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28 Tips You Need for Successful Social Media

Updated on July 13, 2016

Part 1

At the same time, you need to get worried because you may remain there alone. Fellow marketers have adopted strategies that are really working. They are now getting more conversions that they even imagined. Do you want to get there? It is simple. In this article, we are going to look at 30 cracked tips that are going to help you increase conversions and boost sales.

1. Get Involved

In marriage, engagement is the first step to establishing a foundation to build a long-term relationship. Conversation is necessary when it comes to maintaining the relationship. The same scenario should be applied to social media marketing. Bridge the gap between you and the audience by constant communication to maintain the relationship.

2. Use Facebook and Pinterest Advertising

Sponsored pages on Facebook are very important when it comes to communicating quality content to your targeted audience. Make advertisement a priority. Let people constantly see your brand on pinterest and Facebook.

3. Be Responsive to Customer Questions

To be able to capture the attention of your audience, you will need to respond immediately to their need for clarification. When you are answering the questions, first make sure you understand them. Give the answers in a very straight forward and easy to understand language. Use a friendly tone and be descriptive. Do not leave the customers wondering if you have answered the question or not. Remember to be prompt and do not keep customers waiting.

4. Have a Personal Profile

Having profiles on all social media platforms is a must if you want to communicate with your customers. Once you create a profile, make sure you know whom your target audience is and what their needs are. Do not rush to collect likes and followers. Let your profile grow and attract people on its own. This way, you will be sure that the people in your circle are serious and potential conversions. They will be a correct audience to whom you will communicate to directly and not appear bothersome.

5. Have a Professional Head Shot as your Cover Page

Having your image on your profile is going to make people relate with you on an even serious note. Having the image of a kid, a logo or a pet will not make the profile look serious to the audience like it should. Do not have mediocre or blurred images. Make sure that someone can recognize what is in the profile just at a glance. It makes the people treat you with seriousness making them potential customers.

6. Having a profile on social media with the cover page missing your brand is a good as not having the profile. The cover page of your profile is what tells people what you are. It is a general story of why the profile is in place and what you want to do for your audience.

7. The content that you share with your audience should be meant to "unstuck" potential customers during decision-making. If you have false or confusing content, chances are you will lose audience hence less number of possible conversions. The content that you share must have value, it should be simple to understand and its intent made clear. People do not like reading a lot of crap that is rotating about the same point. In marketing, you just find simple, clear and few words to convince a customer.

8. Use Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is not selling. Visual marketing is just showing people what you have and telling them what it is, what it does and why they need it. Stuffing very many words trying to convince someone to buy something that he/she cannot see, does not know what is and can't relate with is not marketing. Use clear images of your products and clear descriptions under or besides them. It helps capture the attention of the audience that just words do.

9. Use a Single Video to Promote Trust

It is easier to gauge accuracy and truth from a face-to-face communication compared to writing. For you to create trust with your audience, you can make a video of your product description and post it. When someone watches the video, it creates more rapport. Your business will look real than just tweets, posts and texts. Remember to make a clear video, pronounce words appropriately and project your voice so that the audience does not struggle to listen. It is marketing not a lecture so not everybody is obligated to listening.

10. Be Unique

Social media has a lot marketing noise and some is a nuisance to the audience. You need to know if you want to join in making the noise and send away the audience or you want create some order by being unique. Identify that single thing that can alleviate you from the pool of noisemakers and us it. Remember, it does not necessarily mean you will make conversions if you copy your friends' successful strategy. Come up with your differentiating factor and compete for audience using it.

11. Share your Story

Do you have any special skills and abilities? If yes, have you ever used these special abilities to your benefit? If you have, then share your story with your audience. Share how your abilities can be important in solving some of the audiences' problem(s). A story helps create a personal connection; it draws emotions, which can be very important in making your services memorable and recommendable.

12. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are breakthroughs into untapped markets. Are you wondering how a hashtag can get you into #businesstoday, every person can see the phrase. The next step they will do is search it out which will lead them to knowing about you and your business.

13. Track your Memories

Hashtags are a good way to notice if people are talking about you and give you a chance to insert yourself in a forum and thank them. It helps grow their trust and fell closer to you. This is good way to increase chances of converting an audience into potential customers.

14. Branding and Progress Monitoring

Marketing campaigns are dynamic. You will need to get back to them over and over on social media. HAshtags are a good way to beginning your next campaign. They are used to align your new message and theme to your business. They can also be used alongside URLs to brand your business and track the progress on how effective your social media campaign is.

15. Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest offers you as a marketer an oppurtunity to shine and introduce your business to a new-targeted audience. There is a lot of power in pinning images to pinterest and posting on instagram. However, the power lies in the quality of the pins. You would better not pin on pinterest if you can't produce good quality images.

Part 2

16. Use Rich Pins

Rich pins are considered dream come true sales on social media. The additional data added offers high visibility and an instant call to action. If you have not been using them, it is time you start and if you just started using them, do not stop. Go on.

17. Utilize All the Offers on Pinterest

Pinterest has a way of making your images look outstanding and commanding. You need to utilize the color inclusions, the branding and styles that make images more streamlined. They help in boosting brand awareness. When you turn to pinterest as your social media-marketing platform, be sure to utilize all the opportunities and offers available.

18. Be Quick to Respond to the "What's in it for me" Query

Potential customers do not stop at one online shop to buy a product. They are on a constant move researching and interacting with other marketers. What makes one marketer convert a consumer before the other is how fast they respond to the consumer's "what's in it for me question". It helps the attention of a consumer and stop him/her from moving on for a while.

19. Build a Deeper and Meaningful Relation

Social media is a good place to create conversions if you can build a personal, deeper and meaningful relationship. You should have the capacity to accommodate different character and tolerate a wide range of feedback. All customers cannot have same point of view hence need to harmonize relate well.

20. Let People Know Who You Are

Sharing who you are is very important it lets people know what you are all about. It is easier for a customer to follow a well-explained and genuine seller than one with very little about himself. Being secretive is associated with conmen in most cases. The cornerstone to selling a lot is by making yourself transparent businesswise.

21. Capture the Emotions of the Buyer

A decision to buy is triggered by how deep you can tap into the emotions of buyer. Social media is the best place to capture the emotions of an audience. Emotions are captured using nice images and appropriate choice of the words to use in your control. Do not just write plain descriptions, every other marketer is able to do that. Get yourself a differentiating factor.

22. Leverage on Twitter Traffic

Twitter is a very good place to do marketing. Here, you need to be very good at being brief. People do not want to spend more than a minute reading one tweet. It is advisable you use short and provocative tweets that have the ability to invoke a reader to take an action like sharing it or retweet amongst their circle of followers. Poor choice of word, long tweets and plain content tweets will not serve you well.

23. Go Visual

Images of behind the scene, data and quotes are very important in extending your message. They make your product and service speak for themselves and provoke readers to make decisions.

24. Be Balanced to Connect with Everyone

@buffer states that tweets that are in image form per 18%, 89%, 150% more clicks, favorites and retweets compared to the normal text tweets.

25. Be Interactive

Do not just leave your audience alone out there. Be with them and get involved in their chats. After you have a family of your target audience on Facebook, you can interact with them only on topics you understand and are your favorite. Do not look needy talking about a topic you do not understand.

26. Add a Call to Your Posts on Facebook

Any step you feel like your potential customers can take should never be left to chance. All those passive and cold leads you are taking can be turned into hot interactive lead options. Give your customers the opportunity to reach you via any means possible on social media.

27. Make Use of the Visual Facebook

Make sure all your important contact details appear on your cover page. Do not hide anything away from the audience and assume they will look for it and find it. The content you use must be meaningful and compelling to call to action. Apart from increasing engagement with your audience, contact details strengthen the bonds to your page.

28. Engage the Audience on Facebook

There are up to more than 10 tips you can use to acvtively engage your Facebook audience one of them being use of the power of your friends to build a family. Never leave your Facebook family idle. You must constantly keep them around.


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