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20 Killer Ways to Promote Your Business on Shoestring Budget

Updated on May 28, 2014

The Budget Constraints

It’s clear that every industry faces fierce competition with different players. Some are great at innovation and others have interesting product variations. Every business offers something unique and in the end it all comes down to communicating the benefits to target customers.

However, with pricing wars and huge operating costs, not all businesses can afford spending outrageous amounts on promotional campaigns. There’s always a tight marketing budget to work out the plans with.

Business Promotion Trends

If you look at the growth of marketing and ways to promote businesses, there will be a huge difference in basic ideologies. There was a time when marketing strategists were only interested in reaching out to the audience and delivering that message that they think are ideal for sales.

However, modern marketing is more about staring with the customer in first place. Communication and emotional engagement is far more important than anything else.

Anatomy of a Successful Promotion Strategy

Irrespective of the money and efforts in a business promotional strategy, there are certain key components that every marketing team should focus on.

  • Clearly Defined Goals
  • Market Segment Research
  • Budgeting
  • Customer Engagement
  • Concise Call to Action
  • Control

What do you think is the best promotion or branding tool?

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Most Popular Promotion Methods

Over the last century, print advertisements have been the most used branding and promotion method. Newspaper and magazine advertisement have somewhat ruled the marketing industry but businesses now call for more affordable ways.


20 Points That Will Help Promote Business in Shoestring Budget

Every business would love some extra exposure in the market. On the other hand, startups can do almost anything to reach the target audience, and let them know about the brand offering exact products and services they are looking for. Money is usually a problem with limited recourses and times. That’s precisely why these 20 points for promoting any kind of organization, cause or business will be handy.

  • Do It Yourself

Unless you need really personalized and professional services for the start-up project, there is no point paying full-time salary to marketing experts. Try to complete majority of research and execution task on your own.

  • Business Cards

Are they dead? Not at all. Business cards are important for as long as you meet customers and clients. Invest time and energy in creating impressive cards that make your business seem awesome at the very first glance.

  • Search Engine Optimization

No one can overlook the importance of search engines. It pays heavily to feature in the results when real people are looking for related product, service or business. You can save a lot of money by learning and basics and start working on them.

  • Blog

Although many companies hire writers to handle blog posts, they fail miserably without any traffic or relevant content. Blogs are mediums to connect people to your business. Create interesting content that is also useful to the readers.

  • Post Articles

How many people will ever know about your blog? It is important to promote good content and that’s precisely where article directories and guest blogs will help. Share useful information to let people know about your business.

  • Promotional Gifts

Giveaway items are actually great way to set up a brand. These days you can easily personalize things with name, logo and message for clients and customers. Look for some reliable online suppliers for such promotional items.

  • Newsletters

Email marketing is the most affordable way to promote businesses in the internet times. Blast newsletters to share deals and offers.

  • Solve Problems

How does your business help people? Does it solve a problem? Does it help make lives better? Think about the benefits and then show people how your product solves issues.

  • Paint Vehicle

If you own an office vehicle, paint it with company logo and colors. Keep the call to action clear.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social networks have grown tremendously over the last few years. When everyone is on these platforms, you should definitely work on a strategy that can connect business with the right people.

  • Join Competitions

There are plenty of competitive events in every industry. Sign up for these.

  • Pay per Click

Utilizing the power and reach of search engines,, you can even pay to feature in the search results. It will increase traffic.

  • Local Directories

Do you remember the good old yellow pages days? Well, local directories allow you same benefits on the online platform. Submit your details in different directories for free.

  • Trade Shows

You can certainly find some good local trade shows that bring together suppliers, retailers, customers and distributors. Rent a booth and feature in such a show at minimal costs.

  • Donate Something

If you support a cause with money or efforts, they will certainly mention about your name and business on their website.

  • Be Polite

Research shows that good customer service is the best way to earn referrals. Try to turn bad customer experiences and grievances into good experiences.

  • Socialize

It pays to work on relationships with clients and customers. Go for conferences and meetings as often as possible. Let them know more about you.

  • Loyalty Scheme

Give rewards that will make them look for you.

  • Referrals

Referral schemes are also quite affordable and easy to execute. You just have to offer some benefit if customers refer their friends and family.

  • Sponsor Events

While funding games and international events is costly, you can explore the other options. Anything from prom night to high school competitions, you can certainly find the right place with right audience.

Flash Card to Save Money on Promotional Strategy

Paint Vehicle
Business Cards
Loyalty Scheme
Join Competitions
Local Directories
Promotional Gifts
Trade shows
Solve Problems
Be Polite

Final Words

What is your key takeaway from this hub?

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    • profile image

      Kinjal Kapadia 

      4 years ago

      Really... helpful and informative post.. especially beneficial for Business owners and Marketing people..

      Please share more info related Business marketing and advertising.

    • Ishan Mathur profile imageAUTHOR

      Ishan Mathur 

      4 years ago


    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I'd like to use some of these. Painting the vehicle is certainly a winner here

    • profile image

      Yesha Master 

      4 years ago

      Such a fruitful information for promoting business.. Specially these 20 Points.. Thanks for providing us these useful tips.. Please share your more knowledge so we can know more.

    • profile image

      Kirti Singh 

      4 years ago

      Informative blog especially for Digital Marketing Persons..

      Keep it up.. :)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      very interesting


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