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3 Companies Looking For Freelance Writers To Work From Home Remote

Updated on September 3, 2016

One Writer to Another

As a writer, I’m always looking for freelance jobs and great places (other than hubpages) to get published. It’s likely you are, too. Below you will find four different companies that are seeking your awesome talents. All of them are remote or work from your home positions.

Freelance Financial News Reporter pays $50 to $100 an hour.

Flash Ratings is looking for a Freelance Financial News Reporter who is familiar with major breaking stock market and company news. This is a remote position that is part-time, contract and pays between $50 to $100 an hour. They are wanting 1 to 10 hours a week. Click here to see the details.

Launch Media Looking For Video Game Writers

Launch Media Network is looking for a Freelance Video Games Writer for their GameSkinny section. This is a freelance remote position that is oriented toward creating traffic-driving content. Any candidate must be able to research current trends and keywords, write articles, slideshows and guides based on research.

Subjects can include Minecraft, Fighting, Sports, Nintendo, Mobile – both iOS and Android, Computer/Console/Game product focused content and other types of content and subjects. They require 1 year of writing experience in the gaming aspect. Click here for more details.

ZenContent Needs Freelance Rewriters

ZenContent is looking for a Freelance Writer/Editor. This is a work at home remote contract position. They need writers to revise existing medial articles based on specific guidelines. The pieces will range from 300 to 400 words. Click here for more details.


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