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4 Ways to Develop Effective Public Speaking Skills

Updated on August 18, 2020
Surya KP profile image

Surya is a Public Speaker and his core areas of interests in writing are about Personality and Lifestyle development.

Personal Experience

When I entered High School, I saw a lot of opportunities. Every opportunity had a bit of speaking in it and it was pretty much difficult to go with this trend. I decided to work on my speaking ability and immediately approached one of my seniors and asked for some tips. Sooner than later, I put those tips into practice and within a couple of years, I was recognized as a good speaker. Public Speaking is one of the most essential life skills that instantly become a part of your life and it is used on a daily basis. I would like to share some of the ways in which I've developed this skill from my personal experience.

If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you have the potential ability to change the world.

I gave a talk about "The Importance of Mental Health" in my college fest as Personality Contest Contestant
I gave a talk about "The Importance of Mental Health" in my college fest as Personality Contest Contestant

Where to Start ?

Speaking is a skill that all of us possess. On a daily basis, we talk to a lot of people. We connect with our friends and express our ideas to our employers. Through speaking, we foster interpersonal bonding. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we have the ability to connect with folks with the help of social networking sites, e-mails, communication applications like Whats-app, Telegram etc

This evolution of human society came with a price. People are able to easily connect with a person online but are unable to talk in front of a group of people. I often hear statements like "I want to express myself Surya but I feel that I'll be ridiculed if I say anything wrong", "I think I'll be judged in a negative manner as my English diction is quirky", some of them went to an extent where they told stuff like this , "Bro, if I go wrong, I'll become one heck of a meme material". Sounds pretty crazy, right ?

According to me, one can start off their public speaking skill development by developing the habit of writing and maintaining journals. I'll let you know some of the insights I've gained due to this process.

1. Maintaining a Journal

I am pretty sure that most of y'all will be unfamiliar about the manner in which maintaining a journal helps in the making of a good enough public speaker.

Process :

As human beings, we get thousands of thoughts on a daily basis. Sometimes, we acquire amazing mind blowing perspectives about a lot of things. I feel that by channelizing our thought flow in the form of writing them down is a great idea. It helps you in understanding yourself better. For starters, it will be therapeutic as well as life changing. After a certain point of time, considering the valuable insights you would've gained about yourself, you'll automatically become more confident about your own abilities. An optimistic thought flow construction will be generated and you'll reach a stage where you'll be in a position to share things with the world.

Gains :

Slowly one will start opening up about things in their life and from indulging in a person to person interaction, they'd reach a stage where they'll feel comfortable sharing their views on a platform. It is not an overnight process. One not only becomes a better speaker but also gets the opportunity to learn more about himself in an effective manner.

2. Considering the Crowd as One Entity

This technique helped me a lot. It is quite simple and the best part about this technique is that anyone can easily be able to apply it in an effective manner.

Process :

Let's assume you're on stage and you're asked to talk about yourself. Most of us get on the stage easily, but when the moment sets in, we become extremely vulnerable. Instead of thinking that we are talking in front of a gathering of people, we can make sure that we train our mind in such a way that we are able to perceive the whole crowd as one single person/entity. If we apply this method, a sense of ease and relaxation would prevail which would make one's talk extremely noteworthy.

Gains :

Every time I get on the stage, I've trained my mind in such a way that I assume that I am conversing with my best friend. This gives me a sense of mental peace when I speak and helps me connect with the crowd. If you're looking forward to give a captivating speech, then know your crowd. Understanding the crowd mentality will portray your talk in such a way that the audience instantly gel with your statements. A sense of purpose will be instigated and your words will be deeply valued. If it is really good, then your talk has the potential to change someone's life forever. Reaching to such a position in public speaking takes years of experience.

3. Ability to Pick Yourself Everytime you Fall

We can never give a perfect speech. We need to develop the skill to handle criticisms thrown at us in a calm manner. There will be days where you'll literally mess it up to such an extent that it will lead to mainstream trolling. If you look at the lives of great speakers like Martin Luther King Jr, Barack Obama, Narendra Modi and so many others, they've gone out there and picked themselves up whenever their talk would've been a bit substandard.

I really feel that people need to develop the habit of introspecting their talk after finishing the same. It is completely okay and quite normal to make mistakes and stutter. If one indulges in speech analysis sessions, then there are a lot of chances of broadening your knowledge horizon and in the mean time, when you get back on stage, you'll know how to get the crowd going. This particular state is achieved with a lot of practice. In my opinion, if a person works on improving his/her skills after every single talk, then there are huge chances of going inside the history books as one of the most influential speakers to ever exist.

4. Flipping the Script

This is a technique that will work only if you have prior experience in public speaking. It is a powerful tool. Mastering this method takes years of experience. It's usage is not just restricted to public speaking. It can be applied under any situation. For an example, I've found this useful in a lot of win-win situations.

"Flipping the Script" is more like having a quickfire comeback or basically having a good presence of mind. For this to work, one must develop an insane adaptability factor and imbibe the quality of situational-awareness. It has good returns but it can be achieved only with a couple of years of experience.

I developed this ability after going through a lot of failed attempts. After all, failure is the best teacher.

If you're working towards incorporating these methods, I gladly welcome y'all to the ocean of public speaking. It is a learning process that never ends. It is a skill that is worth working on as it becomes a necessary factor in our survival.

© 2020 Surya KP


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