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3 keys to business sustainable

Updated on May 19, 2016

We all want the business that we have can last a long time. Do not let our business only whole corn. Unfortunately, the desire is not always in tune with reality. Running a business can be more painful than a broken heart and a toothache.

Statistics prove that in the first year, 80% of businesses were doomed. While 50% of survivors will die in the first year in the fifth year. Finally, only 4% of businesses that survive until the tenth year.

So, how do we have a business that can survive long? At a minimum, what we need to know so that we owned businesses survive into the category of 20% in the first year?

Irwan Suryady, General Manager, share tips for businesses in which we live is able to pass through the first year well. As is known, Ralali is platform Business-to-business which had stood since 2013, and managed to get a total funding of more than Rp 40 billion.

According to Irwan, there are three things that should be known and that business owners run their business long-lasting.

First, we offer a solution that should solve the problem of our potential customers
People eat because of hunger, drink for thirst. If we offer food to people who are satisfied, he is likely to reject it. So, keep the products or services that we offer to overcome the problems being experienced by our prospective customers and not yet experienced or are already experienced.

Secondly, our business should have a strong differentiation
Currently our products into products that are really new on the market, of course, we do not have a competitor. But what if we are not the first player in a market? Differentiation is the answer.

For example, if we offer fried tempeh to someone who already bought fried tempeh before, it could be he'll refuse your offer. However, if we offer tempe mendoan, although both are fried, there is a distinguishing element that can make people interested.

In fact, if the products we offer have a distinguishing element is very powerful and provide solutions to the problems of our potential customers, it could be a product we will soon be top of mind in his mind.

Third, resources are aligned with corporate goals
If you are alone, it is impossible for us to drive two cars at once. Just as in business, the resources that we have to be aligned with company objectives both in the present and in the future. Because, as we build and develop a business plan and adjust as best as possible the resources we have in order that our business sustainable.


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