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3 Strategies and Tips for Social Bookmarking Traffic

Updated on June 18, 2010

3 Strategies and Tips for Social Bookmarking Traffic

There are many ways to find traffic for your website today, sometimes for free or very cheap. The challenge is finding the kind of traffic that is targeted and that results in sales. One reason why social bookmarking is considered such a good promotional technique is that it's a way to reach out to your niche market.

Always, always make sure the very first paragraph of any article is written well and captures attention.

You'll be making the strongest first impression on your readers with that paragraph, and many will either continue to read or just walk away. All that precedes your article is critical, too, but it's just that your intro paragraph will be the major determinant of success at that point. Keep in mind that it has to be unique and should invoke the user's interest. One very important thing for you is to understand that self-promotion is not the accepted standard in these sites. Social bookmarking sites don't like people whose only aim is to promote themselves. It's fine to submit your content, you should, but just avoid submitting bad content because it won't work out well. All these sites follow a quality standard that you need to follow and each of them have it laid out differently. You'll want to be socially responsible and polite, so always be sure to bookmark other people's content, as well. You'll be appreciated more for adding more value and quality to their website. In addition to building your good will, you'll be learning how these sites really work.

Find other members who need bookmarks and exchange bookmarks with them. There are sites that specialize in exchanging bookmarks, which you can find by doing a search on Google. You can then make an offer to bookmark another person's pages if they will do the same for you. This system operates in a manner similar to a link exchange and can be a good way to get your pages bookmarked quickly. However, you should keep in mind that this practice might not go well with all webmasters, so first of all make sure you're comfortable about it yourself and then see to it that the people you approach are comfortable about it too.

All in all, social bookmarking is being used by many online marketers and webmasters on a regular basis to get quality traffic coming their way. You'll be building for the long term if you keep your efforts concentrated on quality over quantity. For your descriptions and headlines, make them right with uniqueness and interesting.


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