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20 Great Websites for Finding Executive Director Jobs

Updated on October 30, 2012

 An executive director is someone who heads a company. This position is comparable to being the CEO or highest-ranking manager of the business. The title is frequently given to people who work as the senior managers of non-profit organizations but may be the title of a high-ranking manager in any type of business at all. People used to get executive director jobs either by starting their own companies or by working their way up through the ranks of a corporation. That may still be the case for a lot of people. However, there are now a number of individuals who have executive director experience but who can no longer work in their original company due to problems related to the recession and layoffs or business closures. As a result, there are a whole lot of people right now who are looking for brand new executive director jobs.

People who are seeking employment as executive directors should look to a variety of different resources especially right now. They should turn to their online and offline social networks to spread the word that they’re looking for work (and to get their resume out there). They should attend job fairs and do networking through local meetings in order to make connections that can lead to executive director jobs. And they should look online to find the executive director jobs that are being advertised because the more jobs that you apply to the more likely it is that you’ll secure employment.

To get you started, here’s a look at 20 great websites for finding executive director jobs that are currently being advertised:

  1. This is a leading site for people who are interested in finding executive director jobs with non-profit organizations. The companies that are hiring have to pay to post their available jobs but as a job seeker the registration for the site is free.
  2. QuickOnlineTips. This is a blog site about technology and Web 2.0 stuff but it's also a good place to find executive director jobs. There's one or two (sometimes more) posted almost every day on this site.
  3. This is a really awesome site for the exchange of ideas and resources. This includes people posting for executive director jobs. There are also internships and grad fairs posted here. Great resource!
  4. CNN Money. There are a lot of good executive director jobs regularly listed on the job board of this popular financial news site.
  5. Washington Post. This newspaper has a few posts per day for executive director jobs in various industries.
  6. This job search website features many executive director jobs and seems to be updated daily/regularly in this category.
  7. SimplyHired. A lot of the same jobs that are advertised on are also advertised on SimplyHired. There are a few different ones so it may be worth reviewing both sites as you continue looking for a job. Or else just choose the site out of the two that you like the best in terms of design and ease-of-use.
  8. CareerBuilder. Here's another site that's similar to the last two that were mentioned. These are all good ones to check regularly as you look for a job.
  9. JobFox. This site works a bit differently from other job sites. You fill out a profile and get matched to appropriate jobs. However it often has executive director jobs which makes it worth reviewing as an option.
  10. ExecCrossing. This website reportedly has the best collection of up-to-date executive director jobs available on the web. The catch is that you have to pay about $30 to acccess the site. It may or may not be worth checking out depending on where you're at in the job hunting process.
  11. This is another one that you have to pay to access but it's considered a leading site for executive director jobs. It focuses on providing leads to jobs that pay six figure incomes and posts over 20,000 new jobs per month.
  12. 6FigureJobs. This is another site focusing on offering jobs that provide a six figure income which is likely to be what you want if you're looking for executive director jobs. This one has no fee but you have to put your resume on the site and it has to be approved before it will go live.
  13. ExecuNet. One more that requires a fee but offers a lot of jobs and good networking connections.
  14. LinkedIn. This site is great for networking which can help you find jobs. However they also post jobs online and that includes executive director jobs. There aren't too many advertised so it's not a top resource in that way but it's a good option to at least check out.
  15. BusinessWeek. This site offers postings of executive director jobs. What's great about it though is that each posting says where the job was originally posted which can give you a lot of additional leads for checking out jobs in this industry!
  16. MySpace Jobs. The layout of this selection of executive director jobs is strikingly similar to the one on BusinessWeek right down to the links to original job postings. Another possible option for proactive job hunters.
  17. JobisJob. Like the last two, this site collects job postings from other sites and aggregates them in one place. It's another good site for finding executive director jobs. You can search for them nationwide or enter your city into the search to narrow down the options.
  18. ConstructionExecutive. This one is specifcally for people interested in executive director jobs within the construction industry. A unique niche but an important one.
  19. Emeritus Senior Living. This one is for people interested in doing executive-level work in senior care homes. They seem to offer executive director jobs a few times each month.
  20. Workforce HR Jobs. This is somewhat of a niche site in that it's intended specifically for people who want to get executive director jobs in the HR industry. However it's an extensive job board site with forums and other great resources.

Good luck with your job hunt!


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  • TheLadders profile image


    8 years ago from New York

    As editor-in-chief with TheLadders, I was glad to see that you included us in your top 20 list for finding executive jobs. The listing for TheLadders is accurate and objective, so thanks! You provide your readers valuable links to shop around when looking for executive jobs, and we appreciate being included.


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