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3 Business Marketing Strategies that Will Help Increase Your Revenue

Updated on January 7, 2014

Business marketing is one of the biggest challenges of a business establishment. Without customers, no business can survive. And without effective marketing strategies, no business can get clients and that means no revenue!

Luckily, business owners can devise effective and practical marketing systems that can serve as a steady stream of customers and increase revenue.

Below are three simple and effective ways to get lots of customers for your business and increase your revenue.

#1 Network with Other Business Owners

Attend business networking events such as trade fairs and expositions. Networking events can serve as a platform for meeting new potential customers. These kinds of events bring business oriented people together. Most people come with the sole aim of meeting and getting contacts of business owners and potential clients -- including you.

Don’t shy away from speaking with people at any of these events. Be bold and approach people, tell them about your business – service or product – and what makes you stand out from your competitors.

You’ll also meet people in the same niche with you who will be more than ready to share their marketing plans with you. They’ll not only give you their marketing strategies but will also tell you what works and what doesn’t work for them and this will save you lots of trials and error in your marketing.

#2 Create a Business Website

Create a business website that’s designed entirely for your business and write everything you can about it. This includes your service or product, location, telephone number and anything relevant about your business that you deem necessary to be included on the site.

Creating a business website is one thing, promoting it online is the most important. Configure your website by including relevant search terms in the Meta tags and descriptions of the site so as to inform Google about what your site is meant for. This should include essential search phrases that you think people will use to find you easily online.

Your webmaster will help you with every technical aspects of building a business website.

#3 List Your Business on Google Places Listing

Traditional yellow pages no longer work like they use to few years ago. People can now easily find any business location in their local area through the Internet by going to Google Places listing to search for whatever they want before they get out of their houses and go straight to wherever the business is located.

Google Places is designed with the aim of helping local businesses getting visible online. As a result, people no longer bother themselves to look for business contacts on Yellow Pages.

If you have your business listed on Google places listing, you stand a higher chance of getting visible to hundreds or even thousands of your potential customers online depending on the niche in which you’re.

The funny thing is that people think getting their businesses listed is all they need to do to start getting clients but there is more to that.

Besides getting listed on Google, you should get your business listed on other third party or citation sites too. This way, Google will shower its ranking juice on your page by ranking it high on the top spot of its search engine result pages.

Once your page start appearing on the top spot of Google, other search engines like Yahoo and Bing will do the same because they depend a lot on Google for the search results they provide their users.

Finally, you’ll get a lot of business deals by attending business networking events in your area and outside your locality. Building a business website is also another way to get clients on the Internet. And getting your business listed on Google Places listing will enhance your visibility online by giving you a steady stream of customers and increase your revenue.


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