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3 Ways For Teens To Earn Money Online

Updated on June 11, 2008

Build a Profitable Website

Teenagers can make money online by building a profitable website. This is easier then it sounds. All it takes is time and the right tools and you could be making money online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's the beauty of working on line - you can earn money even while you sleep because the web is always open!

Teens with a hobby or a desire to write can make money on line by building a website. If you can write you can make money on line. What will you write about? Everyone has a topic that they enjoy, a hobby or a past time. Maybe you collect knives or purses. You could make a website about these topics.

There are free tools that will help you build a site. One of the most popular is NVU. This is wonderful resource. Another excellent free resource is from SiteBuildIt.

Once you have your website up and running you can make money by allowing Google to place ads on it. This is easy and doesn't require a lot of effort. Once the ads are on your site you will begin earning money every time someone clicks on an ad. Sweet!

Another way to make money from your website is to sell items from Amazon or other online companies such as eBay. Once more it is easy to set up - the company will give you code to cut and paste - and you will make money from every sale. $Ka-Chinga!

These are just some very basic ways that a teen can make money online from a website. After you are up and running you will see that there are many, many more ways to make money from your website.

Teens Can Earn Money Online Blogging

Teenagers can earn money online by blogging. If you like to write, if you have an opinion, you can start a blog online for free. Picking the topic may be the most difficult part. You need to pick something that you can write about - and write a lot about it!

If you have a hobby you can write about that. If you have an interest in politics you can write about that. One of the secrets is to write about your topic from a unique view. Make it interesting and make it "you". This will make people want to read your blog and stop back often.

Example: Politics. This could be boring. There are many sites about politics. But suppose you write about politics as from the viewpoint of an 18 year old Christian Punk Rocker. That could be cool and you could end up being the voice of a lot of people.

Where should you start a blog? There are many free sites available with the most popular being Wordpress or Blogspot.

You can make money from your blog by allowing Google to post ads or by affiliate sales through Amazon,etc.

A blog is an easy way for teens to make money online.

Teens Can Earn Cash Online Freelancing

Teens can earn money online by selling their art, pictures or articles. If you enjoy writing you can sell your articles online and make money. There are many sites that accept original articles and will pay you for them. Some sites pay you a percent of the revenue that they make from your site. A good example of this kind of site is

If you are a good artist you can sell your work online. The demand for quality artwork for use in ezines and websites is growing everyday. You can sell your art online at places like

If you are good with your digital camera you can make money by selling your pictures. Once again the demand for original photography is growing as the web explodes. To find out how to make good money selling your pictures click here.

Get Started Earning Money Online Today

Get started earning money online today. It is a great way for teens to earn a real income. The beauty of working online is that you can set your own hours. Big party coming up - you don't have to work. Family vacation at the beach - you don't have to work. Prom -you'll be there! will still be earning money online because the web never sleeps!

So get started today. The sooner you start the sooner you will start making money online.

For more practical ideas and information on how teens and kids can earn money visit


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      Urooj 7 years ago

      Nice stuff...I am a teenager and have a blog of my own. Do check my blog...

    • sutrapu profile image

      sutrapu 8 years ago from kuwait

      very useful information, if u have skill go for frelancing works, can earn money

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      Subhakar 9 years ago

      Hi, Nice info for earning money online.. Check other ways to earn money here ;