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3 high profit money making ideas

Updated on October 22, 2010

So you want to earn some money.

If your situation is anything like mine, you need some money. These ideas are all ideas you can start with under 100$ to your name. Well lets start this off by saying the hardest part is getting started. The biggest problem of a lot of people who want to start making money is they just come up with ideas and do not act on anything. So if your one of these people, take one of your ideas and start building upon it right now. Its meaningless to be reading this if you have read 100 other articles and have gone over hundreds of business ideas and haven't tried any of them.

Idea Number One

Buying and reselling. This is by far the most lucrative possible way to make money. You can literally buy and resell anything you want these days thanks to the Internet. Tons of sites are at your disposal via google search. However though research, I have deduced that the best ways to make money in this area is buying products from another place and selling them somewhere else. Just find something where supply is high somewhere and demand is low another and you are in business. A Few of good ideas... Buy truckloads of seafood from the coast and bring them to the midland and buy cattle from the midland and bring it to the coast. Or bring fruit from the the tropical areas to the harsher environments and bring cheese and other produce from the harsher environments. If your not to interested in so much traveling and start up cost, try buying wholesale products and taking them to the local bar or any place of public gathering and selling them off for high profit margins. I recommend gadgets and other such products. Pretty much anything that's cool and you can impress someone with or provide a discount on a high demand product. I highly recommend for this. They have tons of bulk things but be careful, a lot of brand name things on there are counterfeit due to no copyright laws in china. All in all Buying and Reselling is and always has been the best way to make money.

Idea two

Selling cooked food. Even if you don't know how to cook anything, Its easy to learn and start. Lets start by looking at what's missing in your area. If there's a lot of lakes or open water, I highly recommend making a boat restaurant. A friend of mine in Wisconsin, USA made 2 out of ordinary pontoon boats and propane grills. He just sold brats, hot dogs, hamburgers, and sometimes grilled corn along with soda and water. He said he charged 3.50$ per brat, 2.50$ per hot dog, 4$ for a single .5pound burger. 6.5 per 1lb double burger, 3$ per 2x ears of corn and 3$ per single drink or a 12 pack for 12$ just to sell more drinks on hot days. His first summer it cost him 7500$ for 2x nice pontoon boats, 1000$ for 4x propane grills (new from sears), and 500$ for all the propane he used over the summer. All he did every day that summer was wake up, go to the store, buy a bunch of things on his list which he said totaled about 100$ a day, and head out to the lake with his brother and cook food for people. Weekdays he made an average of 350$ and weekends he made an average of 2500$ a day. All he did was find an opening where he could provide the need for food and cold drinks and he could pretty much charge what ever he wanted. So now it comes back to what you could do. You could go with a full blown restaurant if you have a lotĀ of money and know what's your doing, or you could just go down to your local city hall and get your license to sell cooked food/ inspection which is not to hard to get and is cheap, then find a spot. Now there's several ways of finding a spot. You can A setup a stand of some sort in a permanent location such as a theme park or local farmers market. Even a good busy street works if you can find a small business who will rent u a spot or perhaps even sell u a tiny square of his land. Just selling hot dogs out of a boiler for 3$ ea on a busy street can make you a lot of money. Or you can go the more extreme and what I think is going to be the future of restaurants and create some sort of portable restaurant. An old example is ice cream trucks. A newer idea would be perhaps make a truck that with burners and deep fryers in the back that sells everything from funnel cake to fried chicken. Or what ever you want to sell that's good and you can make. Point is if you can create a sort of portable restaurant, you can sell food anywhere you can park a car. Go to football games and setup in the parking lot. Anywhere there's a lot of people, you can make money. Selling Food is always a top 3 idea for making money because everyone needs to eat, so the demand is always there, its just finding where the supply isn't.

Idea 3 being the final of this article.

So now you wondering why I told you this information. Well its simple, the last and most intriguing idea to me, is building a passive income. I will start by explaining that a passive income is income that generates by itself once established and requires little to no time or efforts on your behalf. This very article is one way to generate passive income. Of course not very much, But over time and producing more articles it will pay off. The best way to describe the income you will make from writing online and making money via affiliate programs or google AdSense, once the article is setup, the information will have a value based upon several factors. One is the length of time your information will be in demand. Two is what keywords your information is on. Three is the quality of your work. Myself I have written 52 articles over 2 years and made 240$ off of AdSense alone and some minor affiliates. But I figure I averaged about 2 hours per article so that's about 2.40$ per hour. However most of my articles are on information based on hobbies or how to guides so the information will be valuable for at least 8 more years, thus generating me money without doing anything but writing as a hobby on information that interests me. If you yourself have something your interested in and can write a short article about, then try it yourself. Hub pages will get you started and all you have to do is sign up by clicking right here. I have not looked much into other passive incomes due to the fact I'm caught up in a combination of the first two business ideas myself and making good income there, but it would be quite intriguing to be that guy who makes 10,000 a month just writing 20 hours a week. Then retires at age 30 and has 10,000 a month coming to him for ever. All in all writing online is a very reasonable way to make some extra cash, but it is the farthest thing from a get rich quick scheme possible.


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      MK Thornton 3 years ago

      Perhaps you would be interested in hiring an editor for your online articles? Imagine how much more income they might generate if they were grammatically correct!