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3 Challenges That Affect Influencer Marketing

Updated on August 6, 2017
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Influencer marketing focuses on a specific individual instead of a whole market. The impact of influencer marketing on customer engagement and business performance is well known in the world of business. However, some potential challenges might be faced in influencer marketing as well

1. Recognizing the right influencers

It’s one of the biggest challenges faced by the marketing agencies. The authority figures and influencers vary greatly according to the product that is being sold. It has become very difficult to target the individuals merely through ads that have become more of a nuisance because of their repeated exposure

2. Engaging the influencers

Finding the right way to target the influencers is a challenge faced by more than half of the marketers. Therefore, every type of marketing technique is used from the catchy taglines to slogans to make sure that the message gets across

3. Keeping track of your business

It is very hard to keep track of the activities of your influencers and to measure the success of your efforts. It can be due to working with large number of influencers or simply not knowing which variable to measure.

There are numerous other influencer marketing challenges but the ones discussed are the major and most common challenges faced by the marketers.

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