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3 Reasons Why You Should Tip When You Rideshare

Updated on May 3, 2018
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Bazooka Teaches used to be an educator at the secondary level in Los Angeles, but he decided to follow his dreams and fight evil with words.


Tipping is an American courtesy that has been around for years. Yes, they say that gesture tipping for a service is dwindling away, but it still prevails in most professions in which tipping is expected.

Taxi drivers and restaurant servers are two popular jobs in which tipping is highly expected. Even when the service is not pleasant, taxi drivers and waiters get tipped at the end. They might not get their 15 percent, but they do get tipped 90 percent of the times.

For some reason, rideshare drivers barely see a tip. Is it because Uber started the trend of not tipping. See, when Uber started, the company discouraged tipping. While it encouraged its drivers to provide candy and water for its customers, tipping was highly discouraged. In fact, Uber advised its drivers not to accept tips at all!

Anyway, all that has changed. Uber gives riders the option to tip drivers now, and drivers do not have to provide amenities. So, why isn't the regular person riding in an Uber or Lyft, the two most popular rideshare companies in the US, tipping for the most part?

In general, tipping should not go away. It is a form of showing a great gesture for being provided a great service, and the following three reasons should make the regular person realize why one must tip when riding in a rideshare service.

1. Tip you cheapskate!

Rideshare drivers provide a great service. They come at your will to your front door or place where you are at and pick up. The cars used for this type of service are in tip-top shape.

Drivers are encouraged to be very polite and provide either a great conversation or privacy. Drivers that fail to do this are usually disconnected. So, the service provided for the most part is very decent at worst.

In saying this, tip at least one dollar! If you cannot afford to tip at least one dollar, you are straight up a cheapskate. Again, when you get bad service at a restaurant, for the most part, you tip miserably. Still, you are tipping!

The only time when it is OK not to tip is when the company is charging you a high surge. The driver is making good money on a high surge, so you are forgiving on not tipping.

Since most people are cheapskates because tipping is quite rare for rideshare driver, the quality of service is falling. You notice that drivers do not give out gum or water anymore. That is because the US has become a cheapskate society!

2. Drivers deserve the tip

Rideshare drivers do not make as much money as it is said. Uber and Lyft constantly advertise that one can make over $1,500 weekly. Sure! If one works about 60 hours a week and hits all the incentives!

It's BS! Drivers make about $800 to $1000, if lucky, a week working full time. Of course, this would mean that they are working the usual 40 hours a week. Anything over, drivers are basically slaving out there.

Some drivers have become experts and make over 1K while working under 40 hours. Still, those drivers are working late nights, meaning graveyard shifts. Anyway, besides that, those amounts earned usually covers a small percentage of generous riders that gave a tip.

Now, you might think that these drivers are making good money. Yes and no! No is the majority because it beats the crap out of their car. The milage that is added is so intense that most cars end up being worthless once they are paid off.

Also, some drivers lease their car, through company affiliates, and they pay from $200 to $280 a week. Not funny. So, tipping would change the game for drivers in a very good way, but, since most riders are cheap, working for a rideshare company can be a struggle.

3. You need to tip because your fare is cheap

Compare to what taxis charge, rideshare companies are very cheap. Yes, taxi businesses are losing their ground in the transportation business because rideshare companies have changed the game.

Uber and Lyft are the rulers of the streets in most cities around the US, and will most likely prevail all taxi businesses. The reason is that Uber and Lyft are a lot cheaper and provide a better service.

Despite being cheaper in price by a huge margin, people still prefer not to tip. Again, taxis in the past were tipped even when they provide a horrendous service. Uber and Lyft drivers get basically nothing most of the time. Why? Well, the new American citizen is pretty much a cheapskate.

So, next time you ride in an Uber or Lyft, have the decency to tip at least one dollar. Jeez! Seriously! Unless the company has a huge surge charge at that moment, be courteous and tip, ya' cheapskate!!!


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