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10 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost Leads And Sales

Updated on March 31, 2015

1. Choose The Right Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogging etc.

There are so many social media marketing avenues. Depending on your business and your objectives, look at the ones you feel will drive your advertising strategy forward.

2. Use Images

Do not harass your readers with never ending blocks of black text against white space. Use image files and infographics. Pictures are visual, self-explanatory and captivating. All pictures you use should have some relevance to your business. Throw in some humor while working with images too.

3. Do Not Post Too Many Things

You will need to update your platforms from time to time. However, do not overdo it. Give users time. Overkill will hinder the effectiveness of your strategies as users will not have time to read and internalize your earlier post when others keep popping up each time.

4. Use Analytics

You will need to track the progress your campaign is making. Most social media tools will provide you with these services. Read everything and identify areas of weakness, then work on them.

5. Work Towards Creating Rapport

Since your followers are reading and watching, they need to know that you are listening. Engage with them on social media. Ensure that you bond with them in order to understand them better in the future. Do not be too laid back, cold or unresponsive. You need to make them trust you.

6. Timing

Do not post haphazardly. There are specific times when people are available. There are times it does not make sense for you to put up posts because your audience is not available. You need to study your demographic in order to understand such dynamics.

Use tools such as SocialBro, and those mentioned earlier

7. Fill In Profile Requirements

Every social media platform needs you to provide relevant business information. This is very important as it says a lot about who you are and where you are going. It might look hectic, but it is important. Do not leave anything to chance.

8. Do Not Be Too Sales Oriented

Social media tools help you get your name out there. It is a long-term strategy intended to help you sell more. However, it is not a direct sales platform, so you should exercise some good judgment. Try to help your audience by providing quality content and a little bit of entertainment. Everybody knows why you are there, so you do not have to be too direct with your approach.

9. Find A Middle Ground

Do not be too professional or too personal either. You want a relationship that even though mutual and friendly, still factors in respect. It is hard for people to take you seriously when you get too personal in relating to them.

10. Consistency

Establish a posting pattern. Let the users fall into a routine such that they know you will have some content every day at consistent intervals. Do not leave for days and then come back because by the time you do, your audience will be long gone.


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