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3 Things You Should Know About Starting An Online Business

Updated on February 15, 2018
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Winfred is a content writer, blogger and entrepreneur. She is also a professional virtual assistant who can help you grow your business.

An online business should be easy to manage if you are aware of various social media and internet tools. If you need a hand in your business, virtual assistants are the go to for any roles that you are ready to outsource. Below is a detailed discussion of how these things can make your life easier.

1. The Internet And Social Media Are The Backbone Of Online Business

A research conducted by Hoot Suite and We are Social shows that globally, there are at least 4 billion people who are using the internet as you read this. The internet may not be news to you either because as you read this, you are connected to the World Wide Web. But did you know that 4 billion people represent almost half of the world population? If so, what does this mean?

It means that the internet is here to stay and the sooner you start taking advantage of this powerful tool in your business the better. In 2017 alone, a quarter of a billion people used the internet for the first time in their lives. Imagine the figures that will be recorded in 2018 bearing in mind that the internet is being adopted in every sector and every function in a business.

Speaking about the internet without indicating the impact it has on consumers may not be helpful at all. Therefore, let’s jump to how this tool has impacted our lives and how businesses can take advantage of the changes.

Out of the 4 billion users of the internet, at least 3 billion of them have enrolled in one or more social media platforms. Each year, at least one million people in each country in the world join one or more social platforms on the internet. Hoot Suite found out that out of 10 social media users, 9 of them use their mobile phones to access their selected platforms. The good news is that businesses can also join social media and interact with users of these platforms.

For example, if you are a business owner, you can open a Facebook page, a Pinterest account or an Instagram account depending on the platform that you think your target market is using. In fact, you can even join all these platforms and connect them with one another. This is beneficial in that it will help you access a larger market.

2. Managing Your Business Is Easy If You Get The Right Tools

There is at least one tool on the internet that can help you in every single function in your internet business. Maybe you are wondering if you will spend your entire life on the internet without raising your head as you try to put pieces of your online business together. For example, you are asking, what next after I open my Face book page or how will I juggle between all these social media platforms. Above, I mentioned statistics from Hoot Suite. Guess what? Hoot Suite is a social media management tool. You can use it to access all your social platforms in one place. This will save you a lot of time.

Besides, Hoot Suite allows you to schedule your posts so that they can appear any day and time you want. This means that you don’t have to spend every day designing new posts for each social platform. You could spend one day to schedule posts for the whole week and then spend one or two hours a day responding to customers messages from all your platforms on Hoot Suite. Isn’t that great? Well, if you value your time and want to spend it on other critical activities in your internet business, it is definitely great.

You also need a tool to help you manage your time and notes. Traditionally, this would be a notebook. But nowadays, you can use online note taking tools such as Evernote and Google Calendar for setting reminders and recording your daily activities. These tools are accessible both via mobile phone and the computer. In fact, the good thing with Evernote is that it allows you to save bookmarks related to a similar topic in one notebook. You just have to create notebooks and notes for anything you can think of.

Other tools include wave for accounting, And Co for saving all your contracts and invoices in one place. And Co even allows you to bill your clients directly. All you need is to evaluate all the available tools online and pick the one that matches with your business needs and strategies when starting an online business.

3. You Can Employ Virtual Assistants To Help You Manage Various Aspects Of Your Business

If you cannot afford an office and employ workers, the information age has gifted us with the ability to work virtually. You no longer need permanent employees who will force you to incur the cost of an office. Besides, think about all the costs that come with it such as health insurance, office furniture and high wages that have to meet the minimum wage threshold.

There are numerous online market places where you can hire virtual assistants from all over the world. These market places have millions of individuals who can perform millions of tasks such as creating documents, managing social media, developing websites, graphic design, and conversion of PDF files to Word etc.

Fiverr is one of the sites where you can hire virtual assistants (Vas). In this platform, the VAs set their terms and conditions through what the site calls Gigs. Most of the gigs are affordable as compared to a full time employee especially if the job is not recurring. Upwork is another marketplace where buyers meet sellers. As a buyer, you have the freedom to set your terms and conditions and then browse through the sellers section to find the one that you prefer from all the thousands of workers. And voila, you get your internet business running at a low cost right from your home computer.

There are many professional assistants out there waiting to be hired. So if you need anything, don’t hesitate as their services will be beneficial to your business. Hiring VAs will help you concentrate on the business aspects that only you can do and this will propel your earnings by far. Remember the competition is so high considering the low cost of starting an online business. So you need to make yourself unique and stand out from the rest.


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