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3 biggest pitch MISTAKES that will cause you losing business

Updated on June 25, 2015

What usually erodes client-agency relationship? Most of the time, the problem is from TRUST, which the client has no more for the agency. Experienced clients, much like an experienced interviewer, quickly identify whether the candidate has the credibility for them to rely on. This post focuses on the 3 most usual mistakes advertising agency make, which can create a bad impression during the pitch.

Being practical
Being practical

Mistake No. 1: Not being practical

Everyone understands in the stressful atmosphere of a pitch, and everyone is trying everything to win the business, truth might be sometimes amplified. Agency could easily fall into the trap of over-promising what they can deliver, because they think that would convince the client about their feasibility and integration. However, the reverse is true. Clients are often experienced enough to know whether the agency has enough expertise and scale to do what they say.

Be honest and practical creates trust. An agency, who can present not only their strengths, but also admit their weaknesses will gain credit for their trust. In markets where honesty is a luxury, especially in developing markets, being honest is a competitive advantage on a long run. You can fool them once or twice, but the truth will finally reveal, and the consequences might affect the agency business seriously.


Mistake No. 2: Unclear negotiation

Unclear agreements and negotiation can easily lead to conflicts when the two work together. If you don't state clearly what and what not you will deliver, the clients will get back to you saying: "What? We thought you would also do that for us?".

Being comprehensive in the pitch, and after that, the contracts can save you a lot of troubles. It also shows the professionalism of your advertising agency as well.

Mistake No. 3: Not showing the long-term thinking

Even if your client asks the agency to come up with a short-term plan, showing your long-term thinking would make a great impression on the client. Because the client is the one who will work with the brand for a long time. They will eat, sleep and live on their brand growth, thus showing only the short-term plan would make the client wonder whether your agency really understand their business after all.

For example, if you are asked to show them one-year communication plan, don't show them just one year. Show them in the long run, for example, 3 to 5 years, how that communication plan will develop and grow the client's brand in the future. Presenting that will help the client get the picture of why you go with the idea in the first year, and make them feel trustworthy for such a thorough and strategic thinking about their business.

Do not make the client feel you like this

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Sometimes, mistakes are too expensive to make. Keep in mind these 3 and you will be fine!

The above 3 are just the top mistakes I mostly see. Do you want to add more?

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