bid or a complete job bid.

My experience has been that their initial replies are in excellent English. But its a standard reply so don't be fooled here. They are all rated by how many hours they've worked on ODesk and also feedback from people that have used them. Naturally you'd want to take this into account and never hire someone new there. To test their English out I ask the ones that look good a series of two or three questions and see how good their replies are. When you're building a site up good communication with these guys is seriously important. You're going to have to show your client updates as it progresses and your client is going to want additions or amendments along the way, so you can see how important it is to relay that information back to the freelancer.

As for a design. This is easy. When a prospective client replies that they're interested you can say have you got a design in mind. They generally don't so just go to the same trade in another state and send them two or three designs from others in that area that look good. You can just say if you like these we can do something similar in your company colors. They always accept that because they're getting the site done at a budget price (I charge $950). If they headed off to a website design house they wont get anything less than $5000 and they'll probably be aware of that.

For the ODesk freelancer your requirements are that the site is built on Wordpress and it must be a Responsive theme. Responsive means that it can automatically be viewed on Mobiles and Tablets.

For the logo your client should be able to supply you with the file for that as they will have had a stationery company make one up at some stage. If they can't supply the file get them to scan a business card and find a logo creator on Fiverr to recreate it for your freelancer for $5.00.

Your client is going to ask you about hosting. You can make some extra money out of this. Hostgator also offer what's called a reseller plan. This comes with unlimited domains and C Panels for $25.00 per month. So you could charge your client $12 per month and give them their own C Panel so they can update their site themselves, or, you can keep the C Panel and charge for updates and charges and get your Freelancer to do them for you. If you manage to sell a 100 websites you could have $1200 coming in a month just for hosting fees.

Making and Selling E Books

E Books are now a huge part of sales on Amazon and some famous books such as Fifty shades of grey started off as an E book. In fact at any one time they've got close to 3 million listings.

Wow - how do you compete with that? Well the answer is that there are thousands of different categories that people are searching for. You just have to get yourself in one that's not too competitive.

If you write a book on How to train dogs you'll be competing with 4000 others. But if you write an E book on 'How to train French Bulldogs' you'll be in amongst only 150 other's and your content is going to be identical anyway.

E books are generally sold to people fairly desperate to find a solution to a problem they have. These are some areas you could think about:

  • Obesity / weight loss
  • Back pain relief
  • Headache relief
  • Insomnia
  • Pregnancy problems
  • Stress relief
  • Curing a cold/ flu
  • Toothache relief
  • Sick pets
  • Sick babies
  • Bed wetters
  • How to quit smoking
  • Menopause
  • Anti Aging
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Sports injuries
  • Athletes foot
  • Arthritis
  • Halitosis
  • Acne

You might have some knowledge or interest in some of these areas so can write with some authority, otherwise there's an awful lot on the net to read up on.

You'll going to have to write about 20 pages of good content. You can go copy and paste a lot of useful content to start but you'll have to rewrite it all. That takes a bit of time but its not difficult. You can also write it in a large font like 12 to 16pt have double spacing and lots of photos.

Remember though that your customers are buying it to get good information fast so put the good quality content at the beginning.

You'll have to include a legal waiver at the beginning. It would look something like this:

"Disclaimer & Private Policy: © 2014 your name. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage or retrieval system, without the written permission of the copyright owner.

Every precaution has been made to ensure that the information presented herein is accurate. However the author shall not be liable to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained within this work. The information is presented on an as is basis; there are no guarantees."

After you've finished writing and editing for a more professional look, add an index. Before the index though, write a short intro, thanking the customer for the purchase and tell them something compelling to make them excited about continuing to read on.

Break your book up into chapters and make your headlines about 24-32pt and in bold. Use lots of interesting and relevant images. Go for free images.

You're going to have to make or have made an E cover for your book. Have a look at others especially top selling books to see what the design is like because 'don't judge a book by its cover' although true in theory means that most people buy a book by its cover.

To make your own go to Its a free service with lots of templates. To have one made just go to Fiverr. They'll be lots of willing freelancers that'll wipe one up for you in a day or two for just $5.

After you've completely finished with it and edited it and spell checked then convert it into a .pdf file.

After that head over to Amazon and follow the instructions on listing it. I always use a pseudonym allowing me to remain anonymous - but that's over to you. Cost wise? You can list it anywhere between $1.00 - $3.00. For your first one, cheaper is best and try to build a following, once you've got some avid followers its much easier to raise the price.

How To Make Money Online: The Most Successful Proven Ideas On A Step By Step Basis To Build A Great Passive Income Business On The Internet Where You Can Earn $10,000's Of Extra Dollars From Home.
How To Make Money Online: The Most Successful Proven Ideas On A Step By Step Basis To Build A Great Passive Income Business On The Internet Where You Can Earn $10,000's Of Extra Dollars From Home.

This is a highly recommended book if you really would like to get going with step by step methods to make great money on the internet. Only $3.10 and about 46 pages of valuable content.



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    • JerryFisher profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry Fisher 

      4 years ago from Wellington

      Thanks Jordan - I hope you do well.

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      Jordan Secligen 

      4 years ago from Caloocan City,Philippines

      The information in your article is great guide to those looking to earn online job.I will just follow the instruction.Thanks.

    • JerryFisher profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry Fisher 

      4 years ago from Wellington

      Thanks very much Cheryl

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      Cheryl Kohan 

      4 years ago from Arizona

      I really enjoyed this hub. You've presented so many good ideas with relevant examples.

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      4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Lots of good info. here, most I knew already but you have put a new a different twist on some of the ideas.


    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 

      4 years ago from Oakland, California

      Awesome hub. I am currently doing really great with teespring. It comes highly recommended in my book.

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      monia ben saad 

      4 years ago from In my Dream

      i work with jvzoo,clickbank and tryin teespring

    • danny05 lm profile image


      4 years ago from NEW JERSEY U.S.A


      Thanks for such a great hub ,mostly i buy from salehoo directory which has been really great working tool for me and looking for forward to learn more from salehoo wholedsale directory .

      Thanks again !! :)

    • honghanhvt1182 profile image

      Hanh Vu 

      4 years ago from Danang, Vietnam

      Hi, thank you for this informative hub. I am particularly interested in making an E-book, and would definitely check to find out more informtion about it! Thanks :)


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