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3 SEO Tips for your Cooking & Recipes Blog

Updated on April 20, 2013

How to Boost your Cooking Blog in Google results

When my son was born I acquired an electric pressure cooker to save time. I noticed that the recipe book included in the package wasn't very good so I told to myself: 'Hey, if I'm gonna craft those recipes for myself I can share them with the world so anyone can take advantage of my work'. So I purchased a domain and started a blog.

Since then, visitors have come to my blog and cooked my recipes -something I'm quite proud about ^_^. But, how did they find me?

In this lens I will share 3 good SEO practices that prove to boost my blog in Google results.

#1 Rich Snippets

Speak directly to search engines with semantic code

Markup your recipe basic information with rich snippets. It speaks directly to search engines helping them to detect useful information like preparation time, cooking method or ingredients.

Rich Snippets: Recipe markup

Recipe markup allows you to provide Google with information about the recipes on your site. Information about prep time, cook time, reviews and more may be used in search results to help users more quickly and accurately identify relevant content. Visit for more details.

Want to learn more? - If you're interested in SEO techniques, try with a beginner book

SEO for Beginners | An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Simple On-Page Search Engine Optimization
SEO for Beginners | An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Simple On-Page Search Engine Optimization

If you're new to this SEO world and want to learn more, I recommend you to start with a "for beginners" guide like this one. With this book you will learn basic concepts and techniques to use daily in your blogs.

Pay with a tweet
Pay with a tweet

#2 Go viral

Social Media is your Best Friend

Create PDF versions so your readers can print the recipes you published (when cooking, having the recipe on paper is very useful) and put a button like "Pay with a tweet".

This social payment system consists of three simple steps:

  1. The user clicks the "pay" button
  2. The user posts your link on a social network (Twitter, Facebook...)
  3. Once the message is sent to a social network, the "pay with a click" button turns into a "download PDF" button.

This way you get more traffic and links to your blog and in return, the users obtain your recipes in PDF format. A fair deal, right?

Why this is a SEO technique? Well, the more links you blog gets, the higher it will position in search engine results. Social media is a very good way to get backlinks.

Want to learn more? - Explore the possibilities of social media to generate traffic and backlinks

Social Media Marketing For Dummies
Social Media Marketing For Dummies

If you've barely dived into social media as a casual user, this book will show you how to perform basic marketing strategies.

Social media is a powerful way to generate traffic and more backlinks. And remember: the more backlinks you have, the better your SEO will be.


#3 Spread the word

Add your blog to blogging communities and directories

Web directories, if they're not a bottomless pit of SPAM, are very useful for users. But I'm not recommending you to index your blog in a general directory: go for the blog & cooking-specialized ones.

What you should look before sending your blog to a directory:

  • Pagerank. Google is always changing its algorythms in favor of quality and users, and in the past 12 months it introduced new rules that dropped many web directories.
  • Updating. Check if it is updated regularly and if not, do not loose your time with it.
  • Indexation, not copy. Some directories and aggregation sites do "cannibalize" the content. Beware of these, since duplicate content is a bad thing for SEO. Instead of sites that copy the content, choose sites that do simply index it: they create a listing with basic data (title, author, publication date, tags...) that links directly to the original blog.

Do you think you will implement these tips?

Do you think you will implement these tips?

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Do you have a cooking blog? Let us know :)

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