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3 Ways You Can Earn More For Your Online Writing

Updated on November 9, 2010

The #1 question most freelance writers ask is “where can I find more freelance writing jobs?” Newcomers and seasoned freelancers alike are almost always searching for more gigs and more ways to earn. This is very good, because it's just about the most important ingredient in the recipe for freelance success. Once a writer stops looking for more “jobs”, their earnings are likely to plateau.

Most times I get this question, though, I really have to interject. Only someone who is just beginning their freelance career means “how do I find more freelance writing jobs.” Anyone who's been writing for more than a couple of months is actually asking “how do I find higher paying writing jobs.”

As with everything in life, you have to start somewhere, and unfortunately that somewhere tends to be pretty far from where you dream of being.

So how do you move ahead or "give yourself a raise"? How do you find the freelance writing jobs which offer a better opportunity and more pay? There are several ways to do this, but here are just a few of the easiest.

Job boards

There are internet job boards which are sort of like crap shutes (ahem, craigslist). You may be able to find a few jobs here and there, and heck, you may even get lucky and find a few decent paying ones! But time spent perusing these boards could be better spent earning money, right?

This is where specialized job boards come in. These boards host job ads specifically for freelancers, and even a few are strictly for writers. This way you know you will be using your time looking at actual gigs, rather than sifting through all the oddities to find true opportunities. Some of these specialized boards even charge a fee, which some may dislike. It depends on the site, but most of the time these fees actually ensure you will be cruising through listings from clients willing to pay a fair price. So don’t count out those paying sites before doing a bit of research on them!

Freelance sites

Sites like,,, and more offer dozens of even hundreds of opportunities everyday for a freelance writer to find work. The trick is to sell yourself and services well enough that you will get paid a fair price.

Honestly speaking, there are some “writers” on these sites willing to write for .005 cents per word. You’ve got to let clients know why they should pay your .02 -.10 per word instead. Many clients who’ve been around freelance sites for a bit understand that you get what you pay for, but some may be new to the game, so it is up to you to wow them into not going for the lowest bidder.

Bring in private clients

This should be a goal in your head from day one. You always want to do your best on a piece, even if you’re getting paid a ridiculously low price. You begin to build a portfolio this way, and clients begin to notice. Before long, you may be surprised to have repeat clients hitting up your inbox privately for work.

Another way to bring in private clients is to create your own site. If you are serious about a writing career, consider this one of the first things on your to do list. Build this up as you build up your career and you can avoid any “down time”.

At first you find freelance writing jobs that will hire you, with very little choice over what they will pay. Once you’ve polished the skill and played the game for a little while, you can find jobs which will pay you more for your work. More money for less work? Yes please!


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    • ChrissyDean profile image

      ChrissyDean 7 years ago

      Elance doesn't require a resume, and I've never had a client from the site ask for one. Writing samples, however, are pretty important to have for that site. That's why I suggest that new writers start building a portfolio immediately, not just throwing out articles wherever they can earn.

      I am a fan of Wordgigs as a starting site! Pay for TB is only low if you have below a 3 rating with them. It's average if you have a rating of 3, and good if you have a rating of 5. Either way, it's a great way to start and earn money quickly.

      I don't use Mechanical Turk, but I hear it is lucrative for the right kind of writer. Guess I am just not a good fit for it.

      I agree that as long as you are making money it's all good. Writing for more than one company is desirable because you want several baskets to put your "eggs" in, though.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • profile image

      linsm76 7 years ago

      There are several legit wrting for money, but most of them want resume and writing sample, like Elance. is good, and they pay, if they are taking on writers. Textbroker is another one, but pay is very low, but easy jobs and can do them fast. Amazon Mechanical Turk, but it is time consuming just to find jobs you want to do, and do not expect high pay. I was told that a client there actually contracted one of my chat friends as a regular writer for them, instead of usng Mechanical Turk. Textbroker, gives you the opportunity to also have clients request you to do their articles. Low pay, high pay, what matters if you write for one, or many companies, as long as you are making some cash, who cares.